I need one for every room now. This one was for our bathroom Music best money. I’Ve spent all year. I travel in an rv and have an alexa dot. It would vibrate off the table while driving and the cable was always in the way or tangling up. I now have it mounted in the overhead outlets and is holding strong, even upside down would highly recommend Music. This thing is exactly as advertised it’s a perfect fit. It got my dot off the counter and eliminated the long cord, and i no longer have to see the amazon logo no offense amazon. I had to install mine upside down because of my kitchen counter backsplash, but i’m, okay, with it perfect accessory for the amazon second generation dot. I love it. This frees up counter space in the kitchen Music. I happen to stumble on this great little holder bought a second echo for my bedroom and didn’t want another item sitting on my nightstand. This was the perfect solution. Music. The outlet is right by my bed and i can see it when the rings light up. Good quality, this really is a genius item. I love this. I have two echo dots and two of these mounts. One hangs in my kitchen and the other one is in my bathroom i’m, so thankful that the blue square, where the wall plug inserts, can pop out to turn sideways. The gfci outlet in my bathroom has the prongs sideways, so i was thrilled that i could pop it out.

This is hard to describe, but look at the pictures. This is such a great idea for the echo dot, looks great and super organized ideal for clutter, free living and the dot looks super cool on its side. I’M thankful for this inexpensive little guy, no more long cord and it got alexa off. My counter would recommend super easy. The only cons would be that i had to take off my echo case to snap it in. I love that i am able to use it upside down because our outlet is really close to the counter. I highly recommend this to be gifted with any echo this season. I really like the fact that i can move my dot anywhere in the house with ease and that it doesn’t take up counter space or i have to find a shelf. It fits well in the outlet and seems very sturdy. I ended up getting two of them. This is perfect, quick and easy to install for my echo dot would highly recommend if you want your dot off your desk love this wall mount. I always hate the long cords that just lay and flop everywhere. This is not only a counter space saver. I love the short cord thanks to those who invented it. Fantastic wish there was an option for adding a wall charger since it comes with a shorter cord works. Great no issues recommend to anyone nicely mounts my echo dot in a very functional and space saving way Music.

I bought this for my husband, who was always moving the echo dot around the bathroom to play music when he showered the cord was constantly in the way, and he was always trying brilliantly stylish configurations of placement like hanging the dot from the mirror or balancing it. On the light fixture with the cord hanging across the mirror or wrapped around the light, it was really lovely and all, but i decided to go with the bobbin wall mount and it is genius. Thank you, Music. Also, this mount normally hangs from the lower plug receptor in an outlet, but we actually plug it into the top receptor to stand up since the hair dryer plug is huge and won’t fit. Otherwise this works just fine and has not given us any problems Music. It is perfect for my echo dot. I hated the long cable hanging from any surface now i can locate my dot anywhere so glad i got. This beats the super long cord that comes with the dot, and i can move it around the house with ease perfect for my bathroom. I can now know the weather and time all while jamming to my tunes when getting ready in the morning.