I, like the design, looks very sleek holds a big charge and the apps are so cool. This watch is tracking my sleep and heartbeat, and this data is insightful. I set the watch to remind me to move every 15 minutes and it detects when i am still battery life is excellent, as the level has been at 81 for two days. There are so many features that i have not been able to test them all. In the three days i’ve had the watch. There is a smartphone app to pair with the watch and it syncs the data from the watch. I see the caller id from my phone when a call comes in, which means i don’t have to remove the phone from my pocket when i’m wearing headphones. I do recommend this watch. If you want these features at a low price, i loved the smartwatch for its simple operation. It has just one button at the center bottom of the watch face. It shows the time on the first page or when lifting the arm to check the time and then on tapping the button it circles to other features like step count, heart rate, monitor, walking, running and cycling. The step and calorie count is very accurate. I compared with the samsung active 2 watch. The battery life is too good. It has lasted five days on a single charge. For me, the charging pins attach magnetically to the back of the watch very similar to a fitbit.

The watch face is customizable. It can also connect to the phone via bluetooth and more activity. Details can be tracked via their app it’s called veryfit pro. That app is very user friendly and helpful. In tracking my fitness goals, the watch is very lightweight and the silicone strap is very comfortable to wear all day. It is very stylish and can be worked with both casual and formal attire. This is a very inexpensive smartwatch plus fitness tracker Music. I loved the overall watch performance and would recommend to my friends and family when they would be looking for a similar smartwatch got this as a gift for my niece pictures show it on my wrist 31 and it looks like the band is super wide on me. So i can imagine how big it will look on her wrist Music we’ll likely have to find a different band, that’s a bit less chunky, pretty sure she’ll like it either way Music. I bought a similar smartwatch around the week prior and this one seems to be much more functional and fluid. Its price point is great, which is the main reason i purchased it Music. I bought this as a gift for my niece, who, i believe will love it. Definitely worth the money, i just got this watch a little while ago. I’Ve had several smart ways. By far this one is the easiest to use nothing difficult to figure out. Everything is straightforward. After you do the initial sync up Music, you also download its accompanying app to your smartphone, since i’ve only had one other smartwatch before this one for comparison, and only had that one briefly, i can say that this watch is superior to that one in every way.

The battery life is long lasting. I also like the magnetic way in which you charge it up. The watch apps are easy and straightforward. The step counter seems pretty accurate. So far, it has a stopwatch feature in the more section that i tried out. I even like the band i’m picky when it comes to bands. The only thing i don’t like is, i haven’t discovered if you can add additional apps or not. I have to explore the app further i’ve played with the watch thoroughly, but not the phone app. I know if you need to set a wake up alarm. You go through the app Music, so there is more. I need to do there all in all, if you are looking for a cost efficient smartwatch along the lines of a fitbit in this price range. This should be the watch for you. I like this watch, it’s very nice and stylish smartwatch at an affordable range of price. I’Ve had a number of other smart watches most recently, but unfortunately the screen, cracked on my versa and the device stopped working. I wanted to get another smart watch with a reasonable price and i found that this is my best option and it’s very simple and easy to us. So far, so good i’ve been looking for a replacement for my trusty pebble time, steel for quite a while. This one finally takes all the boxes: cheap, simple, reliable, with excellent battery life, there’s no other device out there right now.

That offers anything close to the balance of these for the price. It’S, not a feature, packed apple watch, but has everything i need and nothing. I don’t i just can’t stomach spending, hundreds on something that’s just going to be obsolete or broken in a year or two. This does basic notifications, synced with strava and google fit has decent heart rate, sleep, tracking, smart, lock and good enough step. Counting. The sedentary alert is really nice too, something i didn’t know i needed, but really appreciate.