Today, we review a very special watch, a unique concept in the high end industry, a mechanical watch that has been made smarter, but not a smart watch in the sense of an electronic device, here’s the innovative, unprecedented resins type 2 e crown. The basic idea is to revolutionize the way we interact with the watch by actually removing the main part we interact with the crown this small device was invented in 1942 and remains an unchallenged standard ever since we use it without even thinking about it. What resins has done is create the e crown, thus avoiding the need to adjust the watch. The e crown concept makes sure your watch is always on time at the right time. It features smart technologies and connectivity, but not for social apps or phone calls. The resonance type 2 is still mechanical, still features a balance and an escapement. Yet it relies on the brand’s, unique display, module the rocks and adds a layer of smartness. A look at the watch itself leaves no doubt on the origin. The type 2 e crown feels and looks like a resonance with this minimalistic ultra clean and futuristic design. That has been the signature of the brand since its inception. The shape is sleek smooth and very pleasant to look at and touch the case made of lightweight and matte titanium with an anthracite coating measures – 45 millimeters in diameter. Yet the watch is far more compact than the numbers suggest.

Looking at the equally anthracite dial, you’ll notice, the signature display of the brand powered by a module developed internally and named the resin’s orbital convex system to the contrary of most watches, the type 2 e crown doesn’t feature a dial and hands. Instead, it relies on discs rotating on their own axis to display the time the main disk driven by the central axis of the movement displays the minutes. While a series of gears allows for secondary sub dials to show hours and seconds an additional sub dial is used. As a function indicator, the entire dial rotates with its elements in constant motion and to top it all off, all the numerals and indications are filled with superluminova, quite fascinating. Indeed, as mentioned at the heart of the watch is a true mechanical movement which is used to power, the display module based on a specially customized eta 2892. It is wound and adjusted by a lever concealed in the case back, but it is only used in case. The watch has stopped since the real deal is the absence of a crown or actually the absence of a physical crown because there’s the e crown – and this is where essence is unique, while most watches with smart technology and bluetooth connectivity are basically miniaturized smartphones for the Wrist the resin’s type 2 e crown plays in a completely different league. The whole system has been developed internally and replaces the crown’s function with an automated setup system.

It automatically sets and adjusts your mechanical watch to the right time, rendering the crown obsolete. The e crown concept is an electro mechanical system that is placed between the mechanical base movement and the in house display module. It replaces the traditional crown setup functions of a mechanical watch composed of 87 components. Its energy is provided by photovoltaic cells, hidden behind the dial, which use the light as an energy source. The module is therefore self sufficient and when stored for longer periods, a wireless charger is also included. The e crown device offers multiple functions. First, it registers the time set manually by the case back lever. It becomes the reference time for future monitoring automatic setting and adjusting at least once a day. The e crown monitors the time indicated on the dial. The disk’s positions will then be adjusted automatically if needed. As long as the movement of the watch is running, there are also connectivity functions here. Thanks to the e crown app just single tap the watch to connect the bluetooth to the phone through the app you can check the energy status you can open or close the shutters to convert sunlight into electricity. Also, you can check the condition of the watch and its firmware updates. The app also displays a list of cities to choose from, but most importantly enables multiple time zone settings accurate to the second, and this will be transmitted to the watch and its mechanical movement will be adjusted automatically without even touching the watch.

Finally, the watch has a sleep mode, but not only for the connective part after 12 hours of inactivity, the whole watch stops, including the mechanical movement e crown includes a mechanical element that stops the barrel simultaneously, whatever the remaining torque. This means that when you wake up the watch, even after weeks of inactivity, you only have to put the watch on your wrist and it will set itself and liberate the barrel automatically, and that is pretty impressive. The resin’s type 2 e crown is also available in grey and can be purchased from the brand or retailers at the price of 44, 500 swiss francs for more reviews. Visit monochrome watches dot com.