Uh halo is a halo, solar, it’s, a new piece of product that i’ve been messing with and wanted to show you guys something cool here, as always make sure you guys do check the description below i try to hook you guys up as much as possible, and We are going to be jumping straight into this right now, so let’s go ahead and come over here to my bottom camera. So that way you guys can see exactly what it is, what it does for you, and is this a go or a no go? So, first off packaging, very simple basic uh – the the board on this thing that the plastic board on this thing – uh just seems very basic stuff here. So here is the watch itself. I think that’s kind of i don’t know i think it’s kind of corny when they add stuff like this but that’s. Okay, now inside you do have a power charger and this one’s a little bit different to what i’m used to you do, get a little uh paper. There just says user manual, just very, very basic. Now the reason why i’m saying this is different is i don’t think i’ve seen anything like this, where it has something like that. So i i know, like i haven’t, really touched these phones yet watches yet so i’m, not really sure how this is gon na work, but it does look like there’s two buttons right there, like you, see the two metal buttons there and the two things right here Is gon na go right there and you just connect this via usb, and that should be how you charge it now let’s go ahead and take this plastic thing off here.

So there is the watch itself now. The very first thing that i do have to say is the watch feels um. It doesn’t feel heavy um. It doesn’t feel cheaply made either so it just feels like it just feels like a good watch. It feels like a really really good watch now. This is like my first smart watch that i’ve got to play with so um let’s, go ahead and and and check this out and see how this works. So again, i haven’t had a watch on for a long long time, so there it is. You guys tell me what you think so here’s the button right here: i’m just going to long hold it and see if this thing turns on and it does and it vibrates and then it says please, scan and download this app so i’m going to go here To my phone and it is saying to scan the app there tap here to go to the web browser, so i am going to the web browser and it’s sending me to google play and it’s sending me over to uh halo, halo, fit which is right there. I know it’s a little bit blurry so i’m going to go ahead and start installing this now now again, i am not a watch person, so this is going to be very interesting here, so it says the app says here to open it and it just says, Follow the steps create an account, it says: current phone samsung settings so go to settings, go to app permission, select auto start, allow halo fit to auto start so i’m going to go to set so i’m just going to hit next and it says male or female.

So i’m going to go ahead and hit male it’s asking me how tall i am so i’m going to put my height and then it says my weight. How much i’m going to put on my weight so i’m going to go ahead and do that and it’s got like a target step so i’m going to go ahead and hit, allow allow allow and then i’m going to select device. Please bring the device closer to the phone, so it did, it did find it it’s, a halo that one halo solar it’s connecting to it and it says, confirming the device and now it’s telling me to confirm it. So i hit the the red check mark, which is kind of weird successfully connected heart rate, monitor on that’s kind of different that’s kind of, and you could unbind it so so check this out. It gives me the time – and this is in military time, so it says, take a break for one minute, two minutes. It shows all the steps that i’ve been doing. It shows my heart rate there, my time, light steps and the temperature and all that stuff. So that’s very, very neat there, so my heart rate now right now, it’s saying 84 beats per minute. So this is a really really good, like heart, monitor raised hand to display it has like a sleep record. Heart rate monitor. This is actually very, very nice. How it’s, how it it has all this stuff, so i wanted to show you guys there check this out.

So you got your heart rate. Heart rate. Recording it’s got your total steps. Your target steps, your distance, your heart rate, your sleep record, so it really checks. Health, wise, what it’s doing your sports anything that you’re doing if you’re, walking or you’re running the device. Everything with your call reminders app reminders like tons of stuff there and then just me. What is your target steps and your you know just some of your basic stuff there, so very very nice. This is actually check that out like right now, it’s reading 87 beats per minute. 88 beats per minute, so that’s super cool there. So if you come here and again, it tells you the steps, a couple of kilometers, the like where my current heart rate is at so it’s, barely picking everything up. So it says it it’s it’s, pretty good right now, so just keeping an eye on it, and then it tells me my light steps what it’s doing my tracking the temperature right now. So what it’s looking at right now to take a break? And then, if i scroll down here, it gives me my phone my time, my sleep time like just a couple extra settings there. If i scroll back up it’ll come back here and then start beats per minute, sports weather sleep notice a lot of cool things there, so very, very cool a lot of a lot of good options. So – and this is very nice too, if i’m using it here and if i’m, just kind of like doing nothing with it, it’ll just shut itself off and turn itself on, so that that’s that’s, very cool.

What i’m going to do is i’m actually going to be testing this out throughout the day and and we’re gon na see exactly what this thing does and uh yeah, hopefully, we’ll be able to get back to you. So i’m gon na go ahead and walk around i’m gon na take care of a couple things and then we’ll come right back and i’m gon na show you guys exactly how this looks like all right, let’s get out of here. So i just woke up the next day. I kind of can tell i’m tired. I am tired, i am tired and i actually kept the watch on all night long, um yeah. I look like i’m crying because just from rubbing my eyes on so there’s the watch right there um, you can see it’s the next day now it’s actually kind of cool. Let me show you guys here with the the other camera. This is actually very, very neat. So there’s a time right there and it should – and it shows you like all the time, the steps and everything so one of the cool things here is at the top. You have your time in celsius. You can change that. You got your day, your date and your time here is your heart rate. This shows how many calories i’ve burned my steps and the distance i’ve traveled. So if i come here, it gives me all of that. It gives me my heart rate, my highest and my lowest.

It went to 109 only because i was running up and down the stairs that’s, not really that high it’s. I can get my heart rate a lot higher and then uh here. This was actually very cool. This is my sleep. It shows it shows you my my sleep time like light sleep and deep sleep, and then here it gives you your date uh, depending on your location. It gives you i’m. Sorry not your date, your your temperature for the week and then it take and then tells you take a breathe break that breath break is actually pretty cool. When you hit it, it says, take a break or relax and then the next thing i’ll say is start to breathe. So right now, it’s saying uh, breathe in and then breathe out so super cool. I thought i thought that i thought that was a very, very, very neat feature now one of the things here on the app because there is an app that you could play with. So you get something like this and that is going to be your your home and you know what let’s go ahead and just come over here to the the camera there. So you got your heart rate, your your total steps. It’S got your sleep mode. The sleep mode i thought was was pretty cool. When you click on this, it gives you what time you went to bed. It tells you what time you wake up.

So, for example, this one it says i woke up like around two o’clock roughly and i do remember, i did wake up for a split second, you know you know when you wake up and you’re like. I need to turn real quick and then you turn and then you start getting comfortable and you knock out. So this tells you, like. I don’t remember what time it was, but this did tell you that now my deep sleep it’s a lot shorter than my my light sleep. So when i look at this thing here, it says sleep too late. The best time to fall asleep is around is before 10 pm or 22 o’clock long term stay stay up, late may take, may make the body immune system decrease, accelerate aging, so it’s telling me go to sleep earlier. Stop staying up solely deep sleep is short. Do not overwork make reasonable schedules and actively exercise to strengthen your immunity, so i do. I have been lacking on my workout, so that’s actually kind of cool how it does that and it breaks it down week month, all that stuff. So, with my heart rate, it tells me exactly where my heart rate is for the day. If i do my sports, i could do walking running writing and i could go for the device you could do. Heart rate monitoring call reminder app reminder uh, just your relax. Smart alarm, clock raise hand activation, do not disturb so some pretty cool stuff and then for me this is just my my own stuff.

I could do my target. I put 8 000 steps just for the hell of it, but i could name myself put my own little picture there, so it’s actually pretty neat how they, how they they did this with with the app. This is the first time i’m doing something like this um. So i think it’s kind of cool and what i’m gon na do actually is i’m gon. Na i’m i’m gon na keep testing i’m gon na keep playing with it, but this device is actually pretty cool. I i think, it’s, i think, it’s neat the way everything works. You know you just swipe swipe swipe everything gives you there. I don’t know i like it. I think it’s pretty awesome. So i hope you guys appreciated this one. Let me know in the description below what you guys think. As always, you guys take care, take care of each other and i’ll see you guys in the next one.