We review anything that a consumer could buy so we’re gon na do a review and my experience with the samsung galaxy watch. Three stay tuned. Okay, so this is gon na, be my galaxy watch three. This is the 45 bluetooth um. Yes, it has a little different look to it. I have tempered glass on there. I have a gold case, a gray um band and also a gold buckle. Doesn’T come with the gold buckle that separately. I have a video showing you how i did everything coming soon. This video is going to be more of, like my experience, more than a review, but you could take it as a review, but it’s more i’m, going to be talking about my day to day use how i feel about the watch in no particular order. So let’s get started. First of all. Yes, i have a custom face on it. That’S gon na be a separate video. I’M gon na show you how to get it from where to get it and i’m gon na also create a file that you will be able to download to your phone to get all these faces on. Your watch, like i said i’m gon na, do a a different video for it. One of the most important things when it comes to a small watch is battery my battery, depending on the face. Do i that i have on it i’m gon na have between two to two and a half days to three days, depending how much i use how much notification i have how much i press whatever how much i exercise it all depends on that.

If you don’t really use none of that, you might get even more than three days. How does it feel on my wrist let’s, throw it on let’s, see and i’ma just tell you, it feels pretty good and the size that i have. I don’t know if i said it earlier, but i have a 45, so it’s not big, but it is bigger than my huawei series. One watch so it’s nice and comfortable flick on my wrist screen goes on. I do have it shutting off after like five seconds. If i’m, not mistaken, it’s five seconds, let’s let’s try it out one two, three, four: five yeah six seconds whatever, but with that i save a lot of battery that’s. Another way that you could save battery on your watch notification. I get it as soon as i get it on my samsung note, 10 or rover blue aka, nipsey blue. I get it as soon as i get on my phone. I will get it straight on my watch. Brightness in the sun or in the dark. Is i don’t have no complaint on it? I i usually use it when i’m cutting the lawn or i’m outside doing whatever i have to do i’m out. I use it. I don’t have no complaint when it comes to visibility or if it’s too bright outside. I can’t see my watch. I could see it it’s nice and clear. I have if i’m, not mistaken, let’s see what level i have i, if i’m not mistaken.

I have my level at yup, seven, so it’s not that bright, but it’s, not that dark. That it’s not as bright to kill my battery but it’s, not as too dark that i’m, not gon na see it and i’m trying to save battery. No i have it in between. I feel like seven is the perfect one for this face, depending what face you have like, i said, is that you’re gon na calibrate your brightness okay. So when it comes to um tracking, your first steps, your heartbeat, your sleeping pattern and your stress level. This is the stress level. This is your sleeping pattern. This is your heartbeat right here, and this is your step, your step, i don’t count my step, so this does pretty good like there’s days that i do take a lot of work. I walk a lot and i can see it that i’m walking a lot. I could tell the difference and there’s days that i really don’t do a lot of walking. I just be hanging out chill relax. My heart beat. I don’t know how accurate that is. I’M. Gon na definitely test it out i’m gon na compare it i’m gon na compare the watch heartbeat to one of them, um square things that you put in your finger and it checks your heart and your oxygen. This has a sensor to check your oxygen is back here once in a while when you take it off, let me clean it off real, quick, but sometimes let me see if i can pull it off.

Let me see if i can do it well. Sometimes, when you take it off, you see green, a green light that’s, just the lasers trying to register registering your heartbeat and your oxygen level pretty dope um. This is g wireless charging, so you could, you could put it anywhere to charge. Is nice and simple sleeping pattern? Definitely dope? I actually see when i do sleep certain amount of hours. I actually keep track to see how accurate it is and it’s pretty on point on it. So it’s pretty nice, it tells you let’s press it see. It tells you how many hours you’ll be sleeping, actual sleeps and it’s pretty cool. It gives you a score. I don’t know what the score means, but it tells you everything in this. It tells you pretty much when you’re sleeping if you wake up during your sleep, a register all that i guess it keeps up with the oxygen and the heartbeat. I guess it’s different heartbeats. I don’t know how they do that, but it’s pretty cool light sleep. That means that you just not deep sleep so it’s, i mean it’s, pretty cool, how much they keep track on it. Another thing is: if you’re a fitness person, this keeps up how many hours you do exercise dope thing. Another thing is: if you sit for a long period of time, it will vibrate on your wrist, and it will tell you hey, stand up, move around on something you just hit not now or just stand up and move around, and it will pick it up and It will tell you like good job, something in that effect keeps track of your calories nice when it comes to apps that i have in it in here.

I don’t have that many. What i have is like my the gmail let’s, we could look at it. Real quick, so this is the default all the default um apps that you will get and it’s pretty cool, samsung pay, microsoft outlook. So all the basic thing, the alarm i actually use it and they’ve. Definitely the that’s one thing that i got ta say that when the alarm goes off on your phone and you have it also set the same time on your watch, it will vibrate enough to wake you up, believe it or not – and i am a deep sleeper And it will definitely vibrate to wake you up. So one of the dope things that i have here is voice voice recorder. So if i want to record something on a on a on a on a heartbeat – and i i just don’t – want to type it up – i just hit that record record it and it will go straight to my phone, so i don’t even got to take my Phone, i do have a calculator, i do use it a few times, it’s pretty cool uh. Yes, on the note, you have the s button to take pictures, but i i feel like this is more much act like more accurate when it comes to pressing to take a picture when it comes to selfie and all that stuff or you have your phone at A distance because you’re having a family picture just tap it.

It have a time of three two one pretty dope weather on this phone. If you have it connected it’s, always on point, it gives you percentage of how much rain is going to rain or how low? How the oxygen, if it’s, pure pure, if it’s humid enough or if it’s, not human, is on this side. The rain is on this side and, like you can see the weather, the weather temperature is on the middle, so it’s, pretty cool i’ve listened to diplomat that’s. One of my favorite groups – rap groups – i’m, a big camera fan jim jones fan santana even frikaziki. I, like it it’s pretty it’s, pretty on point when it comes to play pause. The volume music that come out of this watch volume is pretty loud like it’s is for watch. You won’t expect that it could be that loud and sometimes, when i’m doing something i’m writing, and i just don’t – want to pick up my watch. I just hit this set it up on my on my phone and i just have music playing for my watch and it’s pretty cool. It keeps the sleeping pattern there’s another widget right there. Pretty awesome, like i explained earlier, is on point. It does have a ecg. It records the rhythm of your heart. I don’t i don’t remember how often it does it if i’m not mistaken it does it here, every uh half an hour, so let’s try it out and let’s see.

Okay, so we’re gon na try out uh. Let me all right: you can see it good, so we’re gon na try it out how good it is. The the ecg so we’re, just gon na hit record and it says, make sure your little okay let’s keep going it’s, not going to measure for heart attack. It’S not going to detect, so you just have to rest your finger here lightly and that’s. How long it’s going to take so i’m just going to skip it, see the abscess app, never looks for heart attack, so it’s basically doing some lawyer talk. So so you don’t have to depend on the watch it’s trying to do its best, try to keep track of your heart rhythm, so it’s telling you 86 beat per minute, so it’s pretty good. So it gives you a question like feel unwell. You hit add if you do, but if you don’t, you should be good to go. So this is what i was telling you about earlier that green light see. If it comes up, it comes up a little bit, so it detects that’s the sensor that it has in there. But if you’re gon na do some kind of exercise, this is a separate widget. If it’s running cycling swimming or you hit more let’s see what they have so it’s gon na tell you say: i never really used it yet so it’s going to actually allow samsung health access to location, permit permission yep.

We just do that so it’s going to keep track of the location, how much distance have you ran and it’s going to keep track of your heart feet like i said these two things the gps and the heart beat. If you use it a lot, it is gon na kill your battery. You have to understand that why, because you’re, using one of the most powerful components in there, so if you’re running walking, hiking swimming outdoors treadmill exercise bike, so all them good stuff. If you’re looking for an android or particularly, if you have a samsung, i will out there’s no debate about it. I recommend this watch. This watch is gon na last you a good three to four years with my huawei watch. I lasted almost five years and i had no complaint until my battery died and i tried to replace it. Something happened in there. I did something wrong and it’s just there. I just have it sitting there as a reminder of my first smart watch, but i definitely recommend this watch. You should you should get it and if you can’t get the 45, the 41 also is going to do the same thing. It’S, just a little bit smaller you’re gon na see the difference of size, yes, but it has everything that this one has so it’s, really no different, it’s just the size. I hope you like this video. I hope this video opened your mind to one and getting a watch like this, or you want to be looking to other watches similar to this.

But if you have a samsung pro samsung phone, i think you should go with a samsung watch i’m, not saying to get this um the s3. You could get the s2 or the all the other one. I forgot what the name are they, but this has more advanced thing. Yes, you could do certain things on the other one, but i really do like the sensors that it has for the uh, ecg and the heartbeat and how everything works is definitely dope. So i definitely recommend this watch. I hope you like this video, like i said earlier, um make sure you hit that like button and if you haven’t subscribed. Please subscribe to my channel. That definitely means a lot i’m, almost hitting that 500 i’m at 4. 10. If i’m, not mistaken, right now, just hit that, like button subscribe, leave a comment below.