So what does it take for a smart timepiece to stand out if you’re samsung, creating a special golf edition of the galaxy watch? Active 2 and gearing your watch to duffers is a good way to start since it’s been hard to find a golf shot. Tracker and coaching tool that also integrates with all the notifications of a regular smartwatch, i’m erin from for best buy canada’s blog, and i recently had the chance to spend a few days with the galaxy watch. Active 2 golf edition in the 44 millimeter size. The truth about this version of the samsung galaxy watch, active 2 is that it seems to be basically just a watch active 2, but with a green and black band and the golf with smart caddy app pre installed, that’s, really it. But with that said there’s a lot you can do with this app to access it tap. The golf buddy emblem on your watch face if you’re using the factory face or dial up the smart caddy app in your apps database. Okay, what can golf with smart caddy track? This golf focused app combined with the smarts of the watch. Active 2 can track a number of golf metrics and information. For starters, you can view satellite or graphic maps of each hole as you’re playing it’ll also show you distances to the front middle and rear of the green shot. History touch targeting score, keeping and shot tracking plus distances around the green and distance.

From your position to the green and there’s a bunch more which i’ve detailed on the blog, you can change distance from meters to yards in the watch. You can see accurate information on up to 40 000 courses worldwide at a glance, and you can also create your own yardage book to track shots and distances and better your game. You can easily access all of that information using the golf with golf gps, app or website. Now, while i didn’t have an opportunity to play any golf with this watch as calgary got october snow, i will be hoping to check it out this winter. In maybe palm springs, or somewhere or first thing next season, if any of you out there, though, have some hands on experience with this watch. Please post in comments below we’d love to know what you think this watch has a bunch of what i can call expected features that are common in a smart watch. It’Ll track your heart rate. It counts your steps. It can monitor sleep and track certain workouts, as well as keep tabs on other health metrics in the samsung health app. The galaxy watch active 2 automatically tracks and detects 7 common workouts, and you can also manually track more than 40 other types of workouts plus. There is also a new built in running coach for real time feedback on your runs using the advanced accelerometer. I can say that, every day when i walked my dogs, the watch dutifully buzzed me to tell me it was recording my walk and that’s about all the major physical activity i got up to during my test on to battery life and charging.

I very much like the easy magnetic charging disc that comes with the galaxy watch. Active 2. it’s super easy just to clip it in and it charges quickly too. Total battery life is said to be anywhere from 60 to 130 hours, depending of course on how you use it and how many notifications you get and stuff like that. But this watch easily lasted me about four or five days on a single charge, which is a major upgrade from some other smart watches, i’ve reviewed. Even with just 18 battery left, the watch told me. I still had a full nine and a half hours of life in it. The watch works well with both iphone or android devices, and will give you notifications and alerts and on compatible android devices. You can even take phone calls on it too, with its rounded face and vast array of watch faces to choose from not to mention nearly infinite band and strap options. How this watch looks is really up to you. The watch case itself is rather thick and a bit boxy, but even on my butter knife sized wrists, i didn’t find it uncomfortable or too large. The silicone strap is comfortable and breathable. While i mainly left the watch face on the factory golf buddy green focused face there’s, still plenty of options to suit your style, your game and your mood overall. The galaxy watch active 2 golf edition is pretty great, it’s beautiful. It tells the time – and it connects your phone to give you alerts and more right on your wrist when it comes to the golf functionality.

It seems like this watch can do a lot, and i really look forward to getting out on a course with it. In the coming months, if you want to read this review or reference any of what i’ve talked about, you can head over to, where there’s a full write up, you can also post any questions you have, or your personal experience with this watch there as well. Thanks so much for watching this video i’m erin until the next time you can find me on either twitter or instagram i’m at erinlyc. You can also catch me through facebook, at facebook.