Wristband uh. This uh basically is from the brand called senbono. This is the first time i’m, even reviewing anything from this brand and they have a model. This model is called t20. This is a super cheap, flexible ninjas. This is a flexible, curved smart band with the car curved amoled display, which is something very, very interesting. Just yes, it has a flexible amoled display we’re, going to see how it looks like at first we’re going to do unboxing the price tag for now, as it is of the review it’s under 90 dollars, which makes it one of the cheapest wristbands in the world. With the with the basically curved flexible amoled panel anyway, so let’s see here remember support my channel by shopping online. With my links. Thank you in advance. Let’S go i’m going to just simply. What do we have here? Is the charging cable. This is a magnetic charging. Cable, usually most of the wristbands or smart watches, have this kind of connection in 2020.. Here we have some manuals. Hardware, sports, heart rate message, push weather information stopwatch. Other functions exercise find your phone sleep, so it has a lot of functions this one just like see by something you’re charging, for it gives you their option also to download their app. You can do this. What do we have on the back chinese languages, chinese languages? That’S it yeah beautiful, connect, watch uh, you can use it with android and uh, basically with the apple phone with the apple phones.

Yes, with apple devices, which is super cool, super cool and with the main selling points – and here we have this watching just check this out – that is, that is crazy, good. That is crazy, good, but i have to admit it’s not that we will see. We will see the brightness here, but this is very, very uh. This is the me for the first time having a flexible curved display on a smartwatch on a smartband. This is very cool to see bro what i can immediately notice that it does have a bit thick bezels here, and it should be, i don’t know, shall i basically be so uh negative about it, but i noticed that it has very thick bezels ninjas the displays Here the wallpapers are very, very dark, so you can’t notice that that right now immediately check this out many different options. I don’t, like the ui, the ui it looks like the frames, are skipping. I don’t like this uh. Probably this is kind of their feature, and this is how they set it up, but i just don’t like it how they done it, turn it off or no screen. Oh, i can’t. I can’t do that, which is very weird anyway. Let’S go next here here. The brightness, so i did set up the brightness to the maximum. How do i tap it? So what do i do tempo women? How do i do let’s go again? Where do i tap it? Man go up and down or right, ah, cool, just swipe, swiping, okay with the swiping, so this is the maximum brightness.

Anyway. The setting points – bluetooth, 5.0, nordic cpu and rf52840g sensor. Three axis x, animator battery is 140 mh, which can give you around one a week of usability, which is fine, it’s fine, 1.5 flexible, curved emulated display so ninjas. If is it, amulet don’t be like amazed before buying this one, oh i’m, going to get emulate it. Doesn’T mean that in just tft screens in comparison to the old style, maybe this probably is using some old amoled and a cheap quality quality amoled screen, and i cannotice that it’s, not that bright as like other example on honor band 5 or the xiaomi mi band 5 uh the screen is brighter. I have to admit that screen it is brighter. Anyway, we have a metal and leather. So this is why it is expensive, as it is for this price tag. It has leather straps and the chassis is made from metal ninjas. This is metal, so this is indeed a quality quality. Smartwatch smart band quality, smartwatch smart band, we’re gon na connect it with the app we’re gon na see how it works. What we know so far i mean it can work. Obviously, with android 4 and above old, android smartphones, android devices ip67. A waterproof supports, step, count, multi, sport modes, pedometer, call or message reminder, reject call cool id display. Other type is vibration, of course, auto light up screen and stop watch plus it has an alarm calendar sedentary reminder, camera remote control, anti loss by this control and audio control.

That should be it. That should be it here. Regarding the charging time it takes around two hours and just it’s around two hours to charge it the usage time it’s around, like i said here almost a week depends. Maybe some of you will get five days. Some of you maybe will get seven days and just basically how we’re gon na work with with this one we’re gon na go to the settings brightness. We can adjust the settings from the here: okay, okay, so it’s swiping, this uh flexible smartwatch, has a swiping function. Okay, that’s fine from the left language. What kind of languages we have let’s check this out? Okay, these are the languages which we have. No no don’t go to that i’m. Going to select english we’ll go back and that’s it restore. You can restore to factory options. That’S it qr code find the phone camera, stop watch music, sleep, weather message, hrm sports, so that’s it just regarding the functionality of it. If i swipe off them up – or i can immediately even change so how that’s how cool it is let’s see. Okay, this is to find the phone. Probably this is the bluetooth connectivity. This is probably uh disable alerts. Okay, i get that i get that point swipe it from the right side, swipe it from the left. You access this one uh. If we swipe it. Let me just go back if we swipe it from the bottom: okay, we’re, changing the theme, we’re changing the theme, which is very convenient.

I mean this is for the first time i’m, seeing that it’s so easy to change the theme and the wallpaper swipe from the top you’re changing the wallpaper swipe it from the bottom you’re changing the theme. This is very convenient. I don’t know why the other smartwatch companies don’t use this kind of feature. This very cool feature that you can easily change if you’re bored by by the theme, etc. I mean just this: is it we have here the kind of the power on power off button? You can we can just simply disable it basically turn it off. I’Ll just show you right now hold it and that’s it simple this. It seems so far that this function doesn’t work for anything swipe it left. How do i go? I probably i probably press now but i’m going to go back now. Can i even go back bro? Oh i can’t uh, but how did i? How did i turn it off then? Maybe i need to press it for longer. Let me just see for longer nope. Nothing happens, nothing happens. Let me just see how does oh, maybe i just tapped, i i just tapped it. I just tap it. I mean just i’m gon na try to use it a little bit to see the step counter, how it works heart rate sensor, and then we can do some final uh impressions and i’m gon na connect it with my phone to check to check that.

Obviously the audio and weather uh features of this smartwatch. For now it looks it looks very interesting for this price tag. Like i said here, i love the build quality uh. I love to hear the design. I love this curvedness, so we’ll show you on the on my hand, how it work, how it looks like how it fits on my hand here, we’re going just check it out how it looks like, of course it has like you know, uh wake up. Basically, a rice to wake up a function, and it looks very, very impressive, look how this is how sleek this smartwatch looks like, of course, the shape of your bone of your structure of your body of your hand. This is very cool. It does look very nice on the hand. You have to admit that this looks very cool bro in the hand check this out. Remember the other uh curved uh smart watches, like from the nubia. They are selling for three hundred dollars in jazz. They are three times more expensive. Obviously, they have a way better functions and better specs and display and better quality, but for this price tag under 90 is the first smart smart band in the world for this technology at least me reviewing it for the first time for this price tag, i didn’t Find anything else: maybe they can release in in upcoming year, more smart bands with this curved flexible amoled panels, but for now this looks very cool.

Bro looks very, very cool here. Check this out going back, search, swipe down beautiful super cool super cool anyway, see ya. Okay, so here we go just uh for the end here conclusions and also regarding the application uh, as it is ninjas very rare, to find a chinese application that has amazing scores of the google play store. This application doesn’t even exist on google play store. It seems so you need to download it with the barcode to uh, obviously, instructions and the code is inside of the box uh anyway, like cipa stuff. Here it does, though it does have those main functions. If i can go like that, it’s, not that simple or really bad, i would say like it’s in just an average application, we have a reminder set up like you see by self yeah uh what else we have? We have alarm setup, so you can set up an alarm whatever you want to have it like you see by self which you’re going to wake you up sedentary a reminder, so you can say by myself morning or afternoon. This is also cool, hrm monitoring level interval. This, what i love this is not every application or smart band. Smartwatch has up to 120 minutes so ev every two hours. It can monitor your uh heart basically beat, which is super cool camera camera. Basically, you can use a camera to take a shot there. You go boom, i didn’t then attack.

I took the shot here. We go and i take another shot, simple, very, very simple uh i don’t know. Can you use? This? Is the selfie camera probably selfie camera? Yes, but i don’t know do you do we have here? The video samples, no it doesn’t, have either samples. What is this? You can. Ah, okay, this is standby. Okay, i got it. I got it from here. You can probably enter the gallery. Can you yeah and we we have upgrade button, which i already upgraded. We have measurement units imperial or metric metric movement target up to 99 000 bro, and we have here about latto 2.2.3. This is the latest version of application and latest version updated. I did updated this basically smart, smart band to the latest one uh anyway. What else? We can hear so we can have here. We have a gps, basically movement. You can start like running to the home. You can see myself here some measurements hrm test. What is cool about it? You can do the hrm test through the application. So you just go here and it’s going to start immediately the heart rate sensor uh, even before the time which you have reminders or interval, set it up so it’s right now measuring the heart rate sensor. I can see myself, it is accurate. It is very accurate. It’S, not a fake and should be fake at all blood pressure test also it has, and that should be it and just very basic functions.

Like you see myself, you can use it without account and you can use it with account. The only problem which i could say uh with this one it is that um uh it erased it erased all my data’s before and just it erased after i done an upgrade, it released all my data from the smart band, so i don’t have it anymore. Like you see myself here, this is the new data uh when i tested it with this uh application after the updates, so unfortunately that’s, maybe a small con. So beware, beware of that, and just be aware of that. Okay i mean that’s. It should be uh. What is this, this is probably to find the uh, the oh, no that’s, something else uh anyway, that’s it yeah. I don’t want to bother you too much with this uh smart band. If you want to buy the buying and the buying links will be in description. So, yes, i will go through the example weather application. It does have a weather application. There you go, i can see myself, we can go also, to example, a audio player and yes, audio player also works. But what can i tell you it there you go, we can go to the next track there. You go next track, but the thing is that it’s very basic and kind of say poor, because in this audio player you don’t even see what kind of song uh attack you’re playing like see.

What’S up this is it nothing. You have just function to resume. It play it back, go to next song or go backwards, that’s it ninjas. Of course you can find here the phone there go. You find a phone if you don’t want to do that. Qr code settings. What else i didn’t show you basic basic stuff here: weather messages you can go to the messages, also they’re gon na record for the messages now hrm test, sports modes, pedometer sports record and all the stuff, all the different sports mode, which we basically most of the Smart bands have there’s also yoga bro anyway. Thank you for watching this video see you next time. Indeed, it is very cool and very unique. Uh smart band, like i said here, it is a kind of it isn’t, flexible, amoled, uh display but i’m. Not that satisfied with the brightness, the colors are really cool. The colors are indeed very cool and the this basically, this curved uh display on your wrist. It looks just so cool bro. It looks sci fi, it looks sci fi beautiful anyway. Thank you for watching the the buying links in the description. Thank you, Music.