This is sg2 smartwatch that i got from choppy and alola is a super: affordable, Music, Music, Music for Music, let’s, open let’s, get started Music, my bubble, wrap my bubble, wrap and then it all Music, smart watch, Music, black and white Music. All right now, that’s been begin. The review when you swipe down you’ve, got the brightness level there. You go that’s the full brightness one two three, and this is the battery qr code. Then up you can see the weather that’s, the weather, Music white that’s. The step count, step, calm, updated daily last night, sleep, hr, bpm, that’s, a heart rate, bp blood pressure, oxygen and then this is the ecg and ecg let’s. Try, the heartbeat blood pressure, Music, Music step, count, sports running skipping, badminton, cycling, badminton, running cycling, climbing and then here swimming and yoga Music, and then next is the music.