This dial is so beautiful at some angles. It is yellow at other angles. It is orange, it is so playful and it is see true, so you can see the internals of this watch and it’s just so playful and has those red buttons and the next impression. The thing that i noticed is this rubber strap it’s, very flexible, very soft, very even tangible. You guys can stretch it a little bit. It feels you, you know what i would say. It feels actually better than square g shock strap. Well, of course, the durability is a different question. You know. G shock, strap is also pretty good, tangible and all, but it’s kind of in comparison to this one g shock strap is very uh stiff in comparison. This is much softer, much softer and in comparison, for example, to f9 to 1w. This strap feels like plastic. Compared to this i mean seriously such a good strap such a good surprise really, and when i put it on the hand, it just hugs my hand so nicely it’s it’s very light, and it feels great just awesome and so nice so fun. Looking watch really so good emotion, good vibe, this watch gives – and you know the thing which i don’t really like. That much is that the case is inside this rubber and, if you’re wearing something uh with long sleeves, that rubber is pretty sticky and it gets on. Your sleeves and you kind of sometimes want to stretch out your hand to take to pull out the watch out, but you can’t, because it’s stuck, you have to use a second hand, to pull the cuff up and well that that can get annoying.

But for the summer time, when you wearing short sleeves, it’s, no issue – and it looks just great such a wonderful beach watch sports watch and let me show you closer how it looks like come on camera focus. Oh, by the way i forgot to peel off those protective stickers here it goes and look at this sticker. It says it’s a quality control sticker this one. So it means this watch has passed some kind of a quality control inspection. Ask me great that’s, awesome and oh let’s peel off back stickers as well yeah, so you can see what’s on the back. Okay, so very fun. Watch and you know what i like about this watch as well. It has 20 millimeter lugs, which means i can easily adapt other straps or neato straps and we’re gon na try that a little bit later, but first of all, let’s see how it looks like without this rubber casing, because i feel it might look okay without it And it doesn’t really look very durable, but you know who cares? I paid 10 euros for this watch. That’S, just amazing, okay, let’s try to remove it without breaking it. It just kinda peels off, look very nicely. Okay! Here you go and you know what it looks. The same and it no longer sticks to the inside of the cuff, and i just like it better without it, it looks smaller on the hand here you go, you wouldn’t even tell the difference probably, but it looks smaller, which i like, and it looks so nice.

I like this color okay, another thing let’s see the functions, the menus. What this watch does it has um 24 hours am pm mode and it has very, very good light like seriously good light it. It looks amazing seriously in the dark. I, like it a lot and in menus you have alarm where you can set uh alarm. You can set hourly charm above and also stopwatch, and another menu is to set up the time, of course, and i like that, this screen is so big, so legible, it’s, it’s, very good to use in the gym and while you’re running, because it’s very easy to See that stopwatch and those buttons i like them a lot. You know why look i will compare to another me watch. I had this watch for more than five years and i use this watch for running and in the gym. It’S awesome watch seriously and those buttons are a little bit slightly too sensitive. Sometimes you just slightly tap the button and it says you just you just tap it and it and it works, but that’s a little bit too sensitive and these buttons require a little bit of force. Just just the perfect amount of force you can’t really just tap it. You have to actually press it a little bit and that’s, just wonderful and the size of these buttons and the stiffness is just perfection seriously. If, if i would compare to, i don’t know, where is my g shock? Well g shock square? Well, those buttons aren’t even worth talking about you can’t, even press the rubber finger.

You have to use a nail, so this straight away fails this one has well. This is basically f9 to one w or a one 158 casio, and these buttons are very small and tiny, but as well, i would say i would say it’s basically the same, except these buttons are bigger and easier to use in the gym. Amazing me good job, and this watch has 50 meters of water resistance. Like what else could you want? You can swim with this watch. Look on the bottom. There is even a little person showed swimming that’s cool and speaking about those buttons again well red color color. I don’t know it looks very playfully, uh, very fun, but that’s that no coolness in that. But imagine if those buttons were black, this watch would would look rather cool and now it’s, playful fun and now it’s cool and now it’s, playful and fun. I don’t know whichever you prefer. I would prefer actually these buttons being black, so the switch would look cool, but playful and fun is also very good for me. I like it, i like to switch a lot i’m gon na wear it quite a lot in the summer time. Okay, so let’s try how it looks like on different straps. Well. First of all, this is how it looks like without any strap at all 20 millimeter lugs, oh by the way, after trying out different straps, i will measure the switch so that’s how it looks like without this rubber bezel.

Well. This is the first watch which i like how it looks like on this uh military green nato strap. These colors play together very nicely it’s, so fun looking watch and here it is on the hand. Well, it doesn’t really go well together with my shirt, sorry, but you get the idea. It also looks pretty good on this black nato strap kind of fits the theme very cool, sporty looking watch. Well now it looks kind of cool, but imagine without those red buttons. It would look amazing, well, i don’t know it’s personal preference. You know i kind of like those buttons, but sometimes i don’t know it looks a little bit like a kid’s toys, but you know it depends on the mood you have to have special mood for this watch and this nato strap fits pretty much anything any watch And the watch looks good with this strap. In my opinion, i currently use this strap on this pagani design daytona. By the way the review on this watch is coming. I don’t know on monday, maybe we’ll see. I have a lot to say about this. Switch. Wonderful watch, but this one is also wonderful, and this is the most playful combo. Probably well. Maybe this green one, but this one as well is like it looks so playful. This is one of my favorite straps this one and this one. These straps look amazing on almost any watch. This is no exception.

It was great okay, so let’s measure. The watch thickness is 10.5 millimeters. Well, look with, as you saw, it is exactly 20 millimeters now side to side, but without the buttons you see, the size, 37.9 millimeters and lug to lag. Pretty small luck to lug is pretty small, it’s, 42.4 millimeters, so it’s on the smaller side of things um. This bezel is kinda cool. I see the way how it can protect the watch, but it kind of misses one point, because this screen is just sticking out and, for example, this g shock has the bezel all around uh and the screen is recessed deeper and you just couldn’t believe how well This bezel actually protects the screen, so we kind of you kind of this one kind of missed opportunity to make good protection for the screen to raise up a little bit that protective bezel, but anyway, it is just too soft for that kind of protection. If it was a little bit stiffer, then maybe yes, but now it wouldn’t help much, and you know what i tried. Those different strap options, but i honestly like the original one the best here it is on original strap, which is amazing by the way very flexible. Very soft really – and this watch cost me 10 euros. This is great, it’s wonderful! I highly recommend this switch it’s so much fun. This watch seriously it doesn’t look cool, but the fun factor is so high, it’s so hard.

With this watch, i mean on some days when you have the special mood for this kind of toys is just amazing that color change. Wow. Wonderful. Ask me amazing, big thumbs up amazing watch.