This is the super clone series. Six smartwatch it’s called the i8 pro purchased this from aliexpress. So if you want to check it out on their website, just tap in i8, pro you’ll be able to find it. Don’T worry, you don’t need the link i’m sure you’ll be able to find it. So here is the series six clone. Smart watch comes in four different: colors red blue, black and gold. I think i’m going to get a gold, something like that, and you also get a color coordinated pans with that as well. So we’re going to take a look at what we receive inside of the box, but just before i start make sure you hit the subscribe button and also the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified and also make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts. So on the front it actually says, watch six! Now, if you didn’t see my sneak peeks on my social media, this box looks identical to the original, so i will be doing a real versus fake very soon, so make sure you all subscribe for that and if you want to see any other videos with these Watches or any other watches, then let me know in the comment section below and i’ve got a lot of other smart watches on order, so stay tuned.

For that. So let’s take a look around the box. You got nothing else, but on this side, we’ve got the color of the watch, which is a navy blue, so we’re going to see that and check this out. Look at that! This is how it opens same as the original, and, if you open it up more, you get all of the smartwatch colors check that out it’s. Definitely the same as the original look at that the design is just wicked, so let’s push that aside, bring this one back and, as you can see right here, we’ve got the smartwatch picture on the front of the box, nothing else around it and on the back It actually stays includes smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available. All areas, smartwatch is not a medical device. Battery life choice cycle and display life vary by use, and settings smartwatch may need to be serviced or be replaced by authorized service provider. No idea who’s that going to be because this is the clone, so let’s slide it straight out. Nothing else inside of the box right here, i’ll presume not, and take a look at this hey check that out. Let me just zoom in properly for you. So, as you can see here, we have got the old blue series. 6 super clone watch, but just before we take a look at that let’s see what else we get inside the box. So we’ve got a pouch here for the bands.

It’S got a pink color. One here, hopefully, they’re, not pink. I can see something checked out. Look at that watch band. I hope this actually fits the original, but you’ll have to wait for the real versus fake video to see if these watch pants actually fit. The original and we’ve got something else as well. Wow check this out. This is a really nice band. We’Ve got any blue clothes to where i’ll be wearing this band. If it actually fits my original so yeah, you get two bands with it, which is really good. Nothing else inside this box, so digging in deeper. We have got some manuals which actually tell you how to use the watch in chinese and in english as well. So if you want to take a look at the manuals, just pause, it it’s got a lot of user interface watch faces as well, but we’re gon na see what it’s like in a second but that’s the manuals anyway. So let’s dig more deep into the box. What else could we get and last of all you’ve got a charging uh charging wire with charging cable and it’s, actually the same as the original, but we’re going to see that in the next video and i’ll keep saying it, but we need to see if these Actually work with the original and vice versa, so that’s what we get inside the box let’s tidy this up, as you can see right here and we’ll, take a look at the watch.

Let’S have that beautiful background for this smartwatch? So, as you can see, let’s take a look at the watch. First, so it’s got a really nice blue, well royal blue color uh, taking a look at the back let’s just take this bit of plastic off so at the back actually says: watch six generation, 44 millimeter, aluminium case 10n, x, glass, gps, 4.0, bluetooth, so that’s. What it’s actually running it’s got some sensors right here. Take a look at the design. It’S got the scroll button which actually works. Well, the crown stroke scroll bone, which actually works, you’ve got a cutout mic and a power button and taking a look at this one. We also have the screen here and, as you can see, it’s got a bezel at the bottom and a small bezel at the top. But overall you got speakers right here and yeah. Everything is exactly the same. It’S got a bit of text over there. I don’t know if you can see it, but yeah let’s power, this on and see what it’s like. So you get a vibration which actually says smartwatch, and this is it’s – actually loading right here with the earth and there we have it. So that is the smartwatch already booted up so let’s see how much watch faces we’ve got so i’ve got a night one. There normal interface paradise got quite a lot of watch faces on here. I’M. Not gon na lie different colors as well.

Look at that! These are actually new watch faces compared to the previous smart watches. I’Ve actually done, and you can actually tell some are the same and some are new still going. I thought this is the only um watch faces, but you’ve still got a lot so yeah. I think we started from here, so they are there. There’S about 20 plus watch faces i’m, not gon na lie so let’s press, okay and we’ll click that one. So when we swipe it down it says, do you want to connect uh with bluetooth? We’Ll? Do that later, swipe it up, you got your notifications, actually show your battery percentage, your location, wi fi, you can put it on silent or loud um, but i’ve got to say the the crown button is really really stiff. Right. You’Ve also got a few other airplay mode and heart rate sensors so check this out. This is the uh drum so let’s press that rotate the digital crown to unlock the drain. It’S actually same as the original see, and then you are unlocked, but it’s really sensitive. This crown is just you just twitch it and it just works and look um. It just scrolls really fast as well. It’S, not smooth i’m, not i’m. Not gon na lie it’s really it’s, not that smooth compared to previous ones, so let’s go into it’s, just pressing anything see that let me just take it off and put it back on there so swipe it to the left.

You’Ve got your um your menu. So your physical training phone book calls bt messages, call logs, pedometer, sleep, alarm, camera, bluetooth, connection, bluetooth, music, facebook, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen as well, so they’ve copied that from the series 6 as well, uh calendar stopwatch lost alert, collect like a calculator find iphone. Well find your phone, the weather, app and that’s the app qr code, thermometer and settings let’s go into settings and you can actually do your sound clock volume. Menu change. It’S got too many change. It also has the um let’s go back into settings. It has the smart style where it’s same as the original as well as you can see so that’s that that’s what i mean so same with the original. But now i have to find the list menu because that’s the best one so i’m up the uh brightness. So it can actually show you a bit better. So you’ve got four blackness. It was on one. So let’s put it all the way to the top to show you what the brightness is like screen out time. Second, we’ll keep that press put that to 30. So it doesn’t uh, see i’ve just actually touched it. Vibrated and nothing’s actually happening there. So, like i said, you know, it’s uh it’s, not that smooth when it comes to the display and the crown bone as well so units reset and about let’s, go into about and see what this so it’s called ia pro a device address.

Everything is nail 0 release time 27 of the ninth version smartwatch. You can actually go back as well, which is really good on the screen, as you can see, swiping to the left go straight back to the menu, so what we’re gon na do now is i’m. Just gon na connect this to my iphone and show you some of the health apps and we’ll try and make a phone call and yeah let’s go back swipe. It up let’s go back into the main screen swipe it up, and that goes straight. I’Ll. Take that one off you can see right there swapping to the right, takes you straight back to your menu, so that is it for the apps wise overall it’s uh. It looks good i’m, not gon na lie, but the only thing i don’t like is the sensitivity on the screen and the crown as well. If you just tap it it’ll, just look two or three will actually come it’s, not really smooth uh. You know for the price i paid for it it’s all right. It looks the same as the series six it doesn’t perform that good uh, but we’re going to see what the apps are like when we connect it to the phone. That is the app you need to download with the qr code that’s already on i’ve. Just connected this to my iphone and i’ll. Put this this strap on. Well, how does it look? It looks decent i’m.

Not gon na lie feels quite same when i put this on on the series. Six i’m, not gon na lie, but i actually like this strap really good. So now what we need to check is: do these health apps actually work so let’s go into one. The new one is the wait: let’s go back up there for a minute just before we check that out, so let’s check the heart rate and it’s vibrated and it’s also measuring as well. So what we’ll do is we’ll check the heart rate on this now and then i’ll take the watch off my wrist and then we’ll measure the app uh well we’ll measure the heart rate again to see if it actually works. If it doesn’t work, it should give you a refresh bone. So, as you can see here is 78 beats per minute just before we actually show you the measurement on without printing out materials. You actually have to sync it with the app as well so we’ve shown that notifications and we’ve synced it to the app, which is pretty easy. To be honest, all you got ta do is press that i connected which you do right there. So, as you can see, it’s showing um my heart rate, my previous heart rate right there and target device, you can do a pedometer calorie let’s go to my device ia pro version 1.06. Can you actually change the watch faces on here? I don’t think you can to be honest, personal data target settings and my device where you can’t actually change it, so you only can change your watch face settings on here right, not many times.

I have to skip through this because for some reason it just goes on its own thing, so now it’s, actually measuring the heart rate and it’s, not even on my wrist i’m, going to try and hold the edges. As you can see right there and i tried it on the up as well and it’s – just come up at 75 beats per minute. So uh the heist is 78. It vibrates when it gives you a thing and look it’s, saying: 90 there and 90 there when there’s, nothing on the sensor whatsoever, so let’s go into blood pressure. If we do it onto the up and when we click start to measure it vibrates again, it says waiting and hopefully it should change on the phone or on the smartwatch as well so press back so as you can see, that’s the blood pressure, so the blood Pressure is showing on the app 108 over 84 and let’s, see what it shows on the smart watch. So, as you can tell, the smartwatch doesn’t actually give you an accurate reading 122 over 83.. No idea how that’s supposed to be working because it’s got nothing added to this sensor, so you can tell, with the these watches, that the health apps don’t actually work so let’s go back into calls let’s, try and make a call. We can do dialer from here and let’s press dial use, iphone, x and we’ll use the ia pronoun i’m, not gon na enter.

My mobile number don’t worry so, as you can tell here, that is the speaker of the um ia pro smartwatch. Now. What else is there to show you with this? You know the healthtabs don’t work. I think i don’t know if it would actually give you an accurate reading of when you take steps and everything or physical training. I’M. Not too sure i’m gon na have to actually check out the watch by using it myself, it’s actually quite late tonight, so i’m doing a video at night and hopefully should be out as well as soon as possible, but anyways. What do you think of this ia? Pro the only thing good about it is the locks not gon na lie with the box, and everything like that. You can get it in four different colors, which looks good uh next video i’m going to do is a real versus fix. If you want to see that a big thumbs up would be appreciated, if you want to see any other videos with this watch, do let me know in the comment section below i’m gon na end this video right here as it’s? The way you know you’re just touching it, it just does its own thing. You know when you, when you actually i don’t know what i’ll be using, is it’s kind of weird using it, because sometimes it took ages just to get to one app uh. Sometimes it goes into an app automatically without even you pressing it as well.

Even if you just like touch the crown, it just does its own thing, but anyways for this watch for the price you get.