This is the brushed steel version, so let’s get right into it. As always, we’re going to start off with price, you can reasonably expect to pay around 300 out the door so that’s after taxes and shipping, and all that good stuff. I paid about 301 dollars off of amazon and looking at the other online retailers, they really didn’t stray too far from that price, as well as far as the diameters go across the case i’m. Getting around 49 let’s see, i got 47 and a half earlier, so i would say between 48 and 49 millimeters and then for thickness. We are looking at 13, just over 13 millimeters, which i think is fantastic. That might be a little bulky for some of you, but for me personally, i prefer the 13 millimeter case thickness for weight, we’re looking at 117 grams or 4 ounces, not bad at all here is the wrist shot. I think it is very reasonable and very ergonomic in its design, and it is something that i think is very pleasing to wear for long periods of time. I almost forgot to do a 360 view. I always like to do these in my videos. Just so, you can see what it looks like in different angles of light: get that more dynamic picture of the watch that you’re trying to purchase for functions and features. This is an abc watch or altimeter barometer and compass. Looking at the main display. You’Ve got your time as indicated right here in the center and underneath that you’ve got the items that are being displayed on the screen.

So right now, you’ve got time and that’s squared meaning that time is displayed and then altimeter and barometer compass and then underneath. That is kind of like supplemental data, so right now, we’ve got the date or calendar data displayed and if i hit this button second hand dual time, sunrise sunset and then this is your stopwatch timer and then you can keep it blank if you prefer a cleaner. Looking display to get to the altimeter barometer and compass, you would hit this mode button right here and, as you can see, it is showing you that your barometer is displayed and then your compass. Now i have my altimeter and barometer set to auto mode. So it will display whatever information is pertinent to me at the time so considering right now, the weather is quite bad and it’s, probably detecting some pressure changes. It is automatically shifting to barometer to, let me know, hey, you know the what the weather is changing and i’m sure. If i was trekking along a mountain, it would automatically shift back to altimeter mode now to adjust pretty much anything on the watch. You would hit this mode button right here, hold that for two minutes or sorry, two seconds and now you’re in the menu setting mode, if that’s, what you want to call it um. This is your up button and this is your down button, so you can change your obviously your time and date, your sunrise and sunset set the reference point for your altimeter and barometer.

So you know you could just go online and find out the location that you’re in and what is the barometric pressure there. So that way, you can set the reference point and calibrate your compass and then shift your units from imperial to metric. So there is a way in a very useful way for you to adjust the watch so it’s, giving you very useful and accurate data and to get out of it. This is your back button, so you just hit that and you go back to main time and then for other little special things. The crystal is sapphire, so that’s a wonderful thing and then the main case is all stainless steel and i think it looks absolutely beautiful. As far as the water resistance goes we’re only looking at 30 meters or 100 feet, so you know not ideal for an outdoor adventure watch, but i think it’s good enough for what most people are going to use it for and as long as you keep that Into consideration that this probably isn’t the ideal dive watch, then you’ll be just fine and on the screen you can see the illumination it’s not super bright, but i think it does the job. Well, no complaints here, i think it’s quite pleasant, the numbers being illuminated like that. I am a fan of that type of backlight. I think the bracelet is done or sorry not really a bracelet. This is a strap or band, but i think it’s done in a very tasteful manner.

It’S got this matte black type finish um the material it feels like maybe silicone doesn’t feel like rubber, but it’s, very soft. If you are familiar with seiko their turtle bands, it feels very similar to that. I very much like how it feels. However, it will get a little bit sticky as the day goes on, just because of sweat and grime and all that stuff. So you know you might have to remove the watch from your bracelet just to let it air out every once in a while, but that’s something that plagues any kind of watch band with you know made out of rubber or silicone, but other than that it’s very Comfortable very soft, it does really feel like there’s, a pillow wrapped around your wrist. So i do like that and then the keepers have these little. I don’t know if you can see that i see those little notches sticking up um. So basically, it will it’s almost like a peg that goes inside each of the holes to lock it in place, so the keeper will never accidentally fall off the bracelet or band increasing the risk of you losing the watch. So i also think that’s a good thing now. I just want to go over my personal thoughts, starting off with what i think are good things. Number one is the display. I love dot. Matrix style displays, i think they look really professional, very cool and i think it’s unfortunate that there are not, as many watches out there, with dot matrix displays uh.

Secondly, is just the overall case design and quality. I really think that this is the embodiment of that northern european sleekness elegance overall, just professional look, i think it looks really cool and they did a great job here and then. Thirdly, is i don’t want to call these lugs but they’re almost like lug arms? Basically, the things that the band attaches to, i really like what they did here. It is flexible. You know it works with your body how you move and throughout the day, as your wrist expands, i think um. Just i don’t know. I really don’t know how to explain it, but it’s unique, it’s different, but it works, and i think they did a great job there now my thoughts that are negative and again remember these are kind of my personal thoughts, so i think the cost to function ratio Is kind of out of whack here so basically, you’ve got an abc watch which is wonderful, but it doesn’t really have uh longevity. You know the battery life is rated for 12 months and after looking at several other youtube videos, they all agree that the battery dies at. You know around that point either at the 10 10 month mark or the 14 month mark, but they all average around a year and so to me that is unsatisfactory. You know obviously different strokes for different folks, but for me, i just think one year is way too short, it’s too short of a time period for me to have have to swap out the battery.

Another negative, in my opinion, is the water resistance that you see at 30 meters 100 feet just for the purpose of this kind of watch at this price range – and you know 300 dollars is you know, probably the lowest price you’re gon na find for this model. Uh, i don’t know i just think that’s very substandard when you compare it to other watches in its class um and in its price range. So you know you’ve got this pro trek right here, which does everything that the sun told core does, but it’s got 200 meters water resistance, you’ve got the abc and you’ve got the tough solar battery. So this will last me around a decade before i need to seriously swap anything out now these negative things that i’m saying that are negative to me. They’Re, you know they’re not going to make or break the overall functionality or performance of the watch, but you know i’ve already got abc watches and i already have digital watches with dot matrix displays. So at this price range to me, it’s just not worth it. I don’t see much value going on here now that being said as an aesthetic timepiece, i think it’s super cool. I really like the way that it looks, but i can’t justify the 300 price tag for the functions that i am getting and, to be perfectly honest with you, i can get the same amount of joy from these budget friendly pulsar watches that go for you know Easily a third of the cost, obviously they don’t have the abc functions.

But if i’m talking about just just an aesthetic, timepiece so i’m, not using it for the functions i’m, just wearing it because i’m, a collector of watches – and i like digital watches, then you know these. This style gives me just as much joy for a fraction of the cost than the tsunto core just want to wrap up the video now i hope that you’re not taking this as a negative review. I think it’s, just not for me the suitable core at this price range um. I can get a lot more value from a pro trek or any other solar powered abc watch at either the same or less cost. They do have a cheaper version. The resin or not resin it’s, a plastic black version, and you know i’m sure functionality and quality is just as good as this one. So i think that one will be a better investment. Just you know having a battery life of only one year, no solar functionality and very low water resistance is a deal breaker for me. So i probably will end up returning this watch, but you know for the collector, if you just like the aesthetic and the way that it looks, it is beautiful and again it’s it’s gon na function, just fine as long as you’re willing to accept that once a Year, you’re gon na have to swap out the battery and for me that’s, just not something i i want in my watch so that’s all i got ta say for now.

I hope that you enjoyed this video. I hope that it helps you with your next watch.