But this is really a cool toy. I bought it from the base with my mom, so i so. This is for kids, it’s age, four but i’m, but i’m, just five years old and i’m ready to open it up. Um Applause, the set comes with this cute cute um, headphones Music, so i’m going to wear. This is with this one two three, and this is really a rainbow color. It is the color pink, pink pink, and this is so cool. This is also a rainbow what’s. This it’s, a pink here and it’s, got a unicorn wow, and what is this? What is this? This is the cops Music. This is very, very good. This is super cool Music. Look what i can do. It’S play doh it’s a lot of games i’m. Very excited for this, and this is that, since you like it it’s time to fix it so i’m, going to wear this i’m going to wear this, and ah this is so cute, oh, my goodness, it can transform into a clock. Oh look at this cool something here: what is it? Music games? One: two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight: nine ten eleven twelve twenty fourteen there’s a lot of games here: whoa activity, math memory, skills, moods graph, probability, posted reason, problem solving, spelling now, let’s whoa. Look at this it’s off now, i’m, going to turn it on Music. This is super duper cool wow. This is cool time to turn it on turn it on so connect to your play.

Zoom, smart watches. This is a smart swatch at this available headband. This is not a headband. This is a headset foreboding aircraft, customs for maximum comfort, connect to any device, no app or smartphone needed enter. Amy and steve wow photos photo video and sound recordings. Outbox games and sound at a research alarms and watch background upload photo and video to your computer computer. My goodness, you got a computer right, mama, so she’s holding the phone. It can change now. Let’S start opening it look at this. I think i can collect. This. Is so beautiful, this one is the, but this one is the best one they got. It got unicorn how cute let’s start putting it up open here. I know how to use this mama now it’s all empty inside now we already opened this now there’s an extraction. So play your kids smartwatch with headphones what’s, this mama completely mp3 player and earphone jack ability to upload and listen to music headphones, not included now so we’re going to connect this first with the instructions, Music, changing changing, quick, smart guide, very cute: oh i got it. We should put it right here: okay, um, okay, start to put it right here now. What should we do now? So what shall we do so Music? I don’t know how to use this instructions – um i’m, going to Music and then time to wow, oh Music. We can charge it. Okay, um uh charge it just hard to do this in case of emergency.

Oh look at this, so cool super cool. This looks good. What look? It works? No, ah Music. This is so very. This is very, very, very, very amazing. This watch is very cute Music. Now i know my there’s music. This is cool. I got the hair chipped i like to use this everyday. This is so amazing Music, so that music, this is cool, it’s, witchy, spider. This is the best spot i liked it is it cool i like to play games over here. You could buy this. This is very hectic. This is so. I can hear the music when you, when you um do this. When, when you put the hedges on you, can you can hear a nursery rhymes? This is so this is so cool. I never. I never seen a waffle like this. This is amazing. Thank you. Mama wow, here we go history. Degree dog now, thank you for watching.