Why not what’s up guys here back with another banger video and today guys we, i got an unboxing video. You already know the vibes so let’s get into it guys. So we are in. We are unboxing the v8 blue smartwatch, okay Applause nice – to hear this all right. So here it is so so, and three one okay, so guys we got it out, pull this out. Whoa wow, it actually looks pretty heavy duty got the course. You know you got the the charging port, of course, it’s micro, usb micro, usb two buttons press, the charger charger same micro, usb charger; okay, let’s put this down: wow: okay, okay, okay, because the question in chinese: why do they have to turn it? Oh wait! Wait! Oh Applause, okay, Applause, so let’s turn it on guys. So i think it’s like this, maybe Music as you can see guys. Oh wow, it’s, okay, so guys so as you can see eight one minute guys so guys, alright, so guys so anyways. So we got this. Oh check out this screensaver, i actually like this. This actually looks pretty decent wow. This actually looks pretty decent, so let’s go ahead and i think swipe right. Oh wow, okay, swipe! All right! Oh wait a minute guys what i think i need a sim card and a memory card for this it’s going like browsers and stuff and watch youtube and stuff. You know you know: uh, okay, so, okay, just connected to my phone wow, actually has okay.

So if you look up here, you got dialer, you’ve got call log, you’ve got photo so so, basically, if you don’t know what this is right here, that is actually where you have all your contacts and you call them uh, okay, so i’m too, shabby not too Shy because the music Music wow, oh wait, wait a minute, wait a minute hold up all right. Let me just hold up guys. I guess i got the camera so that’s, the camera so i’m going to take a picture. Oh, let me tap the button wow. Okay. So look at guys, so this is what we have. What we’re dealing with? Okay, not not too shabby not too shabby, not too shabby, so oh yeah guys, so this was actually 15 and fifty cents on a wish. It got here between five to six days. I believe um the battery life last six hours a day. The charging time is one hour and i guys i’ve oh hold up. I actually wan na i’ll actually want to showcase the back, so i’ll be right back all right guys. I got my new follower and Music. Let me just get this open guys. This is gon na be open and three two one whoa okay, guys got the back open, so i’m, not gon na, take out the battery, because then i have to reset it all. I really want to do that, so it looks like this is the battery and if i wan na, if this battery, like completely dies out, you can get this and basically that’s pretty much it so guys drop a big fat like and subscribe.