It has calling phone book call logs notifications. It has sleep, monitor heart rate, monitor blood pressure, thermal meter, uh. What that word is babe what’s that word sedentary, send a sedentary set of long term reminder: okay, anti loss, alarm calculator has it’s a lot like a a smartphone clock. Wake up screen receives notifications, display sound it’s, it’s it’s a lot. Of course. We have to charge it now so stay tuned for further video on the performance and features as we use it. This is the different type of charger. You plus you place the charger right over this and it’s magnetic or something like that. Yeah it’s magnetic and it sits in place while you charge it’s, pretty cool that’s different all right. So, yes, as you can see, guys, yeah that’s, just a magnet and let’s check if it is working, yeah, it’s working working just we won’t wait for a while hi everybody welcome back. We got the watch charged up now. This is the first time to be turned on rest coming on right now, all right, you see, you got email horn, how many times you step search the device in order to connect our phone. We have to scan this code right here on the on the phone. So yeah let’s find it it’s. Here we have a q qr for the code here so we’re going to scan there you go and go to so, as you can see guys, there is in active android version on download, so we were going to download this one.

So, as you can see there, you go so it’s downloading now let’s. So, as you can see guys, it’s already installed let’s open this so allow sorry i allowed long. Nothing should guys everything there. You go so agree and complete so that that’s it that’s it guys. As you can see, you can see the different function of the watch over here. So if you want to use every function again, you just on like that so lead icon, editor, so it’s on m active. So we we will on that. Allow and, of course, the this one the digital will be in. We will on that one too, so ayan, so we only had guys to the colleges using your watch. Just like you, a cell phone, you can receive messages.