Additionally, a broad selection of downloadable, widgets, app screens and clock faces from the garmin iq store, make this watch quite customizable. I added a few widgets and a new clock face almost immediately and it’s now suiting my needs quite nicely. While it doesn’t offer the advanced sports metrics found in more expensive garmin devices, it can broadcast heart rate data to other ant plus devices Music. This means that i can send my heart rate to my older forerunner 620, when i want to see advanced, running metrics, which i only do on occasion, Music. I can also send the data to any amt plus compatible bike computer to get complete cycling data with heat rate included, given the price for this watch new compared to the 4runner 935 or felix 5 series of watches i’m. Fine. With what limitations the vivoactive 3 does have, since i bought the refurbished model for even less and it works like new and looks like it too. I have absolutely no complaints if that should change. For any reason, i will update this review accordingly. My lovely boyfriend got me this as an early birthday, slash christmas gift in the white. Slash silver combo i’ve only used it for a day, but my observations so far. It runs fairly smoothly, except when i try to uninstall, apps or watch faces for some reason. If i try uninstalling more than one app at a time, the whole watch will freeze and i have to do a hard restart, which is the potential of losing stats.

Also. I’M, unsure what the stress levels are calculated by, but it doesn’t feel totally accurate. I was at high stress, while just chilling and eating dinner last night, and then today i was crying for unrelated reasons and and it showed low, medium stress, low, Music. Pretty sure i was more stressed than i was while eating a delicious meal, everything else looks good and accurate tracked. My sleep well watch is a little bulkier than some fit watches, but it didn’t seem to bother me while sleeping the silicone band is soft and breathable. Music love, love love. This watch, it’s like new, no stuffs or marks anywhere came with charger and instructions. Sync straight up to my cell phone and to the iq, store and computer, took about an hour to fully charge and update everything works great gps, accurate and compared hr with blood pressure, monitor pulse the battery lasts about five days and i’m, always using it to work Out, which is about two five hours and i’ve still got it connected to my bluetooth on myself, the garmin has lots of widgets and aps. I love this one as it shows you cards and fat burns, but you do have to download the widget for that and set it up, it’s waterproof and easy to use.