It is an excellent high quality smartwatch to cater to your work and play. The packaging looks really good, very simplistic and minimalistic let’s check out what is inside the packaging inside the box. You will find one user guide: 170, my saphir watch and a magnetic charging dock all packed nicely inside the retail packaging. On first look: the 70. My saphir watch is really elegant and classy. The saphir glass casing creates a super high end. Look as the glass is extremely resistant to scratches, leaving behind a flawless look on the watch at the base of the watch. You can find the heart rate scanner for you to easily keep track of your health let’s go ahead to set up the device on first use, simply follow the on screen instructions and download the 70, my app via the qr code, or searching it in your app Store to download the app to connect and sync your smartwatch to it, the installation process of the app should be quick once downloaded, simply select and key in your particulars for accurate health monitoring purposes. The home page of the app is intuitive and neat easy to navigate around with key stats like your daily heart rate, steps and workouts completed, simply head over to add device to scan and connect to your smartwatch using bluetooth. Connectivity pairing is super simple and should be done in a matter of minutes. Really simple and easy setup has completed. Now you can use your smartwatch and track your health activities with your health data in sync with your device.

The shortcut menu allows you to easily access your apps, like alarms, flashlight, etc. You have a powerful heart rate scanner with seven advanced sensors for better accuracy built into it, run it when you are exercising and keep track of key statistics during your exercise to monitor your health check, the weather forecast in your local area to see how your area Is doing and check for storms and weather hazards easily on your smartwatch check, stress data in activity summary it displays your calories, burned, pedometer statistics and number of workouts done for the day. You have over 17 different types of fitness modes to choose from from hiking to running, to walking, keep track of all your fitness exercises with ease when you enter the fitness mode, you are able to keep track of your live heart rate pace time elapse of your Workout and distance covered super intuitive and excellent fitness tracking capabilities on the app you also can custom set. Your watch face, select your ideal theme and set it onto your watch. We love the mars theme. The most looks really amazing. Also, you can customize your watch settings via the app you can change your workout list to narrow down your favorite fitness modes. Music custom set your customization key to select what shortcut to open when it is activated. You have an app gallery on the smartwatch for you to select what app you want to open on the smartwatch, easily browse and scroll through the app icons turn on your watch, flashlight app for navigating through dark environments or hit the compass to help navigate you through Trails and hikes it is very smooth and non laggy awesome, Music access and check your workout history.

It displays key statistics of your past workouts, like your distance, covered time of your workout. Your pace, details like your speed steps, average speed. Also, it covers your heart rate and gives you a detailed chart on your performance for your analysis. It even has cadence details and performance all very useful analytics for you to keep track of your workout performance, Music, awesome, Music. You have automotion wake up feature where you can easily access and check your time by just lifting up the screen of the smartwatch. It will automatically detect when you are turning it towards your face and flash out the time for you to check it really ergonomic feature when you are done just place it onto the charging dock and let it charge up, it will charge up swiftly and it has A long lasting battery to last over 10 days on a full charge, Music always stay connected and never miss a call or text with notification. Syncing, you will be able to custom enable notifications to sync onto your smartwatch. So when you get calls you will be alerted to it on your smartwatch really great feature: you can decline it should you wish to by clicking the hang up button on your smartwatch. You also can get up to date, notifications from your social media messaging apps like whatsapp. All notifications are instantaneous Music. It supports voice control assistant like alexa too easily voice command from the interface of your 70, my saphir watch the stylish sleek design of the saphir watch.

Further enhances the brand and model of this watch with its classy metallic chases and aluminium body, with a 1.78 inch amoled display, it has one of the best screens in its class super clear and crisp display. In conclusion, we would recommend this smartwatch for anyone who loves to exercise use this as their daily driver for work and play it’s easy to use intuitive layout as fit for anyone, be it young or old. This watch is able to cater to your needs.