. This is the Haylou Smart Watch, 2 or LS02. Its a simple smartwatch with activity tracking heart rate, monitoring, sleep, tracking and so on.. The box is of typical Haylou Style, with a nice picture on the front and some specifications on the back.. I have tried many Haylou products before, but only wireless earphones and the quality has been quite good at a budget price.. So it will be interesting to see how theyre watches will do. In the box we get the watch itself, a small manual and a charging cable.. This is the magnetic type and its the same as we get with many other budget watches.. The user manual is quite simple, but it covers the basic needs to set it up and how to navigate through the menus. Anyway, its not a complicated watch, so its easy to figure out, even without using the manual.. The watch has a rectangle shape and it looks quite nice, especially for such a low price. On the back. We have the sensors and the magnetic connector for charging.. Usually, the stickers that are attached to the screen are much brighter than the actual display, but on this watch its pretty close to what we see here., This is a plastic watch, so it doesnt have a high premium feel to it. But I think it looks quite good. Ill add the measurements on top of the screen, so you can get an idea of the size., Its also a very light watch and at only 38 grams I hardly noticed wearing it at all.

. Regarding sensors, we have an accelerometer for counting steps and a dynamic optical sensor for measuring heart rate. On the right side is a push button which is mostly used to turn on the display, but it also works as a back button.. The bands are made of silicon and look nice, enough., Theyre, flexible and comfortable to wear, and they have quick release pins to easily take them off. If needed., The watch itself is rated IP68, so you can use it in the shower or even swim with it. If you want to. The magnetic charger does what its supposed to and we can see the charge progress on the screen., Its also strong enough to hold the weight of the watch. But not if you shake it a bit. Regarding battery life, it can last up to 20 days if you turn off most of the functions like the heart rate, monitoring notifications and so on.. In my test, I had everything on the whole time and the screen at 75 brightness.. It lasted me 7 days, so its not the best but still quite good.. Setting up the watch is very easy. Just turn on the power and scan the QR code on the screen. On my android phone. This sends me directly to the Haylou app in Google play., Just install it and set up the Haylou account. When thats done tap the device icon in the bottom right corner and tapp Add Device.. The watch should pop up by itself.

So all we need to do is select it and accept the pairing on the watch by clicking the red button. Thats all, and we can now start using the watch., Its, not a big watch. So it sits nicely on the wrist and the bands are comfortable.. The display will automatically switch on when we turn the wrist and Its got a 1.4 inch display with a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels.. It looks very good Its bright and has good black levels.. Its also got Bluetooth 5. So i havent had any problems with the connection at all.. I took out the Amazfit GTR just to quickly compare the size and, as you can see, the Haylou LS02 is quite compact. On the main screen. We have all the necessary info like time day date, weather heart rate, calories, steps and distance.. If you dont, like this watchface, you can change it by holding on the screen. Heres an analog one with the activity data in the corners and each color around the circle is a graphic view of the corresponding data.. Next is a digital one that shows a bit less information.. This one is both digital and analog, but only shows time date and day. Im, not really a fan of round watch faces on a watch thats not round, but I guess we all have different tastes. So heres something for most of us. Swiping down. We have the quick toggles, and here we can adjust the screen’s brightness.

If needed., We have DND mode and the gear takes us to the settings. First, we have the watch faces again, so they can be changed in here as well.. We already saw the brightness, but below it we have some software information and the MAC address.. At last. We have the power off and reset functions. Swiping from the left. We have breathing exercise and we can choose between 1 or 2 minutes.. This works the same way as, on some other watches, with an animation and text telling us when to breathe in and out. A good little guid for relaxing and breathing.. The weather display is nice to have, and it shows us the current weather and for the next three days at the bottom. Theres, no detailed view of the day. So this is all we get. Heres the sleep results for the previous day and heres the heart rate monitoring.. It shows us the last reading and the highest and lowest value of the day. Swiping. Up from here, we can see the readings throughout the current day. On the last page. Here we have steps, calories and distance. To open the main menu we swipe up.. This is where all the main functions are located in a scrollable menu., Its definitely not the most fluent menu ive seen as its quite laggy.. I found it to be easier if I just hold the finger on the screen while scrolling and stop it where I want to be.

. The first item in the menu is the same activity screen we saw earlier. Next is heart rate, which again is the same as we saw before. In sports. We have all the different activities. We can start. Heres jogging, fast, walking, biking, climbing spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing. When starting an activity. We first get a 3 seconds countdown timer, so we can get ready. In the activity. We can see time spent heart rate, distance and tapping will show pace, steps and calories.. We dont get any more information about the activity, so all we can do from here is pause. It or finish. It. Next is the weather and its the same as we saw before. Sleep monitoring shows us a simple view of the night’s deep seep light sleep and total sleep.. My notifications list is empty at the moment, but lets try a text message and see what it looks. Like. It pops up like this, but we can also see it in the list at a later time.. They look ok, but its not possible to scroll down to see the whole message.. So if you get longer messages, you will have to read them on the phone, which is a bit annoying.. It should be possible to read the whole message without taking out the phone.. We also get incoming call notifications, but the only option we have is to reject the call., Sadly its not possible to mute the call.

Music Setting isnt, really a setting at all as its just a simple remote, but it works well., It’s fast, so theres hardly any Delay at all when clicking the buttons to pause, play or switch songs.. The only downside here is that the song title is not displayed on the watch.. So if you’re searching for a specific song, you have to play the beginning of each song until you find the one you’re after. In the more section, we first find a stopwatch. Theres, no lap functions or anything else here. So all we can do is start stop and reset it.. The countdown function has a few presets or we can set it manually by pressing the icon. Next is Find Phone and under it is the same breath training that we saw before. In Settings. We have all the same functions as we saw in the quick toggles.. Actually, most of the items in the main menu are available through quick toggles or by swiping left or right on the watchface, so its not really necessary to go into this menu very often.. Since the watch doesnt have a GPS, the data we get from it is quite limited. Anyway. The app is easy to use and looks well made. From the top. We have our steps. Sports activities, heart rate, sleep data and at the bottom, is the weight. Heres. Also, a more detailed view of the steps time spent distance and calories.. In sport. We have our activities with a total on top and we can open them to get some more info.

. We have distance steps, total time, average heart rate and so on.. The heart rate is also shown as a graph here and below are some heart rate zone info. The all day, heart rate monitoring works well and we get a nice graph showing the data throughout the day. Below are some more info and heart rate zones.. I used the watch both day and night and I found the sleep data to be quite accurate.. We have a nice graph at the top, showing awake time light and deep sleep.. It also shows us when we fell asleep and when we woke up.. The Weight function is where you should enter your weight and height, and I guess this data is used to calculate the activities more precisely. In sport. We can start activities from the phone if needed.. I guess this is useful. If you forget the watch or the battery is empty., And at last we have the devices settings.. Here we can see the remaining battery, which, after 7 days of use, is at 12.. Here we can activate or deactivate call notifications.. The alarm is set here as its not possible to do it from the watch. Theres, no speaker on the watch, so we only get vibration alarms. Its quite good. So I didnt have any problems waking up in the morning and I used it. Every day. Stand up. Notice will alert you if you sit too long without moving. Works as a motivation for moving a bit more than usual.

. If you want notifications only from some specific apps, you can select them, here. DND mode can be set manually, which is very good. Its not always fun to get notifications in the middle of the night. So all watches should have this function.. If you want to save some battery, it is possible to switch off the heart rate, monitor here.. It can still be measured manually though.. The time format can be changed between 12 and 24 hour for those who need to change it.. If you dont, like that, the display switches on automatically when you raise the wrist, it can be switched off here.. All in all, this is a light weight and nice. Looking watch. A full charge gave me one full week of usage with everything switched on and always connected by Bluetooth.. The display is bright with a good resolution, so it looks more expensive than it is.. It is a simple watch without GPS, so the tracking data we get is a bit limited, but at least its nicely presented in the app.. The silicon straps are ok, but they do collect some dust. Its easy to clean off, but dirty bands. Dont look good. The menu we get when swiping up is a bit too laggy, which makes it a bit difficult to navigate in the main menu.. If it was smoother, it would give a much better impression of the watch. Anyway, its a nice looking watch with a vibrant and good looking display, and I have enjoyed using it.

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