This is the global version and it costs about forty dollars, so the price is quite reasonable. This watch comes with 12 sports modes, scientific, sleep management, a heart rate, monitoring a 30 day standby battery life, and it is also ip68 waterproof. Okay, so uh inside the box, we have the smart watch. We have the watch, trap, charging, cable and user manual. Okay, so let’s see what’s inside the box all right. So this is the charging cable, the user manual, the watch and the strap okay. So for product feature uh, the body size is 45.3 millimeter by 11.4. Millimeter bandwidth will be 22 millimeter and the weight is about 54. Gram is not that very light, but not that very heavy as well. Uh display is 1.28. Each tpft screen resolution is 240 by 240.. Okay, so for sensor we have a ultra low, dynamic optical heart rate. Sensor. Accelerometer and battery capacity is 340 milli ampere, and this watch is compatible for android, 4.4 and above or ios 8.0 and above so battery life is quite good because um. I have used this for about one one to two months already: uh so um the standby. It can take up to 30 days, but if uh we’re using some of the features like uh, the heart rate, monitoring is activated so battery life can can last for about two weeks to 15 14 days to 15 days. So it is also a dust proof and waterproof right so let’s take a look at the watch.

Let’S turn it on to turn it on. We just have to simply press the crown at the right side, long press until the logo will appear. So this is the default watch face. It has information about the weather, the date the day, the time and as well as total number of steps. This is covered, calories, burn and heart rate. So if we want to change the face of the watch, we just long press here, okay, swipe to the left – and these are the available watch faces. You have five one, two, three, four, five, okay, and if we swipe down uh we’ll, see the information on the remaining battery capacity. We can also adjust the brightness level right, so we can increase the brightness level or we can also decrease it, and we have the settings under the settings. We can also change the watch face, adjust the brightness, we can see information about the phone or or about the watch power off and reset, and we can also find our phone by clicking on the find my phone icon. So if we tap on that, then the phone will ring and the watch will vibrate so let’s. Try it again: Music. Okay, if we swipe up so we will have a lot of options here. So we have the statistic: the heart rate, sports weather, sleep notice, music, settings more and settings. So if we tap on the statistics, we will be able to see our activities, data activities here, such as steps, calories, burned and distance covered.

If we click on heart rate, we can see the information about our heart rate if we tap on the sports. So if we want to be active and do some exercises, we have jogging fast, walking, biking, climbing spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and drawing so let’s try jogging. If we click on that, then the timer will start and it will start also recording the heart rate and the distance covered if we click on weather, so there will be a three day: uh weather forecast with a high and low temperature. If we click on sleep, so we’ll be able to see our sleep data which has information about night sleep and sleep by the way the sleep data will be recorded only if we have at least four hours, four hours um rest. Otherwise, if we have less than four hours, then we won’t be able to see the data here have the notification. These are our application notifications. We can also control the music here by tapping on the music settings and if we tap on more, we can use the stopwatch countdown timer and again the final phone and uh brief training, uh brief training. If we want to take a break, if we’re a bit stressed so we can use this to relax, we can we have the option for one minute and two minutes. So if we click on one minute and we play it, the watch will tell you to relax and it will show or it will ask you to breathe in and breathe out, okay until it’s, tough after one minute all right.

If we swipe left so again, we’ll see our activities, data here and heart rate, sleep data, weather forecast and again the rating training. So if we swipe right again, we will show it will show the same information. Okay, so that’s for the watch. Let’S, take a look at the application. The application name is called halo, fit let’s open. So if we go to the home tab, we’ll see our activities information. We can see the heart rate, the sleep data. If we have then total number of steps, distance covered and calories burned, if we go to the sports tab, then uh we. If we want to do some walking outdoor running indoor running bicycle, then we can use this to record uh the statistics and if we click on the device, so there will be a lot of options here that we can use. If we click on the heart rate settings, so the device within 24 hours intermittent automatic detection of our trick. If this is turned on, if we tap on the phone and if we turn this on just remember that the phone needs to be connected to the watch and do not turn off the bluetooth. So if this is on, when the phone is ringing, the device or the watch will vibrate if we click on the application. So these are the application that we want to get a notification. So let’s say we want to get a notification uh. If anyone is sending us a message through the messenger or whatsapp or other application such as facebook or instagram, then we will get a notification on our watch if any of this application is turned on all right, so we have the option to get a notification for Instagram youtube messenger gmail, snapchat, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, uh, pinterest, hangouts, uh, link, link, uh skype, tumblr viber line, google plus flickr, wechat qq and others.

We have also the sedentary reminder. So if this is turned on every 60 minutes, the watch will vibrate to remind us to do some activities. You can also set the start time and end time, so if you’re sleeping at 11 or maybe earlier than that, you can set the time here so that the watch will stop disturbing you at those specified time you can also set on the alarm. You can turn on the light up, so if this is turned on, when the hand is raised, then the screen will automatically light up. Okay and you have a do not disturb mode here, you have more settings as well. So if you tap on the more settings and when you go to sms, if this is turned on, then the when there’s a text message, the watch will vibrate here. We can also set the display timeout uh. We have the option to select 5 10 and 15 seconds so um, depending on the number of seconds that you choose the device will the device display will go off after that? Okay, and you can also the reset the device from the application you can do. The unpairing as well okay, so if you go to the profile you can set your goal here, you can adjust the number of steps that that you’re aiming for so let’s say you want to go for ten thousand or eleven thousand twelve thousand. Then you can use the settings here and you can also link uh the application to apple help, all right so basically that’s it for the application.

Okay. So the watch is uh cost less than 50, so it’s still considered as a a good deal uh, you will have the basic details that you will require, such as the heart rate, calories, burned, total distance covered and you have the weather forecast. So all these features in just less than 50 dollars, so it’s still a quite a good deal. Although uh. This is not a very comprehensive watch, such as like iphone, iwatch or samsung watch, but considering the price then i believe that it’s still worth to buy so that’s it for my review. I hope that you guys have picked something from this video and, if you like, my video, please subscribe to my channel so i’ll promise that i’ll be doing more reviews with other devices in the future. And if you can also invite your friend to subscribe to my channel uh, i will be able or it will be i’ll. I will appreciate that. Thank you.