So please check out the description i mentioned there. The link of flipkart and amazon also and comes with a high configuration with the good battery life and the splash proof body and with a single touch, screen button alarm and monitor your blood pressure and the sleep counter step counter. And you can also get a notification of facebook, whatsapp and instagram if you connect it with your smart watch. So please watch this video and i will explain the whole thing about this and they give you a pros and cons about this. Smartwatch and and i’m also show you the: how can you connect it with your smartwatch and what is the app? How how can you connect it with your smartphone, and how can you monitor what is the sleep count everything i will discuss in this video? So please watch this video till the end and don’t forget to subscribe our channel and press the like button. If you like this video and share this video with your friends and family, so without wasting the time let’s move on. So you guys this is the smartwatch and, as you can see, it’s looking like a uh ordinary smartwatch, but it’s so different with in the work behind this smartphone. You also get a sensor option. It is monitor your blood pressure and a lot of things step counter slip monitor. If you want to charge this smart watch, so you can easily pull it, and here is the charger and directly connect it with your adapter.

Here is the a lot of things, a lot of options in this home screen and the time setting and the step counter. Then heart rate and sports app message, then setting and long press on this icon and then weathers music everything you control with your smartphone and the smartwatch also and the camera and the reset option also and the download options here – is the qr code and you can Download download the app of this smartwatch and here the battery icons and the link option and the time show on the display and the display quality is so good and splash proof and the dustproof display. You can download the app in your smartphone from the play store and the name of the app is a fit pro you download it, and here is the mine option, go to the mine option and the sign out option. You can sign out to your smartwatch and you can sign in also so you go to the user profile and here is a lot of things you can change from the settings and go to the set option. You can change your settings message: post dial, setting reset device, remove other and vibrating setting go to the other setting, and here is the vibrate setting. If you want to uh vibrate your smart watch, so you can turn on this uh option and the ota upgrade. You can also upgrade your smartwatch time to time and the message and go to the message post and in your smart watch and display and the whatsapp is on and the call reminds on and you can on the twitter also instagram also, so it will be so In your smartwatch screen and you can also control your brightness level – do not disturb alarms, reminder everything you can control with your smartphone and if you want to click some photos in your smartphone with the help with the help of smartwatch.

So you can go to the settings, click cameras and press the long press. I press the camera button and directly in in your smartphone. It is be already open and if you want to click some photos and now the photo is automatically captured by your smartwatch. So it will be very user friendly smartwatch and you can click the photos in your smartphone and if you change some wallpaper in your home screen, so you can go to the dial setting now, as you can see the wallpaper of this smartwatch and i change it, There are a lot of wallpapers in your smartphone and i choose this one so guys it is very user friendly, and here is the single touch screen button in the good price segment. This smartwatch comes with under 700 rupees.