Last time i charged it was when i actually received the box uh, and i did the unboxing. That was the last time i charged this, and it has been about 48 hours, because this is the review after 48 hours guys, the battery is almost zero it’s about to die and that’s. Why? I had a plug in the charger um and i also wanted to make the video so yeah um that’s, just the charger anyways guys talking about the review guys. This watch is good. I mean yes, you pay a little bit less, but still guys this. I bought cv6, i mean man, this is the boss, still guys, if you want to purchase this uh, i watch sc. You can no problem but guys you will not get features like the blood oxygen, and that is a really nice, a feature which is missing in here so yeah. You should take that into account while buying this next up, let’s open it up. When i measured the heart rate, it was very accurate and uh now let’s do that again. Boom let’s put our finger behind it and right now, i’m, just standing or yeah just standing. Nothing else. 77 is quite accurate. So yeah um, like about the hardware sensor, that’s pretty accurate guys next. If we talk about other features like the blood pressure, let’s go check that guys there. As you can see. There is also a sound recorder and, of course we can set alarms just like that, but we’ll come to that in just a moment so yeah that is the blood pressure sensor and guys there.

You can see the red leds, although it would stop see it did. Stop because i was not wearing the watch, so yeah let’s just measure it anyways and um, and you can see that was like pretty accurate we’ll swipe from the bottom will bring this quick access. Toggle bar – and here you can actually kind of see all this. These things, you can also turn on the flashlight right here, let’s go back and then we can also kind of access the calculator anyway guys now let’s talk about other stuff. So of course you have the records. I was wearing this for the whole day but um. I didn’t walk because you know this was pandemic times and i didn’t go out so yeah. There are no records as such let’s go back, and here you can see the workout mode entry reminder right here so yeah. We can start this as well let’s swipe here. Then we have the stopwatch option, which is really nice. Let’S start continue. We can also put lap pause reset. Next we have the calculator so that’s. Also pretty nice let’s clear this let’s go back. We have the calendar pretty decent, pretty nice let’s go back, then we have other features like alarm. Let’S go here. Click here we can just set the alarm. We can change the ringtone, the vibration feedback and all um. Then this is the find my device option. Then we have the app store: whatsapp, twitter, facebook, remote capture, bluetooth, messenger uh.

Then here we have settings and then we have a few games so yeah that was pretty much it for the ui part and guys next up. Um let’s actually talk about the battery backup. This lasted me, as i mentioned in the beginning of the video about two days. Only so, as you can see, that’s the charger and um the straps were pretty comfortable. As you can see boom, they were very flexible and comfortable as well and now let’s move on to the bluetooth. Calling and i’ll call my friends, hello how’s. He call quality yeah and you are being featured in a video, yeah and okay and you are being featured in a video, so yeah. This is for the review and now we’ll talk later: okay, okay, bye and so guys, that’s. How we can talk – and we can also respond to calls okay guys, so that was pretty much it for this video.