Video is going to be quite interesting because i have a very unique smart watch to show you all in this video, so its a brand new budget, category smartwatch from tag – and let me tell you this – is one of the first budget smartwatch to actually feature a 3D curved display guys and the model is called as verve ultra theyve launched this just today, and apart from that, it also packs some really nice features, and today in this, video were going to unbox and check it out. So lets get started so guys heres, our brand new budget watch from tag the verve ultra comes in this order box packaging and, along with that, the brand has also sent us different variety of straps with different finishing and materials. Well, talk about the straps ill show them to you, one by one at a later part in the video first well check out the smartwatch, so the watch came in this order. Box packaging very compact box weve got the tag branding at the top. The model is verv ultra, as ive told you just now, and we even have a picture of the product on the front side. The special thing about the watch is: it comes with the 1.69 inch large 3d curved display. It supports 24×7 hr monitoring, spo2 level, monitoring its also ip68 water resistant and comes with some pretty awesome features which ill tell you in this video. So those were some of its main highlights now.

Theres, nothing much written at the back side, also guys so lets quickly. Get started with the unboxing part and by the way i forgot to mention this, video was sponsored by the brand, so big thanks to them. Anyways lets continue with the unboxing. So as soon as you open, the package weve got a tiny box over here, which includes some paperwork. I believe yep weve got some user manual warranty card and this sort of stuff just make sure to read that whenever you have time and heres the main product weve been waiting for tags. New budget category smartwatch the verve ultra oh wow, the color of the strap – is also pretty nice and, along with that in the package, you get a charging cable for the watch, thats it guys. These are all the stuff we got in the package. Now. Let me show you how the smartwatch looks like we have the silver color edition. Let me just remove this sticker and show you by the way guys this watch will be exclusively available on amazon, india. That too, with a special launch price offer with a great discount. Well, talk about the pricing details at the end of this video, so stay tuned, oh wow, from my first impressions. The watch definitely looks beautiful. Well, just come back to the watch in a moment and talk about all of its features, but before that now let me quickly show you all of these different variety of straps.

The brand has centers the brand mentioned that theyve got like five different kind of solo loop bands available with different sizes. As per your requirement. They also have like four variety of sport, straps and four variety of leather straps. The first one we have in the hands over here is a leather strap guys, and let me tell you this: is a magnetic metal strap with a leather like finishing on top of it, i mean just look at it. It latches on as soon as you just release it guys like super convenient to use, so in this variant, theyve sent two colors blue and deep red, and this one over here is a sports band that has lots of perforated holes on it. This can be useful for sports kind of people who do a lot of workout activities and last one. This is an elastic type band, guys its a single band that you need to hook it on both the sides of the smartwatch. So these are all the different variety of straps available for the watch now lets. Finally come back to the main product of the video, the brand new budget, category smartwatch from tag the verve ultra. So this is how it looks like, as i mentioned before, guys, the watch comes with a curved 3d like display on top of it, and this is how it looks like so. Basically, its got this 3d glass at the top side, guys just about the display and talking about the build quality, build quality looks very good.

The entire body is made of a premium, zinc, alloy material, and let me tell you most of the smart watches around this budget come with like polycarbonate body, so tag is actually offering your premium build quality on this model and not to forget its also ip68 water Resistant and on the right side, theres a tiny power button, and that is pretty much it guys, no more buttons anywhere and heres how the watch looks from the back side. So going to the back side. Weve got some details about the model. Weve got a hr sensor and some charging contact points just above that and heres how the built in strap looks like this. One is also pretty good quality. Looks nice feels soft and durable and, as ive told you guys its very easy to remove these straps and you can replace them with any of these available ones with whichever you want so thats it guys. That was our complete overview on the design and the build quality. Now what ill do is ill quickly set up? The watch, use it for a few days and then be right back to continue the video all right, guys im back to continue. The video ive been using this smartwatch for the past couple of days and now ill be sharing like my complete experience and feedback on this model, so weve already discussed about the design and the build quality during the unboxing part right. So now lets directly start off with the display quality.

As mentioned at the beginning. The watch comes with a 1.69 inch ips lcd display and that too, with the 3d curved glass at the top. And that is a main attraction of this watch guys because it makes it look very premium in this price segment. And if you ask about the display quality well display quality is also very good. I can say its one of the best smart watches you can actually get with good display in this price segment. Uh see theres great amount of detail on the display. Everything is like easily readable, no matter what sort of content you watch on it, and on top of that, colors are also very nice and accurate, and the display brightness is also quite bright guys. You can easily view even in outdoor situations as well. No issues over here and i forgot to mention it even supports – raise to wake function guys, and that feature was also working very well, so guys what ill do is ill. Give you a closer look at the watch. Well, talk about the home screen built in apps and features uh, ui navigation and all that stuff. So there you go guys. This is how the home screen on the watch looks like the watch comes with like six on board watch faces, but you can even download more watch faces from its app, which include, like you know, animated ones, analog digital style and you can even set your own Custom wallpapers, as watch face from your phones gallery.

That option is also there so guys by swiping, left or right on the home screen. You can immediately change the watch face on this watch, which is pretty nice. You can change the look of it just like on the go and by swiping down on the home screen. You can access the quick notifications panel here. It shows you like the battery percentage current date and time and all that stuff, and you got some quick toggles like dnd mode. Is there a quick flashlight? Is there power off, and you know messaging area and thats it over here now by swiping up on the home screen, you can easily access all the built in apps and features. So basically, this is like the app drawer, so lets quickly check out all the built in apps, and you know all the features available on it. Starting off youve got the fitness activity stuff where it shows you like how many steps youve taken distance, traveled calories burned for that particular day, and if you want like a detailed analysis or maybe like a summary kind of thing now, you can directly check out tag. Fit app available on both android as well as ios, app store now moving on guys. Youve got the hr monitoring app well, come to this part in a moment, and it does support sleep monitoring as well, and then youve got the messaging app, which shows you, like all the received messages, or maybe like missed, call notifications anything that youve got on your Phone and for this now youll definitely be need to connect it to your phone via bluetooth and need to install the app on your phone ill.

Show you this demo also at a later part in the video, and then you got the sports or fitness app tracking. Here you know using this app, you can track variety of sport activities like walking, running tracking and these sort of stuff. Now again, one thing i have to mention this is a budget category smartwatch right, so it doesnt come with like built in gps like most of the other smartwatches again it does support gps tracking, but for that youll need to do the activity tracking from the built In app on your phone guys there, it will utilize the gps on your phone to record information like you know: geolocation geo, tracking and these sort of stuff, so yeah that was about the sports and fitness activity app and then youve got a lot of other general Apps also built in like stopwatch is there blood oxygen, spo2 level measurement is also available. That is a pretty nice thing, and this qr code is actually you know to download the app on your phone. You can scan the code that is built in the watch and easily download the app youve got a built in bluetooth, music controller as well, using which you can control the music that is being played on your phone directly from the watch. You also have a built in calculator guys. This can be like very useful on your wrist and in the settings theres, nothing much in the settings guys just restart you know, power off and about what section, and one thing i do have to mention is.

That is something unique to this watch. The watch actually comes with like a built in arcade game guys and actually features like you know, motion sensor on board and using that you can play this game on the watch. A pretty nice feature id say, and the game is actually kind of fun. Motion sensor also works very well, as you can see right now in the video. So this is something unique guys, its not available on any smart watch around this price segment. Now, moving on, you also have a theme app that lets. You choose like two different style layouts for the app launcher and, lastly, you got the weather app, so that is pretty much it guys. These are all the built in apps and features. The watch covers like most of the stuff that you would require on a smartwatch, so now what ill do is ill quickly talk about the fitness and the health related stuff. Now, coming to the health section, the watch supports by 7 continuous heart rate measurement and also blood oxygen. Sp2 level measurement is also there and the hr monitoring app was doing a good job. It was working well and giving accurate results almost 90. 95 of the time. All right now, let me show you how you receive call and message notifications on the watch for this to work. Youll definitely need to install the tagfit app on your phone available on both play store, as well as ios, app store and youll need to be connected to your watch via bluetooth.

So whenever you get a message on your phone right and when the watch is connected to your phone via bluetooth, this is how youll receive message notifications on the watch. Now there is no option to reply to these messages directly from the watch. You can only view the content of the message and the name of the sender on the display, and this is how you receive call notifications on the watch. It shows you the name of the person calling you and theres only one option you can either like dismiss or end the call. There is no option to answer the call were almost coming to an end. So let me tell you about the battery life as well. The watch comes with a built in 210 milliampere battery and id say the battery life was actually pretty decent. So on a moderate kind of usage, which includes like the brightness set to maximum and doing a bit of fitness and sport activity, tracking, continuous hr measurement, blood, oxygen, spo2 measurement and doing a bit of smart features with the bluetooth connection turned on once in a while. I was easily getting around like eight to nine days of battery life. Well guys that was my video on tags. New budget smartwatch, the verve ultra its a great smartwatch for the price, has a premium, look and feel love the curved display. You can even play a game on it like seriously. What more can you ask for the price tag? At the moment, tag is selling the smartwatch for only 2999 rupees as a special launch price for a limited time period later on, it will be available for 34.

99 rupees. So if you guys are interested, this is the right time to buy it ill leave a link to that in the description box below you can check it out there so thats it for today guys.