So these are two smart watches. You can see they’re. Looking exactly the same, you can. I can show you these both are looking exactly the same: only they have changed, the strap quality, strap design and everything is just sent same and design is same display same the whole design you can see here is exactly the same. The charging point exactly the same and the sensor exactly in the same location. This string is also the same 20 mm strap size dimension, but the sound bits not mentioned also sound pits. Strap quality is not good as a hello. This is very soft material, and this is a very hard material it’s a little bit thicker and also here, i’ll show you they have a sound pitch, a strap – and here also hello, but you can see here this smartwatch, i was using from last four months and This is only used for three four days. Only the paint is removing. You can see too much scratches only in four days, so i will say the sound. The build quality and the finishing of hello is excellent and also i’ll tell you. This is only 78 dirhams. I will convert you, i’ll show you there in usd, so this is only 78 dirham, and this is 138 gram means it’s a double price than this, and what we are getting exactly the same. Only sound bits is popular now. Currently, they are very popular because of their headphone.

They have lots of good headphones out there, but i think smart in a smart watch department in variable department, sound pits is going to enter and they release their first smartwatch. The model name is watch one, but i think here i’m very disappointed from sound pits because they have done the exactly duplicate the halo smartwatch in their design. Everything i am telling you guys is same, so why you need to pay the double of price. Even you are getting in 78 gram why we need to pay 138 double of the price, why we need to pay and the design the menu the software and everything is the same then why we need to pave extra here. I think uh sound piece cheated us. I don’t know how they are. Both manufactured are different. You can see here, the hello is donggon lensing, electronics, manufacturer and here senzen son sol information technology, company limited both are different company. I think both have the different manufacturer, but how you can tell me, can you tell me that why this all design is same? Everything is same. They are two different brands. There are two different brands why their design is exactly the same. The chrome is same, their hair pattern is same, their charging is same, their sensor’s location is exactly the same. The strip size is also the same only they have changed here. The design. This is very old smartwatch. You can see it’s a very old smartwatch, but they have the better, strap quality and it’s a good one, and here sound pits just change the strap quality strapped design.

They have only changed else. Everything is same, i’ll show you so also they have duplicated this. This design, even they have put a very cheap quality of strap. Also – and here i already shown you – the quality is very washed now let’s check inside where we are getting i’ll, show you so by pressing both of them. Let’S uh change me the watch faces, so you will get the idea what i am talking about, so you can see here exactly the same. Exactly the same exactly same, they just change the menu logo and the design exactly the same here exactly same exactly same here. Also, yeah it’s just copy pasted brand it’s, just a copy pasted, design software copy pasted. Everything is just copy pasted. I think hello is genuine and they worth buying v, what they their product is worth buying because they are very cheap and also they have a good built good design, it’s a basic smartwatch. Anybody can go and watch this, but please guys and this time very disappointed from sound bits. I really love. There is uh their tws, but here i think they have just copy pasted. You can see exactly the same. Exactly same. Even halo has a colorful icon. They have just a black and white okay guys, so everything is just same. What i will show you even hello, has put some extra effort in creating their own design, creating their own icons. Someone please just want to enter in their variable department, so they just copy pasted this design and also they have not released it.

They have not done any task or anything they just copied and released their smartwatch so that they can enter in this smartwatch segment. So guys, my final conclusion: if you are looking for a budget oriented smartwatch, please buy this if you are going to what buy this smartwatch instead of buying this, you buy hello, hello, smartwatch, 2. This is much cheaper, that exactly the half price of sandpits. You are going to get this, and everything is same, thus just to just don’t go after this branch on pits because they are charging too much. Also, their build quality is not exactly the same. They have not put any extra effort in making the design and also the symbol and icons are very simple, not even colorful. I show you already in setting they have not. They have not done anything extra, they do not put extra effort by their by taking their sound pit’s brand. They release this and also it’s a duplicate of. I will. I would say this is the original smartwatch. You can see it’s a colorful display, colorful icons, it’s. Looking far better than this even it’s a budget oriented okay guys. So this is my conclusion conclusion don’t watch uh don’t buy these sound pits watch one already. I will show you in amazon currently now. This is the best seller best smartwatch seller. On amazon. I don’t know why: okay guys, if you have any concern any question, you can ask me i’ll definitely gon na reply this, so how you like the comparison between hello, smartwatch and soundpit’s watch one please.

Let me know in inside the inside the comment box. Thank you for watching this video, okay guys. So now i will tell you one interesting thing about this: both uh smartwatch. So i will first tell you that this is the charging cable of hello smartwatch. So here is my hello smartwatch. This charging cable came inside this box. This on pits charging cable. Okay. This is the sound pit’s charging cable charging dock, and this is hello smartwatch. They must not compatible with this, but you can see here, it’s charging now it’s perfectly fitted here. You can see guys so this is sound. Pit’S charging, dock and it’s perfectly fitting in hello, smartwatch, okay and here is sound pits and it is uh the original accessories and charging case. Cable of these sound pits, no it’s charging so guys you can understand that sound pits doing something wrong. They just copy paste, it same design, same pattern of hello smartwatch and they put it their whole design and the whole feature exactly the same as hellu smartwatch, and also they are taking that double price uh. You can see it’s a 78 dirham, and this watch is a 138 gram as almost a double of the price and what they sound pits have done. They just duplicated, thus hello, smartwatch, okay and also one thing i will show you. The display is looking a little bit brighter in halo, smartwatch and also font that the sound piece not done a great job, their font also looking very less brightness.

The saturation is less also also the font size is small, compare comparison to halo smartwatch, so you can tell which is looking better. I think hello smartwatch is looking better it’s, a big and it’s a readable very easily, and also you i’ll show you the setting area. You just check uh the fonts of hello smartwatch, and here you see sandpits fonts, so they have not put it any extra effort in creating the software. They just simply take in their smart watch. They make a very basic software and they just release this so very disappointed from sound pits. Actually, i love their tws. They are doing very good job in the bluetooth department.