So let’s take a look at it now all right, so, as you can see, it comes all wrapped up, let’s just open this up here got my handy kitchen knife see this right here. This is uh. This is state of the art. Peeling got ta just pull this back there, you go alright. So now i just have to pull this out Music, and this should nope on this side should give me access to the watch and all of the fixings inside. So at first glance it actually doesn’t. Look too bad uh, but you know let me just get a better view. Let me just pull this out here: i’m gon na keep that sticker on. Take this foam out. Take that out as well this little eighty percent off. Okay, let me show you guys this now last piece: you have the user manual just push that to the side. Okay, show you the first page. At least this will show you what it is, how you can navigate this watch and what kind of features it has right. This is the watch over here. Let’S just get this out of the way, so right off the bat guys, it actually feels kind of cool. All right i’ll put that over there. Let me uh now i’m gon na guess that this is the charger on the inside all right um. The watch actually feels very light. It really does, and as for the charger now it’s a usb connection right with two prongs on the other end, i could already feel that because my hand, my finger just ran over it.

So this is the usb end, and then these are the two prongs that i was just talking about. You could tell they are. It is magnetic. The prongs are magnetic not the usb and that’s, because it um it should have to go onto the back of the watch. Let’S, just pull this back into frame all right, so all together, the three pieces that you get are the watch which i’ll show you guys in a second i’ll. Give you a better view of what that of what it can do and then the usb connected um charger and, of course, the user manual. So i’ll just line these up for you and now let’s observe the watch. It has a front sticker on the top of it. There is another sticker right on the main switch that you can just pull off pretty easily and, of course, the black adjustable bands that’s the standard, um color that it comes with, and this way it can fit around any arm size, small large right with the adjusters And there you see on the back was actually the prongs that is used to place onto the charger i’m, not going to put it on directly right now, but i’ll just show you guys um. It goes a little further up. I’Ll show you that in the next video how you could probably charge this thing, let me actually just see what it feels like on my hand. Honestly. If, for a watch of this cost, i mean i was looking for a smart watch for a while right and i haven’t gone into any other features yet, but just on a bait on the basis of how this watch feels it’s pretty good.

It actually is pretty good just on the basis of how it feels. Let me try to see if i could turn this on Music and that’s the main switch on standard on these standard operation on these is, if i hold it, it should turn on and there we go now. It gave me a barcode that i’m gon na have to scan and that’s um it’s, indicating that i have an app that i have to download. So if i download this app let’s see what happens here, it turns on you see the signal sound beats now. If i were to hold this, let me try to hold it for a few seconds. It begins flashing on the back, and that is an indicator, so you want to keep you want. This is why you don’t want the watch to be too to be too slack. You want it to have some kind of tightness on your arm so that it can get a proper um reading of your heart rate, okay, guys so that’s. The first video i’ll do a few more of these to actually show what it is that the watch can do once i figure out some of the features i’m gon na go test. This out. Um i’m gon na have to use this for a little bit in all actuality just so i can give it a fair and proper rating before i uh, you know just give it an out of the box rating, but if i were to give it um a Rating right now, i would actually i would actually say that it does feel pretty good um.

Let me know what you guys think if you’ve ever considered buying this watch, it is from the company called soundpeats um. It is on amazon, uh uh. In all honesty, i’m gon na have to test this out for a little bit, because i, i am always skeptical with these kind of watches, for these prices and it is a smart watch. So i’ll i’ll be with you guys in the next video that’s.