You already know you. People already know that sondrates creating a very good they’re, producing a very good quality of tws and bluetooth headphones. They are very popular there and they are doing a good job. But now i think this: this is the first smartwatch from uh sound pits and the model name is watch one so guys this is the box, and here we go. This is the full package and i’ll show first here watch one: this is the design pattern. Sound pits and sound bits watch one, and this is our smart watch. First we’ll open we’ll get this, and here we have, i think, a charging cable. The packaging is very different. Last five minutes i was trying to open this. So okay guys. So here is our charging uh dock and the cable length is okay. I was i am satisfied, so this is the kind of uh you will see. This is the charging dock with magnetic charging dock. So when you are going to put it here, it will automatically going to yes, the bonding is very strong, okay let’s, so you need to just plug in your usb charging adapter and there you go. You open this, and here is our charging point. You need to connect here and you can see the charging. The magnet is very strong, so this is very secure, it’s not going to remove very easily so you need to charge like this and now let’s talk about the watch, so this is our smart watch and so i’ll open this actually for your demonstration.

I just put everything: okay, guys now let’s talk about the smartwatch, so this is our smartwatch. Sound pits watch one. So this is the design, and this is the strap the stripe call. It is very hard. I don’t, like the strap, it’s very hard, it’s very thicker, and there is a you can there’s a strip. You can change this strap of this smartwatch you can buy from outside, and this is our sensor. This is a bpm sensor which will hurt rate. The heart rate monitor the heart rate, and here is a one one other sensor which will detect the spo2, and here is our charging points and guys, i think, i’m, very disappointed from the strap. What they have provided here, it’s a very hard and not very soft, and also the thickness, is very big. I will say – and second thing i will tell you – this is smartwatch only used five days and you can see this is going to scratch. The overall all paint is coming out so design wise and the build quality is not excellent. I will say because their their pricing is very high. 138 it’s, not a budget kind of a smartwatch. They are taking a good price, but the quality is not very good. I will rate this product in design and the build quality 6.5 out of 10., so design wise, it’s, not perfect. Their price is not justifying this product, so okay let’s check what we are getting inside.

So this is our display. It is. It is 1.4 inch tft display and it supports bluetooth version 5 and you can see. Also scratch is coming, so the the glass they have used is not a good quality. One it’s looking uh autophobic, but it’s a very cheap quality, one okay. So there is a button to get the access of what you what we have features in this smartwatch. So once you press this, you will get the time and everything you will get. That is stains. How much cover is step taken, heartbeat weather and battery percentage. So this is, you will going to get uh first time where you are going to inside your menu, so swiping down, find your phone brightness and do not disturb him sitting so brightness, so brightness, 70 percent – and here is the setting watch faces. So we have here one two, four: five smartwatches: they have provided and extra you can download from their application and what we are getting brightness and about power off and reset and nothing else here. Okay, so swiping left uh, breathing exercise, and here is our uh, your location, whether it will show here – and this is a stopwatch – this is your heart rate money sensor. You will get the idea how much your heart rate it is going to show here, and this is overall distance, how much cover calorie burn and nothing and you will come to the main menu.

So there is not much exercises, also it’s a kind of a budget oriented smartwatch, so you cannot complain too much. So here is a static, the overall your fitness goal and bpm and sports you can jog you do. You can do jogging fast, walking and biking. So this uh three exercise mode. They have, they hear a weather and sleep monitoring and notice notification message. So these all you will get, but you cannot reply music setting. You can control music from here and more and there is a setting so same thing when you are going to swipe down. You will get the same, so nothing special, its a very limited featured smartwatch because they have a very low price tag. So you cannot complain for normal user who’s who just want a message, get the notification from their phone and they don’t care about the build quality and spo2. So they can go for this watch. But if your sound pits you have used the sound pits, then you can go for it and when you are putting in your hand, i will show you how it will look. So this is smartwatch watchfit. I am personally using that, so this is going to look. I told you the build quality is not excellent, it’s not going easily, so we are going to put. It will look like this. The build quality i’m really very disappointed yeah. So it will look like this, but the overall design and look is okay.

You can see the look and design is okay, but the build quality is not excellent and also it’s below average. I will say so. Thank you guys for watching this. If you have any concern, you can ask me in the comment box.