So this is a a one third scale model of the sentinel 6 satellite. We are building two of these exact copies in real life. The first one is called is dedicated uh to michael frylick, so it’s, the sentinel 6 michael fry lake satellite. But this is a one third scale replica. So the the real satellite is is three times bigger, and this is uh set up in a deployed configuration where you can see the solar panels in their uh flight configuration how they will look in in real life once the satellites in orbit. This is based on a on a design uh from airbus, space and defense in in germany and uh it’s, a tried and true technology with regards to the spacecraft, so it’s highly reliable uh on sentinel six um. The the objective is to have continuity and have this mission go on for um at least five and a half years per satellite we’re expecting that to go longer, but that’s uh, roughly two years longer than how we designed it for the prior json series and with Two satellites so we’re expecting that with the two satellite project we’re going to be able to continue this measurement for a decade, Applause, so look it’s under there Music, so he must move so.