This is a health and fitness oriented smartwatch. We did something pretty similar with the amazefit t rex, which was the world’s most rugged smartwatch, also for fitness, so subconsciously we’re gon na be comparing this watch through. That one is this: the best health and fitness watch on the market watch to find out. Nasunto has been manufacturing, smart watches a fair bit and they do pretty well in the health and fitness side of things. This smartwatch, the nine peak, comes in at about 600 to 700 dollars, which is about 3 000 ringgit here in malaysia, that’s. Actually, a lot of money for a smartwatch. The amazefit, on the other hand, for example, is a fraction of that price. So is this really worth it before that let’s begin with the unboxing? Now the box itself has all the major specs on the exterior. Once you get into the box, you find the sunto 9 peak. The version that we got is the graphite blue, titanium version, which is the higher end more expensive version of it. You also get the magnetic charger included with the box that’s, pretty much everything you need from the box. Let’S start off with the design on this now i do personally really like how this is designed it’s, not as massive as the amazing trx was. That was meant to be a rugged smartwatch, while this is more of an everyday look that you can pull off while still being a fitness and really focused on the fitness side of things kind of smartwatch.

Now the bezels on this are quite thick on the display. That’S something to note, but overall the look to it is very sleek, looking very modern, looking starting off with the design quality out of the box, it’s 37 percent thinner and 36 percent lighter than the suunto nine barrel, like i said, there’s. Two versions of this one is gon na, be the titanium version, which is what we have and the other is gon na, be the steel version. The titanium version weighs in about 52 grams, while the steel version is slightly cheaper, but also weighs in a little bit more at 62 grams. The display houses a 1.2 inch basic lcd display. Nothing spectacular here like the samsung, huawei or apple watches, with their amulet oled displays. This is a very basic lcd display, that’s good enough to show you everything you need and even in bright light situations. It has that sensor to boost up the brightness, so you can actually see what you’re looking at while there are some differences on the exterior to the previous generation suntow watches majority of the interior is almost exactly the same. There are new watch faces to display weekly training matrices and help you create workout training plans, a feature that enhanced by the sunto app available on your smartphone. This is also capable of showing you specific sport heat maps and allow you to transfer routes to your watch. To use it in an offline mode, the watch straps, on the other hand, are made of silicon, which are pretty nice to feel on the hand, they’re not very disturbing, even when you’re going out on, runs or sweating a lot, which is what these are really made.

For now, let’s go over the features on this. This is the main reason to purchase the sunton9 peak. This watch is clearly aimed at the fitness enthusiasts and people who take it a lot more serious. Hence the heftier price point: you’ve got hardware monitoring, obviously as well as spo2 monitoring, which is most useful when you’re hiking up or trekking up higher mountains at higher altitudes. It helps you manage your oxygen level and let you know whether you’re running low on oxygen, if you’re really high up and what you should really do to maintain that. However, there isn’t really any continuous day and night monitoring for the spo2 it’s more when you activate it or when it recognizes that you’re at higher altitudes. Moving on from that one of the greatest things on this is the gps performance. This is where, even without going further in the video, i can tell you it absolutely blows away the amaze fit the gps accuracy on this is far more superior than i’ve, seen on most other smart watches, even comparing it to the apple watch or the huawei watch. 3 pro that we just tried out, you can see at each individual point on your run, for example, what your speed was, what your heart rate was what the pacing was. This is something you expect out of a pretty expensive fitness watch, and this is what this really does offer you. The accuracy was definitely the best out of any smart watch or band we’ve tried in the recent past now in terms of your workout modes.

It supports up to 80 workout modes, maybe even more, if you customize them, we’ve got the usual ones like running hiking, trekking boxing kickboxing. All that stuff is on there and as far as swimming is concerned, you can use this for swimming, even diving up to a hundred meters deep, i don’t know which average everyday user would do that, but you can take it up to 100 meters deep. So, in order to upgrade it to the latest, firmware just use the app on your phone and then sync it up to your watch and update from the watch itself. We did the same thing once we got the watch, we opened it up and updated it to get all the newest features, which is pretty great. So the highlight feature in the battery mode that stands out is the fact that you can get up to 170 hours of battery life in their tour mode, so there’s various modes that you can get on here, starting from the most accurate one for the gps, coordinates To the least accurate one with least amount of pings, which is the turbo mode, the modes that you get on here are performance, endurance, ultra and tour, so each of them slowly reduce various features up to tour, which is basically a bare bones. Watch at that point. Still with gps on so that’s a pretty cool touch, i guess you can still get gps it’s just going to be a little bit less accurate and it’s not going to ping as often really great for people who are going up in the mountains who don’t have A lot of internet or power support, but they want to get that accuracy or their gps coordinates out there.

All of these can be changed within the exercise mode itself. Before you get into an exercise, you can change all these settings right from there. What’S, more is that you can charge it up to a 100 battery life in just about an hour which is pretty good, and the speed is pretty nice now let’s move on to who this is really for, who should buy it and who shouldn’t? Now i don’t think it was very vague. I think i made it pretty obvious in this video if you’re someone who’s extremely enthusiastic about your workouts or your health needs, and you do a lot of athletic and fitness related stuff. This definitely is a consideration, but if you’re someone who is very casual who just works out every now and then you go for a run every weekend or something don’t buy this, it doesn’t make sense, it’s really pricey for the features that you will never even use. If you’re, a casual so out of all the smart watches, we’ve tried the accuracy on this is by far the best, especially when it comes to running. I try to run almost every day if it’s possible and definitely the comparison to the other watches it just blows. Those out of the park each individual step where i stepped was on this, and while i was using the watch, i could actually see the direction i was running in as well as where i stepped on before.

So you can see your breadcrumbs, they call it to see exactly where you’ve been create checkpoints. You can create navigational points, it’s, absolutely insane how much control you have over your runs or your tracks or whatever it may be. Apart from that tracks, your altitude and all that stuff, which a lot of other watches struggle to do and get right, this actually gets the accuracy a lot better than all those other watches. So if you’re someone who’s very serious about this very serious about trekking and hiking, and you do it very often, i would definitely recommend this. The amazepid is a great alternate if you don’t have the same amount of budget, for example, but yeah. It beats it in almost every way, except the ruggedness. I mean i haven’t really tried to break this watch, but the amis fit could handle those more. It looks more rugged, it’s a lot bigger and stuff. So this one is a more sleek version, but gives you a lot of specs a lot of data accuracy packed in to this tiny body so i’m very impressed with that all right to wrap it up if you’ve got a bigger budget and you’re willing to invest In something like this, that’ll be beneficial for you in the long run, it’s going to motivate you to do more, maybe go hiking trail running and all that stuff definitely get the sun tonight peak check it out. All the links are gon na be in the description.

Thank you guys for watching really hope you enjoyed this.