This one is the pink one: Music that’s, the pink Music it’s, good Music Applause, charger, Music, so Music, all right! You have to connect this first to your phone via bluetooth connection and you have to download this application from the google play store and once it’s connected to your phone. You can now use this, and from here here are the features that you can use once it’s connected to your phone Music Applause Music. So you can make calls here. You can dial a number. You can read messages from here. So if you are away from your phone or if you are somewhere outside, you can just connect this watch to your phone and then you’re good to go now. Let’S check the performance of this watch in terms of measuring blood pressure, pulse rate and blood oxygen level. If you are not subscribed yet to my channel, please click the subscribe button and hit the bell Music, Music Music. So even if it’s, not in my arm, it still gives me a measurement of the blood pressure and the pulse rate. This device cannot give you an accurate result in terms of measuring your blood pressure, your pulse rate and other things that it has to measure since we bought this at a low price. I can’t complain so for me. It isn’t, reliable in terms of measuring blood pressure. Pulse rate and blood oxygen level, but it’s pretty good in making remote calls in reading messages.

If you have a watch like this, and you have the same experience, please let me know in the comments. If you have time, please do check out my other videos on this channel.