We also did an unboxing on this already. Also with the t 55. The video of the 325 will be uploaded soon, so let’s get to the opening of this box. You just push your finger right here push and it just slide out like a jar very easy. It also has a safe packaging with a bubble plastic, on top just to avoid any pressure by shipping and handling, and it also has a screen protector and the watch faces as well just to avoid any scratches yes, so this one is a 2021 version. This one has a few different wear screen resolution and wallpapers or watch faces um are concerned. The watch band is thicker than the ordinary, so it has a few upgrades. I would call it that so it’s the same model, but sometimes the watches are made by different factories. So you might experience a slight difference by just wallpaper, but this is different. So how to identify this version is the micro on the outside is not in the center, where the crown button on the left, one is it’s at the end, as you can see now, let’s do a quick, unboxing now it’s time for all the features and photos As you can see, the startup animation is different, but still has the same. Sound now sit tight. While we go through this Music watch, Music, dancing, Music, well, Music, Music. You are Music, you are you. You are Music Music, so Music, Music, Music.

So oh Music you’ll come to watch me dance, Music, Music can music be played from this watch and how would it sound let’s find out Music, Music, Music Music whenever the video cuts? It means that a feature is now active or working like no i’m using my phone to record, while the watch is connected to my phone, so that’s the reason for that, but i have just the solution: please pay attention. Music, you are Music. Are you? You are Music, family, Music, Music, Music, Music, oh Music, me dance, Music, Music, baby Music, where you, if you need one of these watches, please check out our description for more info and also remember to like and subscribe to our channel and feel free to comment and Ask any questions. Thank Music.