e and in this video im going to have a look at the new tachoya connected caliber e4. That was just introduced a few days ago and i got the exclusive chance to review it as one of the first ones and yeah im. Looking forward to have a look at it and if youre interested in the previous generations, i reviewed all of the takoya connected smartwatches, you will find links down in the video description tag. Hoya introduced, two versions: 42 millimeter and 45 millimeter. I also had a look at the 42 millimeter version, which is great for everyone with a smaller wrist. So i think it will also be very interesting for women and a quick wrist watch check im wearing the turquoise connected caliber e3 from 2020, which is the predecessor of this watch. So in this video im also going to compare both watches and if youre into technology. Give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe my channel and hit the bell button, so you wont miss any of my upcoming videos and now lets check out the watch Music. Of course, we will start with an unboxing when you open the outer box. You will find a nice watch box that reminds me of the second generation takoya connected module 45 or caliber e2 and as a watch enthusiast, i really like nice watch boxes underneath theres also the manual and a microfiber cloth. When we open the watch box, the first we see is the connected caliber, e4 and also a qr code that will guide you to the tachoya website, with a first step guide for your new smartwatch.

When removing the cover, you will also find the accessories. The new charging pad the usb charger and the usbc cable lets check out the design. As i said before, there are two versions: we have the 42 millimeter version and we will start with that. One. The design is a bit different from the 45 millimeter version. It is more classy, more elegant and suitable for smaller wrists. It has a smaller case and also a smaller bezel covered with an slightly curved sapphire glass. The crown on three oclock is stainless steel, and there are also two pushers at two and four oclock. The 45 millimeter version is a bit different. It is more sporty, the sapphire glass is flat and it is surrounded by the ceramic bezel. The stainless steel crown is rubberized for a better grip and we also have two pushers at two and four oclock and the 45 millimeter version is also available within titanium case, which is black and now lets. Compare the caliber e3 that was introduced in 2020 with the new caliber e4. The caliber e3 was already a beautiful watch and thats why there are only subtle design updates. The crown of the e4 is a bit bigger, and i really like it – and it looks great – the pushers are also a bit sleeker. Also the rubber strap got in design update. It has a better ventilation, which will be, of course great for summer, and there are now markings for up and down which will help you, when you attach the bracelet and now lets check out the technical specifications.

The 42 millimeter version has a 1.28 inch oled and a resolution of 416 by 416 pixels and a pixel density of 326 ppi. The 45 millimeter version has a 1.’ inch oled with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels with the same pixel density of 326 ppi. Both watches are using the qualcomm snapdragon, wear 4100 plus quad core soc, with 1.7 gigahertz, and thanks to the new efficient soc, the 45 millimeter version will get 30 more battery life compared to its predecessor in just one and a half hours. The battery is charged again and the new charging pad looks pretty cool compared to the old one, but it is also less compact. As you can see, lets talk about connectivity. The watch offers you bluetooth, 5 and wi, fi 802.11, abgn, of course, theres. Also, gps and nfc theres, a heart rate sensor, an accelerometer compass, gyroscope and barometer. So everything that you need to track all your sport activities in all detail. The operating system is google wear os 2, but once available it will be also updated to google ware 3. and now lets talk about the different models, the prices and the availability. So the tahoe connected caliber e442 millimeter will be available with a steel case and we have the rubber strap and it will cost 1 800 us dollars. If you want the leather strap, you pay 1 900 us dollars and its also available with a steel bracelet, and that will cost you two thousand us dollars.

The turquoise connected caliber e4, with 45 millimeter will be available in a steel case and a black titanium case. It starts with 2050 us dollar for the steel case, with rubber strap 2 250 us dollars for the steel case and the steel bracelet and 2 500 us dollars for the titanium case. With the rubber strap starting march 10. The smartwatch will be available in the takoya boutiques, the takoya website and, of course, at the tachoya authorized dealers, and that was my review of the tachoya connected caliber e4. If you have any questions about the watch, just leave me a comment down in the comment section and i will try to answer it as soon as possible. The connected caliber e4 is a great update with a slightly nicer design and updated hardware. If you already own the connected caliber e3, you dont necessarily have to change because its still a great smart watch. But if you need the longer battery life – and you really want the new hardware that will be future proof for upcoming google wear versions. The connected caliber e4 will be the better watch for you. For me, the turquoise connected is still the most elegant smartwatch, with the best build quality out there, its already the fourth generation and, if youre interested in the previous generations, check out the video descriptions, because i added all the links to all of my tachoya connected videos. Because i reviewed all of them – and they will also be shown and linked at the end of this video, and if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe my channel and hit the bell button.

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