Garmin Fenix 7 In-Depth Review – The BEST GPS Multisport Watch Garmin Has Ever Made!

. It features an updated design, improved battery life, new heart rate, sensor, responsive touch, screen interface and multi band gps technology that aims to drastically improve gps accuracy during your activities and all this makes the garmin fenix 7 the best multi sport gps watch that garmin has ever Made oh welcome back. Everybody […]

SmartWatch Xiaomi Haylou Đáng Mua Nhất : Haylou RS4 Và Haylou RT2 LS10

I ng h: mi nht ca, halo, l, rs4, vo rt2, cng xem review no m nhc kiu ng gi, hp, ca, 2, lu, vn, vy, trong, mi, Smartwatch, ca, h, ti u c chi ph v, sn xut, em phn bit c thm v cc; phin bn ca, Hello th dng RS, cao tt, […]

pTron Force X11 Smartwatch Unboxing & Review – BEST BLUETOOTH CALLING SMARTWATCH 2022!!

. So finally, ptron has launched a smartwatch in the budget category and its the pTron Force X11., And in this video we will do the unboxing and will show you the performance.. So, starting with the unboxing in the front, we have the picture of the smartwatch, and here we have the model name: […]

Heart Rate Accuracy Test of NuBand HR63 Smartwatch Review | Watch Before you Buy!

So just recently ive done a review of the new band hr63, so weve performed an unboxing weve looked at the features and functions which are said on the box and what we really get now. On top of that, i really wanted to get into an accuracy test to show you that that particular […]

P37 MAX Smartwatch Unbox Review-Stainless Steel Case/1.85" Screen/NFC Function-Better X7 PRO MAX?

Firstly, we can check the box, and it also has the nfc function and the alipay location, sharing, voice, assistant, heart rate, detection and adjustment time, and the app is the wavefit pro and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and the silicon strap and inside there is the wireless charger […]

Haylou RT2 Vs Haylou RS4 Smartwatch Comparison | Best Smartwatch Competition 2022 | Review Plaza

5 out of 10 to the build quality quality 8 out of 10. 7.

Xiaomi Haylou RS3 Review: Smartwatch mit AMOLED Display & GPS für 50€ direkt von Hekka – Moschuss

Ich das richtig gut wir haben einen richtig, voll, funktionalen touchscreen, also an digital sind das gesamte display sieht doch verarbeitet dazu kommen wir auch gleich noch das ist wasserdicht bis 5 bar untersttzt sogar die erkennung von schwimmen, gesten was ziemlich, krass ist was ich auch nicht testen Konnte wir haben ein gps, modul […]

Haylou RT2 LS10. Aesthetic Design Smartwatch. Build Quality Solid, 20 Days Battery Life & IP68.

WReview.. Today I will review a smartwatch from Haylou. Haylou RT2. On the back of the box. It says some specs, such as waterproof, IP68 and others.. In the box. There is a smartwatch magnetic charger and user manual. Haylou Fun. The charger is a two pin model.. Then the battery capacity is 330mAh and […]


Setting di brightness setting ini, sampai 5 level, tingkat kecerahannya, untuk, diaudit, kita, Hai, disini, disini, kita, bisa, aktifkan ya, always on display nya dan information screen, dia hanya, ada, dua, pilihan, haud, saja, yang Analog dan digital yang pointer, ini, adalah, analog ya, untuk activation timnya kita lihat Di sini bisa kita aktifkan sepanjang […]

Xiaomi Imilab Smartwatch W12 Review

However, in terms of a smart watch itself, this has some decent function and overall, really good visual experience. It fits comfortably around your wrist with no pinching and nothing jutting out thats going to make you feel uncomfortable. The imilab logo is only visible on the clasp on the band itself and no other […]

Full Review Eggel Tempo 3 – Ini Apple Watch?!!

com Udah itu aja ada dalam boksnya, simple tudepoin, nggak macem macem bilkul ti dan desain sekilas kalau misalkan kita lihat desain dari, si egoku, MP3 ini, tuh, benar, benar, ngingetin, kita, sama brand Smartphones, ternama, atau watch car kalian, bisa, lihat, websitenya, itu bentuknya, kotak dan diameternya, itu ‘. Mm yang ngebuat Smartphone Ini, […]

i7 Pro Max Smartwatch Unboxing and Review

com, the premiere site for smartwatch packs news enemies. Okay. Finally, we have okay. We have been waiting for this first almost a week now we have the i7 pro max, a very new smartwatch, okay in the market and okay, it is using the high watch pro support app. I think, okay, so its […]