Now i have reviewed a number of smart watches on my channel and you get used to a certain pattern of build quality and features and accuracy, but every now and then a smartwatch comes along that changes, your opinion and sets a new standard and the tag chronos Too did that, but before we begin, if you do enjoy watching my videos and find these helpful, please smash that, like button subscribe to the channel, if you havent already and after watching this review, if you do decide to pick up the tag chronos 2 for yourself, Then my only request is that you use the link of this product, given in the description below to make your purchase. That way, you can help me run my channel and produce more such high quality and helpful content. Just for you guys in the future, all right. So with that said, lets begin now guys. There is one thing i always feel and maintain, and that is that the first impression that, as a user you get is from the unboxing experience and with the tag chronos 2, it got my attention from the get go. So the embossing experience is not your usual run of the mill experience where you just open any sort of package and the watch is just jammed inside. So i love the unboxing experience i loved how neatly things were packed and the thought put into the packaging. Now, inside the box, you get the user manual, some more paperwork, the magnetic charging, cable and, of course, the watch itself and the silicon strap now lets talk about the build quality of the tac chronos too, because this is something that really caught me off guard now.

At this price range, usually smart watches do make a compromise on their build quality. Youre used to plastic youre used to flimsy finishes and something that feels cheap. But with this watch it was not the case because from the moment you touch the watch, you get the cold feel of aluminium, so it feels very premium. It absolutely does not feel cheap, and this round dial with the stealthy black look its all over. I mean it just gives you a very, very premium feel now on the side of the dial. You have three buttons and, of course you can maneuver everything else using the touch screen itself now. The silicon strap that comes along is very easy to attach, and it also is of very good quality and feels very sturdy and whether you have a thick wrist or a slim one, its gon na fit you just fine, but apart from the super impressive, build quality That obviously has been pressed its the display that truly grabbed my attention. So this 1.32 inch round display is boasting a 386 ppi screen, and this is what tag calls a crystal hd screen and this pixel density of 386 makes it tack sharp and its vibrant, its not oled its an lcd screen. But nonetheless it is very, very sharp and vibrant, so whatever watch faces you throw at this, it looks amazing. Okay, so now lets talk features so the tag chronos 2 has an extensive list of features such as multiple watch faces 24 sports modes in app gps ip67.

Waterproof 24 7 heart rate monitoring temperature sensor, sleep tracking, real time, blood oxygen, monitor app and call notifications, menstrual cycle tracking up to seven days working time now to take full advantage of all these features and get the most accurate tracking. You have to download the tag plus app from the play, store or app store, depending on the device youre on once you get that input your data, that is, when its going to sync with your watch via bluetooth, and then it is going to give you the Most accurate feedback, its going to gather the data from your watch, and there is so much more that you can do using the tag plus app. You can change your watch faces and choose over a hundred watch faces that are already there and you can download even more. You can even set your own pictures from your gallery as a wallpaper on your watch. Now. As far as in app and call notifications go you get to choose from the tag plus app which apps get to notify you on your phone, so you dont want to be bombarded by every app with every notification. So you get to pick and choose the ones you want and for calls now you cannot take calls on this, but obviously its going to notify you and the function that you can do is you can reject the call from the watch itself. Now the same with notifications from apps, so basically you get a basic text based notification on the watch, so its good, because you can just see from where the notification is, and you can see the headline just at a glance now using the tag plus app.

You get to choose whether you want the watch to continuously monitor your body, temperature, your blood oxygen level and your heart rate. Now, personally, i disable 24 hour monitoring, because that way i get to extend the battery life of my watch and if i want to measure these functions, i can just tap the function on my watch and get an instant reading. So thats just me, but if you want you can leave it on 24 hours and its going to always give you a reading of these functions. Okay, so im sure some of you are worried as to how accurate these readings are or whether its a gimmick now because weve seen many videos where watches are taking readings of pencils and tables and inanimate objects. So that really breaks your trust, and you know that this is just a gimmicky feature. Trust me, ive tested the chronos too, and each time you go to take a measurement any measurement and the watch is not sitting on your wrist or is not on your body. It is not going to take a reading and the reading pauses immediately, so ive tried this a number of times and each time there was no reading, but as soon as i put it on my wrist, the reading was back. So in that sense, rest assured. The reading is only going to be of you and not some inanimate or non living object. Now, speaking of the accuracy of these readings, now you have to keep in mind that anything we measure is always an estimate now its the same with this, but i found that the heart rate and the blood oxygen level were fairly accurate because, with the blood oxygen Level i actually compared this to an oxymeter, and that was i mean literally identical, and maybe sometimes there was a difference of two or three percent but fairly accurate and as for the heart rate, i measured that with another watch that i have and they were fairly At the same level, a difference of maybe two or three heartbeats, but fairly the same so in terms of these two, it was fairly accurate.

Now, in terms of the blood pressure monitoring now, it is not really easy for a watch to measure your blood pressure so its not that easy. So i tried it and compared it with a conventional blood pressure, monitor that i have in my house, and i found that there was a bit of difference. So i would suggest, in terms of the blood pressure, if youre ever feeling that your pressure is low or high. If you get that sense, you should rely on an actual blood pressure, monitor and use this watch just as a reference, but dont take that as the best reading or the most accurate or reliable reading. So this is just for the blood pressure monitor for the rest, its a okay. Now because the watch itself doesnt have an in built gps, it depends on the gps of your phone so when they say in app gps, so basically the tag plus app is going to use the gps of your phone. So when you start a workout from the tag plus app say, youre going for a walk outside or a run, make sure to have the phone with you, because you will get the most accurate reading of the distance youve covered. Based on the data gathered by the gps on your phone and that way, youre gon na get that on your tag plus app and its gon na reflect on your watch as well. Now the watch offers 24 sports modes and you can select these from your watch or from the app and you can even set shortcuts to these in the app as well.

Now, personally, i am into traditional workouts using baits, so that weight lifting workout as a preset is not there, and i wish that was there and hopefully in the next version or maybe through a software update. They could add that, but at present that is not there. But apart from that, theyve got a host of sports mode that you can choose from and track your activity so guys when you consider the premium build quality. The high density tack sharp display a host of useful functions built into this watch. This watch is a steal for its price of 27.99 so guys that is my review of the tag. Chronos 2. It is a watch that i really enjoyed reviewing and if youre also planning to give this to someone who is into fitness or someone who is getting into fitness and wants to track their activities and get a reading on the health data. I think this is a very, very good and reasonable and affordable choice. So if you enjoyed this video, please smash the like button subscribe to the channel. If you havent already and like i said, if you do decide to buy this watch, please use the link of this product, given in the description below to make your purchase. It wont cost you anything extra, but you guys will be helping me on this channel and produce more such high quality and helpful content. Just for you guys, so thank you so much for stopping by and ill catch.