com we're, going to be doing a deeper technical analysis of android 10 smartwatches. Using this instrument, which will show heat, you see in fahrenheit, it's, jumping around with the different temperatures there's the hottest one by my finger, the coolest one in the lower left hand corner and at the very bottom, where it's saying 88.4 degrees, that's right. Where that little square is, we are going to bring over all of our watches that we played with in the last video and, of course, we've got reflections on these things too we're going to turn them on we're going to get them started, we're also going to Do kind of a battery test here, but mostly a thermal test under load. Are you ready? The thor 6 is sitting at 98 percent, the lem 12 98 we're at 98 percent there and we're a little sticky here, 97 okay it's been on a little bit longer. So we're roughly full with the watches, as we begin this test now here's what we're going to do to try to stress these watches with a heavy load. I tried this on this one, of course, because it's got that cool camera on it and um. It got pretty warm, so i figured well we'll. Try it on all of these guys what we're gon na do come here. You there's a reason it's floating in the box, because when we use the thermal camera and and check um the temperature profile on each of the watches, i don't want them to um, be like make contact with something else and change the temperature so getting a setup.

Real quick we're going to come into camera on each one of these, and this is the side facing camera here. It doesn't so much matter what the camera is going to be looking at. What matters is the fact that we're going to be shooting video using the stock camera on each of these watches and letting it run for as long as it'll go because a couple of things we want to know is: how long can you shoot a video with Uh each of these watches before oops before it stops camera and how hot will a watch get? Will it turn off? Will it make it? What will it do and then how much battery will it use too? Now this is going forward and all the other ones here are going sideways right. Okay, can you see all that good you won't have to put up with all of it? I'M. Just getting you all set up and it doesn't matter, if really close in time, we started recording there to hear the chirp got one going there hit the camera here. This remember is the android 7, which is why it looks different, and this is here and it's recording. Oh, i didn't hear a sound button. I may have had to have that muted, so we're at 20 seconds, while we're at six seconds here – i'm just gon na. Let these things run, i will tell you already this machine um shooting at 1080p is going to go for about 32 minutes in a few seconds.

So, in a half an hour, roughly i'll come back we'll check the watches we will see where they are in their overall temperature and uh. Take it from there. Where are they right now, here's the thor six? Now this is a little tricky you're gon na have to get the alignment on here. It'S meant to be far away. So every ah everything is gon na, be shifted down a little bit on this, but you can see that in the middle it's reading about 97 degrees down here it seems to be hotter. Yeah 100.5 100.4 it's saying where the square is, is 99.8, so let's call it roughly 100 in roughly the red area on that one wow we're already up to 109 Music 110 and rising on the lem12 pro i'm gon na. Just let this fall down there. A little there, okay and and now here's the um android 7 watch the original lem 12. it's coming in about a hundred and two and off camera. Here is our prime two and uh getting down here again: it's 98 degrees, so i'm, watching the one on the screen, because that's going to pick the hottest spot as opposed to this one, which is where the square is otherwise i'm going to move it off the Camera so we're going to be looking at that little one right there. The ambient is 84 degrees, so it's fairly warm in here already, but the hot is coming in yeah a hundred roughly a hundred, so there they go baseline at about two minutes into it and we will check back in with you um in about a half hour.

Well, as we uh approach the 30 minute mark i'm going to bring over this one talk a little bit more about this thermal imaging we're about 26 minutes into it. This is the real deal camera here. This is a black view, phone that has an array of cameras on it, including the infrared camera that can do really detailed um analysis, so what the heck 28 minutes, let's jump in and analyze what these watches look like. Let'S start with. First of all, with this one, because i know it's going to kick out at about 32 minutes and unfortunately yeah this is going to be a little tricky to do. We are watching this one that's jumping around it's about 118 degrees and i'm. Trying to put the square over different parts of the watch on the front looks pretty uniform at 119 degrees. Let'S flip it over without touching much of anything check the back for hot spots. Oh it's, picking up this watch over here 116, what about up higher 115 118, so it's coming in about 116 degrees in the back? You agree with me guys all right, let's move on to the second watch, leave him upside down. Now this is the original lem12 and i got to keep them all apart from each other 118 degrees as well. On this one 11718, i'm following uh, i guess i should be following the thermal image to get the actual reading right. 118.. Okay about the same, and we flip that one look at the back side of it: a little cooler, 114 okay, this was about 118.

Was it yeah that's about 115? Now, aha, this one has turned off that's, interesting completely. How hot is this puppy 124 degrees? I think it has thermally shut down that's the lem 12 pro 100 160 122 wow that's warm, and this one is at 30 minutes now, 30 minutes and 38 seconds it's saying on the front it's about 120 21 back side: 100. 1670. Okay, so all of these are doing fairly well, they're, all hot, but the one that really concerns me is the lem 12 pro 120. On the front side. It was up at 124 at one point and it is definitely off yeah, it's hot press and hold see if we can turn it back on again yeah, but it did literally turn itself off that's. The lympho lem12 pro is uh not handling excessive heat and the limitations of just doing a video that's, 31.37 that's, 31.24 that's 31.33, so they're all still recording, oh boy, okay, there's, a camera for you. Now. What i got to do on this one is hit. This thing and put a temperature thing on the front 100 120 here white – is the hottest. So i want to bring this over okay about 100 1920, the uh lem12 the original same, the 121 22 124 way down here this one popped off again: the lem12 pro overheated, oh, my gosh yeah, but it's only at 123, 124 we're. Getting that. Also on this one, but the uh lem12 pro cannot handle it.

Okay and uh. The thor six is still cooking, literally 125 and a half dang. These get warm back same thing in that one section: aha, this one went off and is rebooting itself now 122., so we've had another failure: that's the prime two at a lower overall temperature, 117 18. in the front we're getting around 120, our old android 7 still Doing good and it's getting hot got up to 125 or so that one's off that one's off. Oh, no, okay, this one's back up again there's the watch face on it. Whoa whoa, whoa whoa wait a minute. You saw what just happened: there's a reason we have that at the very end of the video be sure you watch to the end to find out why this watch just shut off this one's back up again there's the watch face on it and you see we Have an actual image coming through and we then get the watch overlay on the picture of the thermal part and they're closer aligned on this camera so i'm, not having that overlap that we had on the other one whole 30. Some odd minute, video we just recorded, did not get captured, but i could go back into camera here and we're back again and i could hit record again and it would be recording so uh let's go back to this one 36, some odd minutes into it. I am so sweaty it's over 90 degrees in here it's, not too hot on my arm just to let you know, and the ambient temperature is really hot.

So these watches should be super hot, even more so because it's uh it's hot here this one a little bit warmer than the thor six, but not appreciably uh warm, but warm enough! That i'm melting, my stickers, the um darn too bad this one won't stay on the 12 pro has had some time to cool down it's about the same temperature as all of these. None of them are so hot that you can't wear them yeah. This is the warmest of them all right now to my arm, because it's big surface area as well wow, wow wow, and these are still going so i'm gon na i'm, just gon na. Let the ones run as long as they're ready to run and we'll just kind of keep monitoring them. One more quick check on all of them way back over here in the corner. This guy is starting to cool down, but slowly that's, the now off lympho lem 12 pro, while the thor 6 is still moving on at 128 degrees. The original lem 12 125 get to that white zone 127 and we started a new recording and it's heating back up about 124., okay in a minute i'm going to show you uh how much power is left on these. I got ta turn this one back on. If it'll, oh, it is on it just turned off. Okay, sorry guys, i thought it had powered down, but it didn't so it's still on it's, just not recording, but we need it to be recording in order to put the same battery stress load on it.

So let's get back into the camera and record video and let it go all right. We'Ll be back all right about 10 minutes into when we just had the hiccup on these two. As you can see, they had to start over with their videos we're going to do a battery check, and we know that they all have basically been on, except for when they powered down and rebooted quickly, afterwards, so roughly the same load on all of them. Even though they overheated and shut down so let's check uh, where we are with the battery power to do that we're going to have to bail out of all of these, i got 49 minutes on here. Almost 50 minutes so well uh well into a long extended. Video, if you wanted, and in that one and this one we only have 10 minutes or so on it, this one saving. It takes it a little longer to save older watch older technology, and this one puts it over there and we're out of all of this. So coming back bringing it down, he says we're at 74 remaining on the prime 2., and this is going back into camera. There we go 64 on the original 12. wow 47 left on the brand new uh android 10 version of the lem 12 pro remember these two had to shut down and reboot again, so the older watch not too shabby, and what about this guy who's about to Time out on us the thor 6 64, so both of these the original lem12 and the thor 6 about the same battery usage under load and neither one of them failed on us.

But these two well obviously huge battery in here. So this has the highest uh power level 74, but this one yeah it's hard to tell what we've got and we're at 47 percent and it had to turn off and i don't have them set for staying on for very long, so um battery test coming up. Well, that basically that's it every one of these, except for that one uh, look in the show notes of the actual reviews of the videos in the very first comment at the very bottom i'm doing, battery tests of each of them and i'm putting the results there. So you can get a better idea of how long they're lasting under different loads we're not doing that in a whole video that'll be kind of a text document that you can get. The feel for battery test is in the comments section of the actual review of the thor 6, the lem 12 pro and the prime 2.. Well, i got an update for you before we close this out. I actually pulled this video. It was going to publish earlier, but i wasn't happy with what we saw with this thing, getting so hot it shut itself off and now we know why these watches, according to a thermal engineer, are actually designed to use the human body for dissipation of heat. So in my silly little test of taking this thing and setting it on a box in such a way that uh it wasn't touching anything, i constricted the heat to be within the cavity of the watch.

Now we don't see this with phones, but we do with watches the contact with the surface of the skin allows basically for the heat to dissipate from the watch. You see it's recorded eight minutes and 55 seconds. This is in the second set of 32 minutes. It'S, not all that hot on my arm and it's continuing to record without any problem at all, so the bottom line is if you're going to shoot video, strap it on your arm or your leg or your forehead or whatever else you want. Stick it on something that will dissipate the heat now we're done so, if you're, seeing little uh boxes in the corners click on those to get over to the reviews subscribe here, the thor 6, the lem 12 pro and the cospet uh prime 2 also guys be Sure you head over to we're, going to have links also in the show notes down below that. Uh will take you to individual blogs, for each of these watches or just go in the front door, set up an account and roam around there's. Many many more discussions about all kinds of issues related to these watches here at full android watch. Thanks for watching gang, we will see you again soon, we're getting technical. I love it.