I say this because this launched last year, 26 triple nine, but right now this is available at an insane price drum roll. This is available at rupees, eight triple nine Im not kidding enough suspense. This is actually the Samsung Galaxy watch 4 and this was Samsungs first smart watch with Googles wear OS and you know what this at 9000 Rupees is just a steam. Now I know there are other smart watches in this price range. Theres the OnePlus watch theres. The me watch revolve the amazing GTR 3, and all of these watches do compete well against the Galaxy watch 4. In terms of design and specs, I mean all of them: cost 10K. They all have amulet displays. They in fact have bigger batteries. Although the Galaxy watch 4 is the lightest among them, it has gorilla glass protection on the display and it has NFC. But but the point is, it looks like they all compete well right, wrong wrong. The biggest difference between the Galaxy watch 4 and all of the other watches in this price range is that the Galaxy watch 4 is actually a smart watch. I mean all the smart watches under 10 or 15 000 rupees come with their own custom Oasis. That are fine, but they are limited. Apps are limited to what you get on the Smartwatch theres no Play Store. No third party apps, no Google Assistant, no updates notifications, arent actionable so basically, its all very limited and thats, where, where OS comes in vros, is what makes a watch into a smart watch? Well, the rest of them are basically Fitness bands.

With the watch design I mean Vero is just brings way more functionality. You get notifications that are actionable, I mean you can reply to messages via these suggested replies or you can type on the watch or you can voice type. It has the play store. So you can install different fitness apps Maps, a music app, for example. You can install Google Maps on it and get directions on your watch. It has Google assistant, so you can say voice commands. Make calls yes watch for supports, calling and it even has a proper phone app with a dialer, so you can make calls directly from the watch unless this does get updated. Samsung promised up to four years of updates for the Samsung Galaxy watch 4. So, basically, you still have three more years of updates, which will bring in more features. Basically, my point is theres, so much functionality with wearables that you dont get with those custom non smart, oss plus the performance, is really good. The watch 4 has the exynos chipset. Without any of the exynos issues, 16 GB of storage and 1.5 GB be done, and I have used this watch in the past and Ive been trying out for the video and the performance is amazing. At this price, especially from where OS and performance are obviously big factors at 10K, but the Galaxy watch 4 is ahead of the competition in terms of Fitness tracking as well. Here are the comparison of the sensors in these watches, and you can see it in the watchful packs in additional sensors.

The bioactive sensor is basically an all in one sensor that lets you mount your heart rate as well as check your blood oxygen levels and even check blood pressure. The Bia sensor is also very impressive because it lets you measure body composition. These features are great but, more importantly, like I said, I have used this, and the fitness tracking is incredibly accurate. Its very good plus theres, also automatic workout detection, Google feed support and the Samsung Health app is really good see. All of these refined features make the Galaxy watch for really good at 9000 Rupees, but theres more. Even the design is really premium. Looking and its durable theres good water resistance. The display is beautiful, with support for auto brightness theres race to wake tap to wake theres. Always on display, so this is a really good package, but theres one compromise here when compared to other smart watches in this price range and thats battery life. Should the Galaxy watch 4s battery performance is, what do you expect from any other Galaxy watch or play an Apple Watch? Basically, starting the day, the watch would be 100 and at the end of the day it would be around 30. So basically it will last you for a day. So, ultimately you are getting a premium wear over Samsung Smartwatch at 9000 Rupees I mean I would have been happy with this, even if this cost like 15 000 or 60 000 rupees, so at 9k.

This is just insane value for money. If you ask me if youve been planning to buy a new smartwatch and your budget is say, 9000 Rupees or even seven thousand eight thousand rupees. I think you should just go for this. This is just kind of a rare deal, so just take advantage of it while the stocks last or the dealers. What do you think of the Galaxy watch? 4 at 9, 000 rupees. Also, do you think other manufacturers should make more affordable, Vero SmartWatches comment down below? Also give this video a thumbs up if you found this useful and share this with your friends who have been looking to buy a smart watch at 10, 000 rupees and they want a proper smart watch. Not a fitness watch so share this and subscribe. My channel for more amazing Tech videos give this video a like and hit that Bell icon.