. I wanted more features than what a fitness band gives you, but I didnt want to pay the premium that smart watches charged and the batteries of those only normally lasted a day or two which I didnt think was great.. So I settled on this. The Huawei Watch Fit that offered many of the features of more expensive smart watches such as the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but without the premium price tag. So did it live up to expectations and do I recommend buying it? Welcome to my Tech Gear Lets find out Before we go any further. If you do enjoy the video please dont forget to like and share it and also consider subscribing if youre not using the link down below, as it all helps me build this channel so that I can keep making videos like this for you. Thanks The design of The Huawei Watch Fit is very similar to the Apple Watch, but slimmer. Kind of think of it, like the Apple Watch on a diet, but that slim or stretch design actually means its far more comfortable to wear because it doesnt jut out as much as the square Watches that you see. The screen on the watch itself is a 1.64 inch AMOLED display giving an HD resolution in full color.. That means it is really easy to see in daylight, and the display itself looks really smooth.. The screen to body ratio here is also 70, which means its a very thin border between the screen and the edges of the watch.

. It is a really well designed good, looking watch., It is super lightweight at only 34 grams or actually 21 grams. If you dont include the strap., The strap itself comes in three different colors. When you buy it., You can get it in a black, pink or green.. The straps are also replaceable.. There is a little plastic clasp in the back of the watch, which you can unclip. Take the strap off and then go and buy plenty of the third party straps you can get off Amazon Aliexpress places like that.. Now most fitness, bands or smart watches have a variety of fitness modes, but on this watch, theres 96 Theres actually 11 pro modes. So your standard ones like running and swimming and cycling, and things like that are all covered, but theres, some slightly more obscure ones as well.. You can do badminton and tennis, and then it goes a little bit random after that. Theres laser tag and even belly dancing and Im not doing that one for this video Theres, even a private trainer mode on here too.. So there are 12 different animated, quick workouts that you can do from your phone. When you select those it has this little animated character on the screen. That shows you how to do the exercises, which is really really useful. So you dont have to watch a tutorial on your laptop. Everything is on your watch. Now I personally havent used these except for one of them and thats, because one of the features of this watch is that it will nudge you.

It will vibrate if you are inactive for too long.. Considering a lot of us are working from home at the moment and have been for the last year or so thats a super useful feature.. It tells you to do a re, energizer exercise, which is about three minutes of just getting the blood pumping again to allow you to refocus and get a bit more work done.. As with any smart watch, most of your fitness tracking stats are covered, here. Everyday. It will track the number of steps.. It will track the number of active hours and also the number of minutes and hours. You are spending in medium to high intensity work.. So from a health monitoring perspective, there is a lot that this watch is doing for you.. It will measure your stress levels.. It will tell you if youre too stressed. Im, not sure if it will tell you if youre under stressed. Anyway, it will tell you if you are too stressed and it will suggest workouts breathing exercises, rather that you should be doing to help lower that stress level.. It also tracks automatic SPO2., So it actually tracks your blood saturation level again. Some watches that are far more expensive than this only do that so its great to see that in this watch. It also has Tru Sleep, which is Huaweis version of continuous sleep monitoring.. During that mode, once youre asleep, it will track the amount of light sleep. Deep sleep, REM, sleep, the amount of times you wake during the night.

It records all that down and gives you a quality of your sleep which you can track over time. Now. For me, the most useful feature of this is the built in GPS., So Ive had fitness, trackers and smart watches before which have needed connected GPS. So you have to have your smartphone with you when you go out for a run. With built in GPS. You dont need that. So I can leave my phone at home literally walk out the house press a button to start tracking my run and just go. It is recording your average run rate. Your peak run rate your highest heart rate, your average heart rate. It is tracking everything and putting all in the mobile app when it comes back.. It is also waterproof to 5 ATM or 50 meters. Wear in a shower. Wear. It at the beach. Wear it in the pool.. You dont have to worry about it if it gets wet because its going to be okay.. So as with any other smartwatch, it will also integrate with your phone.. It will get notifications for calls and messages and SMS and chats and all that kind of thing, but you can also configure what apps you want to notify. The watch from your phone. Thats really useful, because I dont want every notification from my phone going to my watch because thats going to be super distracting.. So typically, I will go into the app and just turn on the bare essentials.

. So I might turn on SMS calls Gmail that kind of thing and leave the notifications from the other 50 apps off the table.. This allows the watch to be focused on just the important things you really want to be notified. About.. You can use the watch as a remote shutter for your phone if youre trying to take a picture, but that will only work with Huawei phones.. You can also use the watch to control your music from your phone as well, but thats also Android only. Thats, not Huaweis fault, thats Apples.. It has a timer and a stopwatch as well.. I actually found that really useful when I was refereeing my sons, football games, because I could just use the timer on the watch.. You didnt have to worry about carrying anything else. Again its all about having one thing on your wrist and not really having to carry anything else with you.. The Huawei mobile app is where you are syncing all of your fitness stats from your watch to your phone.. It shows the stats and the number of steps, the number of active minutes, your exercise routes, your heart rate, your peak, your average, your stress levels, your sleep, your SPO2 levels.. There is a lot that this app is actually monitoring and you can see it really easily. In the app., The one downer, though, is that it is a closed ecosystem. So there are no third party apps here.. It is basically everything you get with the phone and the app and the watch and nothing else.

. So if you are heavily into Strava and other third party apps like that, then this really isnt going to be the watch for you.. However, there is so much functionality built into the mobile app and the watch by default. I dont really think theres much need to go outside of that ecosystem unless youre already invested in those other third party platforms., You can still use the watch to operate music like Spotify apps.. So if you are playing Spotify or playing music on your Spotify app from your phone, you can still use this to control. Play pause next, previous. That kind of thing. A smart watch wouldnt be a smart watch. If you couldnt customize the watch face., You can do all this through the mobile app itself and there are hundreds and hundreds of watch faces to choose from., So youre never going to be short of a different watch face for probably every day of the year.. Some are classic., Some are animated.. Some will actually show your stats., You can choose which stats you show on the screen as well, so you can really individualize this to make it look exactly how you want it to.. So, with all of these features, youd think battery life of this would actually be pretty poor, but actually its pretty good. You get 10 days of battery life with this.. Now that is based on you wearing it 24 hours a day with heart rate, monitoring enabled also with the Tru Sleep, enabled 30 minutes of workout, with GPS, enabled and message notifications for SMS and calls, and things like that, enabled as well and turning the screen on 200 times a day and you still get 10 hours of battery life.

. So if you turn some of those features off, you can certainly get more battery life than just those 10 days.. If you start using some of the more battery intensive features of the app like built in GPS, which is normally a battery killer, it does burn through the battery, but not as much as you think.. So if I go out for a walk for say an hour, I will notice the battery go down by about 7., So even an hour of exercise a day and other things, youre still going to get well over a week of use from a single charge. And Charge to full it will in about an hour and a half, but there is also quick charge. Here. Five minutes of charging will give you all day battery life.. Now that is super useful, because if you wake up in the morning – and you realize your phones about to die out of battery, then you can plug it in and by the time you come out of the shower. Youve got a full day of power. There ready to go., So should you buy it Here? You are looking at a smartwatch that only costs about 120 and around 100.. Now there are some compromises to get to that price point though.. It is an all plastic design, but I dont think thats a bad thing because it does make it really light and, as I said, Ive had this for a year and it looks as good now as it did when I bought it.

. For me, though, its been a great buy. Having a smartwatch that offers fitness tracking built in GPS class leading battery life of at least 10 days has been a real game changer for me. At the price it is and the features it offers. I would easily recommend buying this. .I will place some purchase links in the description down below for you. Thanks for watching.. If you have enjoyed the video, please dont forget to like and share it. Consider subscribing if youre not.