. This one is a beast overwatch. This one has a huge display, a very stylish design, outstanding built in gps and probably more features that you can probably think of. So, as expected of the newest generation of the phoenix series with goddess watch, so in todays video, i will share with you my experience when it comes to this little watch. Alright lets start with the most obvious, which is the design now, depending on which version you get of the garmin fenix 7. You have slightly different specs, since there are three different versions of it. Now. First of all, you have this one right here. You have a slightly smaller one with 42 millimeters, which is the garmin phoenix 7s and the biggest one of all of them, which is the garmin 7x solar, which has a case of 51 millimeters. You can also get each of these versions in the standard version. In a solar version or in the sapphire solar version, which ranges between 700 and all the way up to 200 euros, but just for that video lets stick to this one. I have right here the 47 millimeter standard version. As you can see, we have five different buttons on this watch. Top right takes you straight to your workout bottom right takes you back to the previous page, top left to turn on the background lights and the last r4 navigation. So you can scroll up and down with them just by long pressing, the middle button, it will take you to your menu.

The final thing right here is that you can actually choose between two different controls, so you can either do all of your stuff with swiping, left or right on the screen, or you can actually turn off the touchscreen and only navigate with the five physical buses. You have on the watch, which is great for whenever youre doing some water sports winter sports or you have gloves or something like that. Overall, you can expect to get a pretty heavy sport watch that weighs in at 79 grams with the strap. You have. A 1.3 inch touch display with a resolution of 260 by 260 pixel according to rider glass dx and a standard 22 millimeter strap. Now, with this watch, you can go to all places even deep down on the water, since this one is water resistant up to 10 atm, so swimming and diving shouldnt be a problem. Also, since you have 16 gigabytes of internal storage, you can download all kinds of fresh apps if its something like watch faces, sport, apps or even spotify, so like on the fossil apple or samsung smartwatches. You are able to download music right to this watch, even though you need to have a spotify premier account to do so. But after that you can download music tracks, playlists and podcasts with just one single tab, and now all thats left to do is to plug. In your earbuds and turn up the volume alright lets head over to the battery life, and i think this watch has the best battery life out of all the smart and sport watches.

If we exclude the solar watches, since they basically never run out of battery life. Overall, you can expect to get like 18 days, which seems about right to me. If i have all my features turned on, i get like 16, which is still very good overall im, already happy to get like two to three days out of my smart watches. While we watches tend to do a little bit better with up to 10 days but 18 days are just crazy good now that always depends on your usage. So if youre doing a whole bunch of workouts with the gps turn on or if you listen to your music all the time, your battery life will be shorter. Of course, now im trying to keep this video as short as possible and im not covering every little sport feature, but with this watch you have basically every sportboard covered out there if its skiing swimming running sighting or whatever you have specific surf functions, a pace pro To keep the right pace suggest the workouts, the recovery timer wherever turn prediction time and different gps maps such as a golf map, ski view, map and different multi satellite maps that uses more than just two satellite systems at once. So talking about gps, this watch has probably been the best gps tracking of all of the watches that i have tested throughout my whole youtube testing time. That was never a watch. That was that good in the gps tracking as the phoenix 7, not even my beloved garmin minion 2, even though that one is great as well now back to the sport modes, each of these pokemons are customizable, so you can create your own data screen or within The settings, so you can change between different layouts, you can choose how many metrics should be displayed and what metrics you want to see and that works even for every single of your workouts.

You also have safety features like the incident detection, for whenever you get hurt on one of your hiking tools and you need help and you have alerts. For example, if you hit a certain pace, distance or time or heart rate, as for the health features, the phoenix 7 tracks, basically everything starting with your heart rate, 24 7. And it even tells you, whenever you are having a very high or very low heart rate on default. This watch tracks your blood oxygen level only during the night, and if you are willing to spend a little bit more of your battery life, you can even set it to track your spo2 level. The whole time, just like your respiration rate, stress level and skin temperature. Just like all of the other garment devices, you also get to know your body battery and rather good sleep tracking. Now, on the watch itself, you already see a lot of metrics like when you fall asleep and wake up deep and light sleep as well as your ramp in the wait time and a small analysis of your sleep, if you check out the sleeping stats in the App, we additionally see our respiration rate, sp2 level and movements during the night in a nice little graph. Alright, lets get over to your notifications and youre a little bit limited when it comes to that now. Dont get me wrong. You get just about every notification that you would normally get on your smartphone as well, and you can even quickly reply to them, but you cannot type your own message or use a speak to dictate feature like we get on other smart watches by the way.

In the garmin connect app, you can even customize these quick responses to fit your type. Now when it comes to watch faces, i think we are well equipped now. You can always download some more from the garmin connect store, but just by default we already have a big variation of different watch face styles, starting from simple ones, with just basic metrics. All the way up to some watch faces that are packed with metrics and all of them are actually customizable too. So, depending on the watch faces youre on you can change the background, accent, color change, the metrics that are displayed or the layout in which they are presented its all up to you now guys. I was wondering if i should do something in a series in which ill show you some detailed analysis of my smart watches when i do some running workouts and show you my heart rate. If i compare it to my garmin chest, strap and ill show you some of my gps maps to see how accurate these watches actually are in different areas like in my park, in the forest or in the city.