This is the fly five version, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell Notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So on my previous videos, i’ve done all the v wall fly series smart, watches, whether it be the v wall fly 2. The v wall fly 3. The v wall fly four, and now we have the v wall fly five. The latest edition pretty much the same or even similar, uh box. As the previous ones. Uh, you have uh. The information at the back, smartwatch band will include smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas: smart, which is not medical device, battery life charge cycles and display may vary by use and the settings smartwatch may need to be serviced. Uh or replaced by authorized service provider they’ve actually spelled provider right this time, instead of missing out the got a couple of trademarks, but we all know this is made in china. So we’ve got a picture of the smartwatch here. I’Ve been told, there’s a couple of features that have changed but we’re going to see what has changed in this uh in this video, and is it worth buying or sticking with the previous one, the reward flight 4.

so let’s get straight into it. Taking that out of the box, as you can see, you’ve got a smart watch and that turning it over you’ve got. The smart watch itself with a watch band here is where you can actually put. If you didn’t know how to put the watch button on, you can put the watch buttons on it. Just shows you you’ve got one silicone watch band and one black um strap as well. As you can see right here, hey that’s, a bit different. This is actually broke off check that out. You would know that this is a clone. You don’t get quality product, so that is the watch band let’s see what else we get inside the box before we take a look at the smartwatch. This is wireless charging as well, so it doesn’t come with a wireless charging pad it. Doesn’T have no pins, so that’s, really cool and the last but not least, is the manual so let’s just quickly check the manuals out. Show you what they’re, like you, have a booklet that gives you well it’s a pull out booklet and it just shows you how to use the watch. That is a qr code to download the app and it says there it’s the fit fly app. So we’ll show i’ll show you later in the video what kind of features we can do when it’s connected to the uh to the app. So that is what we get inside the box now let’s take a look at the reward, fly five smartwatch.

So here it is here, is the v wall fly five, a better version of the v wall fly, for. There is a few changes that we have in this fly, five, such as the battery. Now it has a 450 mah battery capacity, which will actually give you a better battery life they’ve, also added dynamic dials, which is astronauts much different compared to the previous fly, fall they’ve also added a different user interface menu, which is a five pointed start, which i’ll Get to later in the video also added a split screen and also a password lock onto this fly five as well, and as i showed you earlier, they’ve also added one extra nylon strap, which is a little bit better. The more you get with the money, the better it is, and also it has had an update on the encoder button, which is this crown right here, which is a much smoother compared to the previous v. Wall, fly five and last but not least, is the speaker. It has a dual speaker which gives you a better sound compared to the previous version of the fly four, so they are. The changes on this v wall fly five um the design is pretty much the same as the original and the previous uh. We for, as you can see, we’ve got the crown here: micro, towel and the power button. All these actually work. Take a look at the back. The sensors are the previous generation ones.

They don’t the uh series, six version, you do get text around it and you don’t get the push up buttons to take off the watch button. You just slide them in and slide them out, as you can tell so like i said it does have two speakers which gives you a better sound quality and other than that everything exactly the same. You can actually push the button on and that will switch on the v155 you’ve got the world animation right there, and here it is here, is one of the new watch faces on this v. Wall fly five, but before we get started in what feature they have let’s see how much watch faces we got and take a look at the different watch faces so one two, three four: five: six: seven: eight 9, 10, 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 34 watch faces and, as you saw, there were some really cool new ones as well, which i’m gon na check out later in the video, so let’s get straight into it. Let’S swipe it down, you’ve got the shortcut button right here. Top left is the blue tools. The top right is to change your menu interface and, as you can see here, you’ve got a five pointed style menu. So let’s see what that is like wow check that out, that is, a new watch, user interface menu well menu interface, um, never seen on a clone or even an original smart watch.

So if this is the first on the viewable fly file, it’s different. So when you use the crown button, the ecg and all the apps rotate in a circle, as you can see, the ecg is going around. If you want to um swipe across it will change all the apps and, as you can see right here it just it goes into a circle. When you turn the crown and again it just changes the apps, but you can still use any of these apps. Even the middle one as well so we’re going to change it back to that is a really new new new and cool features. So you’ve got three watch menu interfaces. You’Ve got the smart one uh, which we have right here and it just zooms in and zooms out, like the original and you’ve also got the list view, which is my favorite, which we’ll get into when we see the other features. So you got the alarm button right there. You got the torch, which doesn’t do any difference. You’Ve got three power saving modes as you can see, and you can change the clock to 24 hour or 12 hour, which is up to you. So at the top, you’ve got your phone, which actually indicates if it’s connected to the phone or not and you’ve got your battery percentage on the top as a right hand, side. So swiping it to the right. We and that will actually bring up the split screen, which is the first on the v wall, fly smart watches, so that is really cool feature time and you can actually swipe it back.

Swiping it up will bring out your notifications, pushing the crown will bring bring it back to the home screen and swiping it to the left will bring out your menu options, so it’s pretty much identical when it comes into the menus. The heart rate, if you want to know if that actually works or not, definitely not. You still got the flashing christmas lights all around. As you can see and um it doesn’t actually give you a accurate reading. It says please hold still, but even if you just move it about, it will still give you a reading even on the other apps as well the ecg the blood pressure, whatever health apps. It actually gives you it wouldn’t, actually give you an accurate reading. So there’s no point in showing you all of them. Pedometer will actually show you the steps you take, the sleep, uh dialer. You have to connect it to your uh phone. First, the call log phone book messaging connected phone, remote, notifier there’s, another new feature that’s on this as well uh it’s, a i don’t know if this was a new feature, so you got the voice recorder as well hello and make sure you subscribe to all sorts Let’S see what the speaker is like a little bit better as i’ve used the v154 previous to this so yeah, the speaker is a little bit. I don’t know if you catch that on the the camera or not they obviously listening to it uh when you’ve got the watch in front here is a little bit better, so siri you can actually connect it to your phone.

You can change the clock as well time format, whatever you like, whether you’ll have to connect it to your phone bluetooth, music same music, same again, connect it to your phone. Remote capture connect your phone and you can press that button and it will take a picture alarm. You can tap to add a new alarm. Smart start watch, color calculator, um hand massager as well, so this just vibrates in a one second intervals, and even you can go into into it and it will just still vibrate until you take it off a fine device once you’ve connected it to your phone. It will just vibrate i’ll show you later. This is another new thing as well gps, once you’ve actually connected it to your phone, it will uh get your gps coordinates and give you uh your gps. Adrenals on the smartwatch. I’Ve tried it so it’s not going to give you my own gps coordinates because you know where i am so qr code that is to download the app fly uh. So they are this uh menu. So let’s go into settings so bluetooth you can change well. That was the language. You got your bluetooth settings, bluetooth, connections, language! You can change your language to whatever you want displayed. You’Ve got a 60 second timeout, brightness and main menu style, uh sound. You can change your ringtones and your sounds volume as well. It does have the wake up gesture, as you can see right there.

So let’s go into motion. You’Ve got your wake up gesture that does actually work main menu style. You’Ve got a smart style list or pentagon, whichever you like, so others, totally early it’s got three well: two power saving, mods general power saving and super power; saving, no idea, if that actually works or not it’s, just a show security. Second, this is what i mean. The passcode will be in your manuals and the phone is locked. You can actually switch it on input form password. I have no idea what it is. I didn’t check the manual, but that is the wrong password, so you can actually have a password on there. The password the passcode, it will be in the uh manual, so you can get it from there. So that’s another good feature to have reset button and about and as you can see, that’s the information you get so overall uh. There are a few new changes to this v. Wall fly five i’m liking. It all the features you can get on the previous smart watches. What i’ve done previously are on this one except games. If there was games on the smartwatch, this would be the perfect smartwatch to buy, as it has every feature that uh any other smartwatch could have. So what i’m going to do now is download the fitfly app and let’s see what other features we can do on the smartwatch when it’s connected to the app all right, we have the fit fly up already downloaded so let’s make sure my bluetooth is on uh.

Okay on amazing, so yeah bluetooth is on but it’s bluetooth on on the phone. So there we have it. You got a little animation and it comes on right there. So the device um let’s, hopefully we’ll – get the smart watch right there that’s the only one coming up and, as you can see it says connected, so would you like to pair device? Yes let’s pair? It allow notifications and there we have it 77 battery uh capacity left now with the face. You always got to go into settings and connect it twice, as that will allow you to make phone calls and receive text messages notifications. So there we have it it’s there and, as you can see, it’s connected twice so going back into the app let’s see what else we can do pretty basic to be honest, raise bright that just raises to awake the smart watch. You can change the language alarm. Clock reminders, sleep settings goals. What faces? Can you actually put a custom one? Yes, you can let’s see what default smart watches. They have start to push the selected one. So yeah we’ll go into there. So it’s loading waiting. Please wait for a while. Actually that will just put it straight onto the watch it’s just about done, and it will bring it straight on to your uh smartwatch this. You can actually add a picture as you like, just go into your um photo gallery and download the picture so find device it just vibrates and we found the device.

So you can’t actually do a lot when it comes to the fit flight app, but still the work, smart. What you can do a lot on the smartwatch itself, so what i’ll do now is let’s, go into my phone and make a phone call to see what notification we actually get when it comes to phone calls and text messages, and also um notifications from social media. As well so as you can see here, the number has come up, not the name so that there we go let’s, take it off now. What we’ll do now is send a text message so that there we have a missed call and it just says all source has tried code, all sorts coding. So uh let’s send a text message and, as you can see here, it says from all sorts and it says, subscribe to all sorts, but you can’t actually reply back so it’s, just notifications, now let’s go into what’s up and let’s. Do the same let’s see if we can send a message, so let’s go back right right there, so let’s say hi and i’ve actually sent a message and it says from all sorts message, so it does actually still say sms, but it is from whatsapp. I sent that message from whatsapp, so there we have it. Ladies and gentlemen, that was the reward fly five uh. If you want to see any other videos with this smartwatch. Do let me know in the video in the comments, video comments, but overall uh.

This is definitely an upgrade a better upgrade than the v wall fly for, in my opinion, if you wanted to buy a v wall fly smart watch. This view of fly life is ideal, as it has a lot of good features. I purchased it from aliexpress, so you can actually get it from there uh yeah so, like i said, if you want to see any other videos do.