So today we will talk about the agp tech smartwatch with the model number lw11, and this one is the most sport smartwatch on amazon right now and i’ve been wondering why everyone is buying this smartwatch and what makes it so special. So today we will take a look at all of the specs see what features this watch has to offer and if it’s worth buying, in my opinion, so i’ve been wearing the smartwatch for the last couple of days day and night, and here is my full dev Review, oh before i forget, please click the like button below and turn on the notification bell. That helps me a lot in the youtube algorithm also subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t done that yet and now let’s start so the first thing we’re going to take a look at are the features. Overall, we get eight different spoke modes which isn’t too bad for budget smartwatch, so we have walking running hiking, cycling, swimming basketball, elliptical and yoga. So, unlike with other, cheaper smart watches, this watch has the most common sport most covered. Now. As for the accuracy, this watch is ok ish in all aspects. Now for the heartbeat, as i was comparing it to my chest band, it was only off by a few beats on 1000 steps that i took and counted. It was only off by 10 steps, sometimes, and sometimes it was off by 10 in either direction, meaning that sometimes it was counting, not enough steps, and sometimes it was currently too many steps, but i guess i can work with that.

Also, this watch tracks your heartbeat, workout time burn calories, distance which, by the way, was on point steps per minute and your heart rate zones now let’s get to the next tracker. The sleep tracker and this one is very basic. It tracks you deep and light sleep phase as well as your time away. You see your duration of your slumber and when you wake up and went to bed and as i was comparing it to the oneplus watch, the agp tag almost shows me. The exact same stats, so this one is pretty accurate and by the way all of these stats are being tracked in the app. So you can look at them anytime. You want to, and even the stats from last week or last month, but you do not only get a heartbeat tracker and a sleep tracker, but you also get a blood pressure measurement and an spo2 tracker. So as i was comparing it to one plus watch, the spo2 tracker works alright and unfortunately i don’t have a way to test the blood measurement or see if it’s, correct or not, but i guess it’s worth mentioning. Besides that, you get a cycle tracking, a stopwatch and a timer, a weather widget, which only shows you how the weather situation is right now, and you have a music player with this one. You can skip the track and go back a track playing parts and adjust the volume. As for last, we receive all kinds of notifications on this one, not only notifications, but we also receive cards on this one.

I mean we cannot answer them, but at least we get to see when someone is calling and now let’s take a look at the watch itself navigating on it seems a little bit laggy since there’s, always a slight delay when you’re scrolling up or down or if You want to swipe to the next tile if you swipe down you get to your quick panel on which you have quick access to your settings, screen brightness, dnd mode and the final phone feature. Now that we talked all about the features, let’s take a look at the specs, so this watch has around 1.3 inch full color touch display. It is ip68 waterproof and is compatible with ios, 11 above or android 8 and above now the package insert says that this watch will last for 7 to 12 days on normal usage or 30 days. If you have it in standby mode, which would be insane. So i did a little bit of testing myself, so i’ve been wearing this watch for 48 hours straight i’ve been doing two workouts one one hour: bike tour and one 30 minute walk, and after two days i was left with like 80 battery life. So this is pretty pretty good, yeah folks that’s pretty much all there is to say about this watch. So what do i think about it and for 40 euros smartwatch? The atp tag offers quite a few features with decent accuracy. The design of the watch is very basic and the tpu strap doesn’t look too bad either you have a quick release, feature for the strap and a shake to take a photo feature.

Now, as i got this watch, it was not that easy to put together, i mean you have this little metal pins that you stick inside the strap to connect it to the watch and that little pin was a little bit too short that’s. Why the the strap wasn’t connected to the watch – and that was a little bit of a problem, but fortunately agp technology watches. So they have two little extra pins which a little bit longer in a separate bag. So that problem was solved. But besides that little problem and the fact that it does not count the steps very accurate, you get a pretty good watch for 40 euros. I mean i have tested so many watches by now, which cost way more and are not even half as good. So folks, that’s already it for the video, if you like it, don’t forget to leave a like, it only takes two clicks is for free and it will help me out a lot.