I realized there were some things he couldn’t keep up with anymore as time went on, and just when i decided to do something about this well, this happened: Music, what’s, going on guys. Everybody here and oremo has been teasing an all new smartwatch, like an improved and more streamlined version of their previous temple, smartwatch series that has been around for a bit now it’s. Finally, here and they’re calling it the arimo watch and, to my surprise, they were really kind enough to send the unit over for a review, and, like i mentioned earlier, i already had the intention of changing my previous smartwatch, so it was something i was really looking Forward to testing out i’ve been using this as my daily watch for the past seven days and in this video we’re going to be taking a look at the device to see what it has to offer and, of course, what makes it special and hopefully help you Decide in getting your next smartwatch and also like my mentor, would say what i felt could have been better. In my opinion, the unboxing experience is still about theme, just like the packaging and the aroma of reports too, but we do have to appreciate how well presented the box looks with 14 highlighter features on the front, specifically that all new 1.69 inch ips cuff screen, which Is one of the main highlights of the device and the box is also textured in some areas? Second of the upper sleeve was straight into the smartwatch itself in a very nice little compartment at the side of the box, with once again one major highlight of the device written on there as well lifting that up.

We also get a nicely themed, tiny envelope that houses the welcome guy, which literally no one raised these days and another envelope that houses the usb charging cable, which is sort of like a magnetic connector that snaps to the back of the device. Taking a look at the watch itself, i noticed the weird prism like texture on the strap here. That does look pretty cool. To be honest, it is detachable, but i couldn’t find any extra straps for sale on their website, but hopefully that will come in later i’m. Taking the rubber off the screen now we understand why rymo has been all about that craft screen. I mean look at that. Turning the device on you’re into the watch dashboard in a second and from here, you can navigate all around the world even without pairing it with your smartphone. But of course you have to pay to be able to access some features and maximize the efficiency of this oramo smartwatch, a pairing up with the app took about two minutes downloading and synchronizing. The new watch face takes about 30 seconds to a minute and you also have an option to set the custom one by selecting the picture from your gallery and changing the color of the text. And here there are a lot of those and you even get some new ones added to the store daily. The screen is a 1.69 inch tft cuff screen, like i mentioned earlier, which is approximately 43 millimeters.

The watch itself has a notification panel. You can access by swiping from the top to the bottom, and here you can even increase and decrease the brightness from the watch itself and as well as find your phone. If you need to now getting through the menu and features, is not the most fluid or seamless out there, but it gets the job done. It. Doesn’T have an always on display because it’s not an amoled screen and that would have a critical stake on the battery performance of the device and speaking of battery performance aroma claims. The watch can go 15 days without needing to charge right off a full charge. I use this device on the second to the last brightness for the most part, while you know viewing messages controlling music, getting addicted to the various home screens, changing that about, i think, twice a day for some reason and from full charge. It took me exactly a week before it died on me eventually, so i guess, if you’re an average user, this should actually take you about two weeks without needing to charge right off a full charge. Now this is the smartwatch. So, along with the aesthetics, you do get the standard, smartwatch features and some other things with four of these being the most used for the average person number one is the heart rate monitor feature now. This is like number one thing that has to be in a smartwatch and if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a feature where the watch is able to measure your heartbeat per minute.

So i went a little deep to see exactly how this works and basically the sensor is just beaming leds on your skin and the led is green in color, because that’s what’s best absorbed by our red blood, allowing us to measure blood flow and hence your heart, Beats and on the aroma watch, it does pretty well, although you might have to adjust the watch to still really frame on your hand, to get more accurate results. In addition to that, it was actually vibrate when your heart rate goes beyond normal. The second feature i used a lot was the music control feature. Now this was one of those features i was looking for when i said my older watch couldn’t keep up it’s under the watch menu, and here you can skip between tracks as well as start playing, and it works perfectly well, although for some reason i can’t see The songs i’m listening to from the watch and for a second i thought it was an iphone issue, so i tried it on an android and it was the same thing so that’s. Something to take note of next feature. I found very interesting. I used was the 13 training modes feature basically spots or workout modes to help you keep track of your sessions and make workouts more efficient, while going through this, i saw it had a swimming mode, and i recorded seeing an ip68 water resistant tag on the box. As well, so i did what any other saying and curious person would do and went swimming for the first time in a very very long time.

I started out at the shadow region of the pool, which was about three feet deep and i didn’t experience any issues at all. I then pushed a bit further by going into the deeper end that was about six feet and i was in the pool for an average of two hours, and i didn’t have any issues at all. So using this under the rain or for swimming won’t be a problem overall. This is literally perfect for the price attached to this, and rumble is really giving you what you paid for, because for a price tag of about 25 000 era, you really can’t beat that. So, who exactly? Is this for? Well, if you’re looking to get your first entry level smartwatch on your budget, this is for you for that price. You’Ll be getting a 43 millimeter cross screen ip68 water resistance, dead, simplest training, modes, multiple and customizable watch faces, and some other very interesting features, and as for me, this was definitely the upgrade. I was looking for thanks for watching and i’ll catch.