So this is the only dg omega smartwatch let’s go ahead and unbox this. As you can see, there it’s actually a really nice design, uh we’re, just gon na test this out as well today and show you how well it does look at that let’s. Take this off it’s kind of like it looks like an actual normal watch right, but there you go very nice what else we get out of the box here we go in the box. There’S. Also, a charging block right here specifically for this device, of course, and then there’s also these instruction manual that’s, it let’s put these on the side. Here you see at the back. It has a sensor, i’m, pretty sure, that’s for a heart heart rate sensor, or something like that. This is the charging area as well right here here, as you can see there’s a little lever that you can pull so that you can uh change the bands there. You go it’s very nice. You can buy it online i’ll, link everything below so go ahead and check that out. So for the first time, what we need to do is hook this up to the power source we need to plug it in need to plug. In the smartwatch so that it’ll work for the first time there you go now that’s with plugged in we’re just going to hook this up in the back, like so it’s, also magnetic right, that’s, pretty good there.

You go once there’s power, it’ll just turn on just like that when you are charging it as well. I’Ll show you this information on the battery. How much battery it has let’s go ahead and put it on our rest here. Let’S see how well it looks on me and there you go. I actually like i used to have an apple watch and most of the watches right now are like square, and i like how this watch is circle and it’s. Just it looks like a normal watch. Just a standard watch but it’s actually a lot more than that. So let’s show you the features now here we go so with the smartwatch. Of course we need to sync it with our phone. What we need to do is download the app first. We need to take out the instruction manual right here and go to our camera and then scan the qr code right there boom there. You go we’re gon na download. This app right here hit download there you go so the app is called pi active. Basically, it has all the information right here if you guys want to check it out. First has some real time: data presentation, uh counters, like, for example, if you’re doing a jump, rope or something like that. You’Ll have your time as well of how much you’ve done there, and also you can change the settings on your sport watch. So let’s go ahead and open that up.

So you could see you’ll be able to sync with a health app as well on your iphone that’s, pretty good hit allow. So here we have our device uh ready to be synced. What we need to do is go to the app and hit add now and then we’re gon na choose the you run s right here and go to complete here. We’Re going to select a profile photo we’re just going to take one right now. There you go use photo next step. Uh let’s, put a nickname, let’s go tech tricks there. You go next step mail, next step, okay and then birthdate we’ll just change the year. It doesn’t matter next step right here: uh we’re about uh let’s go with 175, whatever next step and then we’re gon na go straight up, um, pretty heavy guys, so let’s go 120 kgs and then we’re gon na change, our region to north america and hit canada Press, okay, there you go good to go and then we’re gon na go ahead and long press the up and physical button. I like how they tell you here right on right side, the power to before binding okay next step. There you go and then we’re gon na hit that hit pair there you go matching completed very nice let’s hit allow so there you go. This is the app right here. You’Ll be able to look at the heart rate detection right there. We can go ahead and open up all the heart heart rate test right there, also the heart rate warning just in case your heart rate goes up on a certain amount of uh beats per minute there’s.

Also, you can change the pre warning value as well right. There there’s also some widgets and app management right here, like an alarm clock there you go, you can create an alarm to whatever you want and then set which what dates you want to use for this. The other thing is the notification management right here. So there are you can set which ones one you want to get notified. For example, we want to get notified on our sms and also our phone calls. Maybe for those of you who loves instagram, you can also turn that on right there, there you go there. You go, i got a text, it also shows right here i got a vibrate and it shows up the message as well: that’s pretty good. There you go as you could see, you get a phone call right there, and then you can answer it by clicking that there you go, you can change the device settings right here and have it do a disturb or bluetooth disconnect reminder you can also have um Change of a raised, awake, sedentary, uh reminder wearing method as well left hand. You can change it to right hand if you put on your right hand, there’s. Also the water drinking reminder there. You go pretty good and then also for women, physical health period length and whatnot there. You go medication, reminder as well for those of you who has medication who take stem as well.

There you go, so you can also change the panels right here. For example, we have it like this. If we want to change it to the panel too, then just hit ok and then hit back there. You go as you could see. Our uh dial changes. Uh let’s change it to something like this hit. Okay, it’ll automatically change. As well there you go the other thing as well. If you lost your device, you can hit search for device and then it’ll vibrate. The watch here in the home screen as well of the app you’ll be able to see all your all your uh informations here, for example. Today, how many steps you’ve done? Uh the consumption as well right there, how much calories, uh basic consumption of calories for today? What you know how much you’ve done right there and also um your resting heart rate at 69, beats per minute. Let’S! Look at the watch now here. If you swipe down you’ll, see all the information for your watch. For example, if you hit that you’ll get a silent mode turn it on or off right there there’s also the uh keep screen on five minutes. Enabled there you go. You can also turn that off pretty good there’s, also the search for your phone. As you could see, my phone is vibrating right now, that’s pretty good. If you ever lose your phone, then you’ll be able to search it with the watch. The other thing as well is your your alarm clock where you can set your time right here and then the settings here you could see the display.

You can change the style as well. Do whatever you’d like there, you go. I like how it’s standalone you don’t really need your phone for this there’s. Also the light and the brightness let’s do level one to level 3 there’s. Also the sleep. If you want to make your watch sleep and then the show time, if you swipe to the right, this is where all your health information will go. There you go and then, if you swipe to the left, you’ll also see the information play music that’s, pretty good. If you type from here, you’ll see your bpm, your heart rate right here, it’s also measuring all the time, so that’s pretty good. You can also set that uh change, that setting on your phone there’s, also the blood oxygen i’m measuring right here, so that’s pretty good. As well, i like how they added that feature as well, even though this is something that the apple watch also has, and a lot of smart watches nowadays include that in the package, because this is really useful for a lot of people who actually needs it. The other thing as well is it measures how much sleep you’ve done and the weather here as well. I’Ll show you right here. If you hit this button down here, it will show you all the information, all the workout, that you can do. For example, you can do a run, walk cycle treadmill walk in in i guess whatever.

That is a bike. You can also do a hike, climb, uh row there’s, also badminton elliptical football, basketball, tennis, yoga dance and train. So let’s go ahead and hit train there. You go there, you can change the heart rate that you want as well right there and then the calories that you want to burn. For example, if you want to burn more or burn less, then you could add that right there, pretty good there’s, also the time. Duration of maybe you’re working out for an hour doing uh strength, training for an hour. You could do that or 30 minutes as well. There you go pretty good and once you’re ready to go just hit that, and it will show you all the information here. While you work out very nice thanks for watching everyone, i hope i was able to help you on the omi dg. You run s if i was able to help you make sure to hit that subscribe button below. If you want to get one of these i’ll link this down below as well, so go ahead and check that out. It is an affiliate link, so it does help out the channel a lot make sure to hit that like button as well. So we can beat that youtube algorithm.