So if you’ve watched my old videos on wearables or have you read some of my reviews in some of the publications out there, you may know that i have very high opinion on the apple watch. I actually think the apple watch is still the best smartwatch out there, because it does the best job of allowing me to check my phone less. For example, i can respond to whatsapp or rechat or slack messages directly on my wrist by just speaking to it or scribbling a letter i can activate voice assistant, i don’t even have to touch a button. I can just raise my fist speak into the watch like ask a question like what’s the temperature right now, and the watch will tell me so just very smart, very intuitive and full of third party software, but it’s also very, very expensive at 400 us dollars for This apple watch 36 and of course it only works with iphones and i don’t carry an iphone regularly. My phone of choice, my daily driver, is usually an android device right now, it’s a xiaomi mi mix fold. So that means, when i’m, not using an iphone. I have to look for an alternative to the apple watch on my wrist and i’ve kind of concluded that the fitbit series of watches this is the fitbit sense, but there’s also the fitbit versa that i was wearing before they are probably the best wearables in the Android space because it does a lot of what the apple watch does in terms of allowing me to check my notifications, respond to them and also i can activate google assistant now.

But of course, there are plenty of other reasons to wear. Wearables like these is to track your health and fitness, so, for the most part, both of these do a good job of tracking your steps, your active heart rate, your sleep and also your blood oxygen level, spo2 and also on the fit percent there’s a electro thermal Sensor here that tracks your skin temperature, that, according to fitbit at least, will tell you, if you’re overly stressed, because your skin temperature fluctuates or if you have a fever coming, which might be useful during covert times. So both of these do a pretty good job, but they’re also expensive. Like i said, the apple watch series 6 is 400 us dollars. The 50 cents is 300 us dollars. But what if i tell you there’s a third option. This is the tick watch gth. This thing retails for 79.99, so it’s 80 us dollars, and it basically offers almost everything. I just said these two watches do, except for responding to notifications, which i’ll get into later, but in terms of health and fitness tracking. Take watch gth, which i’ve been wearing for the past five days. Now does almost the exact same thing, so it has a heart rate sensor for 24 7, active heart rate tracking. It has an spo2 sensor to check your blood oxygen level. It has the usual accelerometer gyroscope to check your steps and your activities. All that and the take watch.

Gth also has an electro thermal sensor that checks your skin temperature. So just like what i said, the 50 cents can do. This can detect the temperature of at least this part of my skin consistently, and let me know if it’s, too high or too low now according to ticwatch, this can be helpful to detect. If you have covert now, i got ta say up front. We have to take these marketing claims with a grain of salt, at least the more serious claims like how this watch can detect if you have covet or if the fitbit sense can detect if you’re overly stressed and i’m, not just talking about the fitbit and ticwatch, But also the apple watch apple makes a lot of big health claims with the apple watch, including the ability to conduct an ecg electrocardiogram that, according to apple, has saved the lives of several people because the watch detected. They have a heart problem and they went to a doctor and got surgery, but you know these are all individual claims that have not been verified. Actually, a lot of medical professionals say a watch like that cannot give you a full picture of your heart health. Just like i’m pretty sure the 50 cents cannot fully determine how stressed i am likewise with the tic watch gth. It says the skin temperature will help you detect covid, but you know just take your grain of salt. It is a useful indicator of maybe something’s wrong.

So because the tick watch th is relatively cheap for 80 dollars, some compromises have to be made in hardware, and i think you can already tell so. This is a 1.5 inch lcd panel. You know it doesn’t get that bright compared to the apple watch. The screen doesn’t, look that good and also the bezels around the screen are freaking huge compared to the bezels in the apple watch or the fitbit sense. But you do have an aluminum body that feels a little bit more premium than the plasticky xiaomi band, or the honor bands and um you get a little rubber, strap that you only get one strap. You don’t even get an extra strap in the packaging, but they do fit my wrist comfortably. I think most people should be fine, because they’re a lot of notches man, so even if you have a really thick wrist, should be okay, now there’s a button right here that looks like the apple watch, rotatable crown, but it is not rotatable it’s, just a physical Button that you press, you can also navigate through the ui fire, swipes and taps now, unlike previous ticwatch products, this does not run on android wear. Instead, this runs on tick, watch’s, own proprietary, os it’s, relatively light, and it doesn’t have a lot of third party support. Basically, almost no third party support, but still the ui is quite intuitive to use and mobvoir, because they’ve been releasing wearables for several years now.

Their software is actually pretty damn good okay, so this is the mob for app. I have it installed on the xiaomi mix. Photo right now, that’s, why the app looks so big, but you can see right here. If you tap into your data, you get pretty detailed data like, for example, today. So far, i’ve walked 3479 steps about 1.5 miles per 93 calories. You can see my heart rate, so i started tracking my heart rate as soon as i woke up my blood oxygen level at 96, which is okay, skin temperature. I guess it hasn’t test the skin temperature today and it’s for sleep. So you see here it can tell that i slept five and a half hours now. This is not super accurate i’ll get into a little bit later, but they do give you a detailed breakdown of your sleep, including your sleeping heart rate and also your blood oxygen. During your sleep, so this thing is working continuously, even when i’m unconscious. So the reason i say this is not that accurate is because i know for a fact that at 10 54 i actually did not get up uh bed that’s. When my girlfriend woke up – and i woke up for about 45 seconds to one minute when she got out of bed and made a couple of sound after that – i went back to sleep, but the tic watch thought i got up anyway and stopped tracking sleep entirely.

I know for a fact that if i was wearing a fitbit sense, it would have been intelligent enough to know that i was only up for one minute and i went back to sleep so to continue tracking. Basically, what i’m saying is. I slept more than five and a half hours. I think i got about seven hours of sleep total, so this isn’t quite accurate, but other than that i’m. Happy to report that the heart rate and the step count are both relatively accurate because i wore it side by side with an apple watch and the numbers match up so overall, the software is pretty well built and you have quite a lot of watch faces to Choose from considering the fact that there’s, almost no third party support now let’s, look at the ui of the take watch, gta, so it’s a swipe heavy interface. You swipe down to jump into settings swipe up to check your notifications. So, like i said earlier, you can receive notifications from your phone. It mirrors what you get from the phone, but you cannot interact with them, meaning you can only read it. You can’t respond to them so that’s a bummer, because i really like using apple watch, because i can respond directly on my wrist. I don’t have to pull out my phone to just detect someone back you cycle through left and right to go through several menus. You have right here just just keep track of your basic numbers and right here, you’ll see the your most recent numbers.

So you see my last blood oxygen level is 97 skin temperature. Let me put it on and test it out right now in real time. So i got 35.5, which is uh quite normal, so i don’t have a fever. I don’t have covert another thing to take. What gth does very well is battery life, so mob void is advertising that you can get eight days of use on a single charge. I have not used this for over eight days yet, but i can tell it’s on pace to meet those claims. If you can put up with the fact that the design doesn’t look as nice as the fitbit sense of the apple watch, the screen doesn’t get as bright. You can’t really respond to notifications and the bezels are quite thick. You have yourself a pretty functional fitness tracker that keeps track of everything that you would need. You know your exercises if you’re going hiking your steps, your heart rate, your sleep, all those sleep’s not entirely accurate, your blood oxygen level, your skin temperature. The latter is something that even the apple watch can do and was a big part of the fitbit census. Marketing fitbit made a big deal about the skin temperature sensor and it was part of the reason why this watch had to be 300 us dollars. Now you can get it on the ticwatch gth for 80 us dollars so anyway, that’s about it for this video on the ticwatch gth 80 fitness tracker – that does almost the exact same thing as the fitbit sense and the apple watch except respond to notifications.

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