This is ava from fit lab and welcome to our review of the ticwatch pro 3. you’ll find the links to the product in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of The video to know our final verdict if this smart watch is worth it tick watch pro 3 overview. The ticwatch pro 3 is a well built functional smart watch with a ton of amazing features for an affordable price in terms of health. The ticwatch pro 3 makes a point to monitor all aspects from physical to mental health through tick breathe and tic zen. The ticwatch pro 3 monitors your stress levels and uses breathing training sessions to help calm you down, what’s. More aside from the sleep monitoring, the pro 3 also monitors your hearing. The tick pulse intake oxygen, work to monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation respectively, 24. 7. To give you insight into your health through tick health, you get a breakdown of all these important performance, information and health insights, including the usual distance, speed and calories. When it comes to fitness, the pro 3 is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. Thanks to the accurate inbuilt gps and numerous sensors that motivate you to keep moving, whether indoor or outdoors, on the mountain or in the pool, the pro 3 offers numerous workout modes for you to choose from as a smartwatch.

The ticwatch pro 3 is powered by wear os by google. This means you get to enjoy the many smart features that come with google, starting with the google assistant. That makes your life with the inbuilt microphone and speaker. You can converse with the voice assistant as well as receive calls and reply to texts using voice. You also do not need to worry about carrying your wallet or phone since you can easily make purchases from your ticwatch pro 3 using google play. The pro 3 is also compatible with many third party apps, including fitness apps, like google fit and strava, as well as music apps like spotify and amazon music. What we liked powerful and fast performance great battery life, offers great premium features large screen and clear display. What we didn’t like doesn’t, have ecg heart monitoring. Wear os is not the best performing os for androids ticwatch pro 3 specifications. As for the table, the processor and ram of the ticwatch pro 3 ensure high and fast performance while maintaining a charge. Judging from the long battery life, the ip68 water resistance means the pro 3 is dust resistant and can survive 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes still mowboy indicates that it’s suitable for swimming things. You should know before buying the ticwatch pro 3.. For you to be able to use any of the features offered with the ticwatch pro 3, you have to agree to share your workout information with moboy, as well as other terms and conditions that include google also, while the ticwatch pro 3 is claimed to be suitable For swimming, you are discouraged from using soapy or salty water, chlorine or high pressure or high speed water.

Any of these conditions may damage the watch and void your warranty, tick watch pro 3 features extended battery life. The ticwatch pro 3 offers a long battery life. So you don’t have to worry about having a charger close by at all times in the smart mode. The battery can last up to 72 hours, while in essential mode you can save charge for up to 45 days. The smart dual display technology also saves on the charge in the dual display. The low powered consuming screen is placed over the amoled display conserving battery by easily switching from smart to essential mode, powerful processor. The ticwatch pro 3 is one of the first wear os devices to use the qualcomm snapdragon wear 4100 processor. This powerful processor ensures that the ticwatch pro 3 works at high and fast performance while conserving charge. It improves the performance of the battery life cpu gps and memory tick. Hearing tickwatch pro 3 comes with tick hearing, it’s a new feature that monitors the noise level in your surroundings between 30 to 120 decibels. It protects your hearing and nervous system from damage by notifying you in case of any dangerous levels of noise. Final verdict: should you get the ticwatch pro 3 for under 400, the ticwatch offers a great balance of smart and fitness and health features. Although the wear os is not the best or fastest operating system available, the pro 3 makes up for it with excellent premium features in a powerful processor.

You should buy the ticwatch pro 3. If you don’t mind using the wear os and are interested in premium features in a strong processor, who is the tick watch pro 3 best suited for the ticwatch pro 3 is suitable for individuals? Looking for high performing wear os smart watches with premium features and a long battery life, the price is also ideal for individuals with a budget of around 400. Are there any alternatives to ticwatch pro 3? The best alternative for the ticwatch pro 3 is the fossil gen. 5. it’s also a high performing smart watch that uses wear os and falls within the same price. If you want to use a different os, you can consider a samsung galaxy watch 3 as an android alternative and apple watch 3 as an ios alternative what’s. Your preferred wear os smart watch. Let us know in the comment: section click the like button.