So when mobility came out with the tick watch pro 3 ultra, i had to have it and i have to tell you guys about it now. Obviously this is a running channel. I want you guys to come here for all your running needs so with that said, if you require a smart watch rather than just a specific sport watch thats what the focus of this video is going to be about. This is going to be my focus of the tick watch pro 3 ultra. I want to know how it works for a runny watch, but of course there are loads of other features in the tick watch pro 3 ultra, so im going to go over most of them and then you decide if this is the watch for you lets get Into it, first of all, modboy always does beautiful presentation with their boxes, which is the least reason that you would want to buy a watch, but still it feels pretty good when you get to open a beautiful box and pull out a gorgeous watch lets start with Price, because price is probably one of the most important reasons that someone would look at when theyre looking to buy a sports watch or a smart watch or pretty much anything in the us. The tick watch pro 3 ultra retails for 299 in the uk, its 289 pounds and in the rest of europe, its 299 euros so 300, maybe its expensive, maybe its not its well its definitely expensive.

But i think when you see the features youre gon na see that this watch is worth every penny, especially if you want all those smart features, so the tick watch pro 3 ultra does run on wear os, so it is going to integrate with android phones. Just a little better than iphones im, an apple guy ive had iphones since the beginning, and this watch still represents huge value to me so being an iphone user. Some of the things i cant do with the ticwatch pro 3 ultra is to reply to texts from my wrist. So i cant just speak to the watch and reply to a text. The way someone with an android phone could thats nothing on mobvoi that is apple, locking it down on their end. They only want you to be able to do that with the apple watch, but, seeing as that is something that i have never done on an apple watch or any other watch, i havent really missed it. The thing that really stands out to me is how beautiful this screen is. It is a 1.4 inch 454 by 454 amoled display the colors are absolutely stunning and its a real treat to look at the tick watch. Pro3 ultra is made of stainless steel and high strength, nylon and fiberglass and holding it you can just feel the build quality. It does have a good weight to it. This next part is hugely important to me. We now have corning gorilla glass on the front.

I dont know about you, but i really hate it when i scratch my watches this corning gorilla glass is going to keep the watch safe, its going to be a lot more resilient and speaking of resilience. The tick watch pro 3 ultra now has a military grade. Housing that stainless steel and high strength nylon is military grade. That means it really is going to stand up to everything you can throw at it like high temperatures, low temperatures, shock, extreme humidity and, of course, its going to resist humidity, because it is also rated to ip68 and it is suitable for swimming. So you dont have to feel bad about jumping in the pool and knocking out the laps. With this watch pretty much any sport you can do with this watch, but were going to get to the sport profiles in just a second. It does have a 48 millimeter diameter watch face, and this is how it looks on my 170 millimeter wrist. I think it fits pretty well. It does come with a 22 millimeter removable band, which is pretty handy because if you wanted to change the bands, its very easy and you can go to amazon – and there are pretty much unlimited bands for you to choose from boy claims that the tick watch pro 3 ultra weighs in at 41 grams. So you can imagine my surprise when i put it on the scale and saw that it actually weighed 68 grams or 2.

4 ounces. Then i realized wait. A second the straps come off. Lets take the straps off and throw it on the scale again and when i put it on the scale this time, i saw that the watch the watch itself without the band weighs 42 grams, so close enough, which is 1.5 ounces. Why? You would weigh the watch without the band i i dont know i dont think theres much use for the watch face on its own without the band holding it to your wrist. The tech watch pro 3 ultra has a 577 milliamp hour battery and my voice claims that this will run for 72 hours in smart mode and up to 45 days in essential mode. Now. Essential mode is basically when you turn off most of the features that suck the battery and then youre left with the ftsn screen. Thats the secondary screen its a screen that sips power it isnt bright, but it gives you the information you need. It gives you the time it tells you your steps. So if you wanted to use it as just a watch, you certainly could without charging it for 45 days its a great option. Now you can see the ftsn screen right here. Basically, weve got the time. Weve got the date at the top. Weve got my step count and then a little battery icon right on the middle. There is a backlight for the fts end screen. This is something that mobvoir has added to for the tickwatch pro 3 ultra.

When you tilt your watch and its in ftsn mode, you can see that the backlight comes right on ive, got it set to this lovely red one, but there are a couple options if you didnt, like the red now on the ticwatch pro 3, you are stuck With kind of a gray blue kind of black backlight, but on the ticwatch pro 3 ultra, you can change the color of the backlight, so ill. Just show you how that works right now were going to enter the main app menu. By touching this top right button then were going to scroll down until we find essential mode. This is how you would turn on essential mode if you wanted to stop the battery from being sucked down so quickly for more notifications and stuff, like that, if you slide to the left, youre gon na have some options. The last option is backlight color. If we select that were given a nice, color palette and ive got it set to red, but i also like this purple so lets select that now to get out of all the menus, you can either press this top button, and that brings you right back to The watch face or lets say youre deep in a menu, and you just want to go back one screen. You can always swipe to the right, and that brings you back to the previous screen you were on. Now would be a great time to tell you how impressive this touch screen is.

It is, it is extremely responsive and is a real pleasure just to play with and scroll through the apps. If youve been following along with the types of processors that these watches use, you may be familiar with this watch running the qualcomm snapdragon 4100 chip. However, there is a 4100 plus chip that has been released now to be clear. The ticwatch pro 3 ultra is running the snapdragon 4100 chip, so i know that some people have been saying that why isnt it running the 4100 plus chip, if thats available well ill, tell you why there is really no difference between the 4100 and the 4100 plus Chip other than a co processor has been introduced in the plus version other than that all the speeds are the same. The chips perform identically, its got one little feature, thats been added. So in order to combat this, they use their own co processor chip. To add it to the snapdragon 4100, so now we have the snapdragon 4100 plus mob voice, co processor, making the 4100 and mob voice co processor, just as powerful and actually by performance standards, its actually a little quicker than the 4100 chip alone. Now the co processor only powers, the ftsn screen its to keep it in that low power mode, while the 4100 chip powers, everything else all the high power stuff. So if you have doubts about the tech watch pro 3 ultra, just because of the chip thats being used, i want to put those worries today.

That is not a legitimate reason to not like this watch. Mobvoi has solved the problem and theyve done it better than the 4100 plus lets also talk about wear os. Now some of you may be aware that wear os 3 is out its out for only samsung watches. Now i dont know if this is true, but it seems like if wear os has been released only to samsung and not the other watches that can benefit from it. It seems like samsung and google. They got into some kind of agreement to give exclusivity to samsung watches before all the others, but i dont want you to worry, because if you were to buy this watch today, its going to be coming with wear os2, which is actually pretty fantastic, ive got no Complaints, but i know what its like to want, the latest and greatest thing you dont have to worry, because whenever that exclusive agreement runs out, which is going to be sometime in early 2022 youre going to be able to upgrade this watch to wear os 3., its Coming at the release of this watch, it is not yet available, but this watch will get wear os 3.. I promise you, the tech watch pro 3 ultra. You know what lets lets just call it. The ultra from now on. That seems like a seems, like im, going to save a lot of time by doing that, the ultra does have google pay. So you just put your credit card information into google pay and you can pay at the shops anywhere where nfc payments are accepted so to access.

Google pay youre going to access your app menu and youre going to scroll down until you find google pay. Now you can see right now on the screen that it does say. I have to set it up in order to make this video i had to remove the password, and if you remove the password it takes your credit card off of google pay. It makes sense right if you lose your watch or you take it off. You dont want someone that finds it or picks it up to be able to just go and buy anything with your watch. So as long as the watch is on your wrist, you dont have to enter your password to use it, but as soon as you take it off it triggers that password okay, so that was the first way to access. Google pay but thats not very convenient going into a shop. The quick way to access google pay is to just swipe down from the top and you access the this brief settings menu and there it is in the lower left hand, corner pay. You would select that picture of the credit card comes up, move it close to the sensor and youre paid out the door. This top menu is an ideal way to access some pretty regularly used stuff. We have airplane mode, you have your sound menu. You can find your phone, you can put it on sleep mode, you can pay and then this middle one with a small watch, thats theater mode.

If you wanted to put your watch into theater mode, this little cog at the top access the setting menu. Now again, you can also access the setting menu from the apps and you would just scroll down to the settings and then you get to the same menu. If you wanted to access it quickly, you just scroll down and hit the settings wheel. If you scroll to the left youre going to get google assistant, you can also access your google assistant by pressing and holding the top right hand button whats, the weather forecast for tomorrow, so thats a good time to tell you that there is a microphone and a Speaker and its pretty handy when my phone is in my pocket, i can answer the phone on my watch and speak through the watch. Of course, i dont want to be that guy, so i dont do that if we swipe up from the bottom of the main screen, we get notifications. Of course i cleared out the notifications before making this video. I dont know why i did that but thats where you would see them now when we swipe to the left, we get tiles. These tiles are configurable in the wear os app. So this is what i have set up. As my tiles, i have tick health. I have tick exercise. I have the weather app. If i select the weather, i can scroll down and see the next couple hours. There are a whole bunch of different tiles that you can program and put them on your watch, depending on whatever you like lets.

Just give a quick demonstration of the speaker feature if youre enjoying this video at all now would be a great time to hit that thumbs up button. It really helps me. It really helps my channel if youre not already consider subscribing the ultra has irregular heartbeat and afib detection. It measures your blood oxygen saturation, 24 7. monitors your heart rate for 24. 7. monitors your fatigue. It monitors your stress levels: it tracks your sleep and its actually pretty handy to see this stuff on. The watch itself from the main watch face were going to scroll to the left and were going to find tech. Health now ive got tick. Health is set as one of my tiles, but if you didnt have it set as one of your tiles, you can access the app menu and find the tick health icon and we can access it that way too. This is showing your day at a glance its showing the green that ive had nine hours of activity. It looks like ive done about 15 000 steps and ive completed 442 of my exercise goal. Obviously i need to reassess my exercise goal on the watch now. If we select tick health, we go to our day, and these are we can see these little peeks of steps thats, where i went for my run this morning, then theres my exercise. These are the active hours from when i woke up to when im filming right now we show my calorie burn now from the tick health main screen.

If we scroll up were going to see some other stats now, one of the latest features of the ultra is measuring your stress levels and your fatigue. And if i scroll down just a little more, i can see my mental fatigue is at a two saying, im, relaxed, aware and concentrated, and my energy level is normal at a three scroll down a little more. We see the high intensity exercise. This is my heart rate right now: ive had a max heart rate of 153 and a low of 48 today, and then it gives you the rings to show you the week scroll down a little more and we get to sleep now. Last night last night had a good nights, sleep, obviously 8 hours and 51 minutes from 8 15 at night until 505. In the morning now, if i select that we get a little deeper into the sleep menu and just like this, it gives you all the stats light sleep, deep sleep. It shows your heart rate throughout the night, your average heart rate, your lowest heart rate and your highest heart rate in the night. Now we can see here that ive got no data from my oxygen saturation. While i was sleeping and thats because ive got the 24 hour fatigue and stress level, monitoring on if youve got that fatigue and stress level, monitoring on you, cant have the o2 sats on all the time. If you had the same settings as me, and you wanted to see your blood oxygen, you can just go to the main app menu were going to come down to tick oxygen, select that and it will measure it 98, not too shabby.

But how is this as a sports watch? How is this as an activity tracker? Well, it is actually surprisingly good. It has all the gnss gps, pedu glonass, galileo, qcss, all five of them, and i got ta tell you guys its accurate, but first lets talk about how we get into the workout profiles and if you were wondering, let me just put it out there. Now everything syncs with strava. So if you like to upload all your runs and activities to strava dont worry about that, you can also download the strata app. So now would be a good time to tell you that there are just two buttons on this watch. There is a top button and there is a bottom button. The top button, as weve already seen, accesses the app menu which you can just scroll through the bottom button is programmable and ive got it programmed to tick exercise. So when i press it, it launches right into tech exercise and i can scroll any of the activities that i want to do. If you didnt want to program that bottom button, you could just go to the app menu. I know that tick exercise is at the top. For me there it is, and i can access it that way. I can also track my runs using the strava app, but i have to tell you: i have tested both ive tested, strava and ive tested tick. Exercise. Tick exercise is far superior.

It tracks more metrics its easier to use than the strava app on this. So i recommend you use tick exercise and just sync, your app to strava and then as soon as youre done with an activity it auto uploads, so lets just say, were gon na go for a run were gon na select outdoor run its actually going to look For the gps satellites, but its gon na have a very hard time doing that now because were inside, but that really doesnt matter. If we hit these three little buttons on the bottom, we come up with an option to choose our goal: time: distance or calories. So if you wanted to set a goal on the watch, rather than just go for a run, you could select either of these lets say i want to run for 20 minutes. I would select that now. The watch will give me a notification as soon as ive met that 20 minute goal same thing with distance same thing, with calories all right now i want to talk to you guys about gps accuracy. That is why i want to wear this watch if it doesnt track accurately. I dont want to know about it. So over the last couple weeks, ive been comparing this watch with some of the other gps watches that i use – and i have been pleasantly surprised now lets be clear. The ultra is a smart watch that has sport watch capabilities, whereas the watches that im, comparing it against are sport, watches that have some smart capabilities now there is a lot of crossover, but i just want to show you how the ultra lines up to more expensive And more specific watches in the field of running and sports on your screen right now, you are seeing three instances of the same run using three different watches on the left.

We see the ticwatch pro 3 ultra measured 8.17 miles, the chorus vertex 2 measured 8.21 miles and the polar grit x pro measured 8.25 miles, look down just a little bit and youre to see the ultra measured. My heart rate at 130 beats per minute average. The vertex 2 measured my heart rate at 132 beats per minute and the polar watch measured. My heart rate at 131 beats per minute average, pretty impressive, pretty close theres, always going to be some variability in between brands, but its good to see that theyre all pretty close. I am very pleased with that, and i think that is high praise for the techwatch pro 3 ultra okay were going to do just one more, and this run is a little different, because this one i did intervals and intervals – are notoriously difficult for an optical heart Rate monitor to pick up because your heart rates going up and down and the optical heart rate monitors are notoriously laggy. So, on this run on the left, you see the ultra measured the distance at 10.47 miles the vertex 2 measured the distance at 10.51 miles and the polar measured the distance of 10.56 miles. As far as heart rate goes, the ultra measured my heart rate at 145 beats per minute average, the chorus vertex 2 measured, my heart rate, had also 145 beats per minute average and the polar measured my average heart rate at 146.. I think thats pretty incredible at this high praise for this watch being used as a sports watch.

If you wanted one watch, you wanted all those smart features and you didnt want to take it off and put on another watch to go for your run. To go for a bike ride to go for a swim. The ticwatch pro 3 ultra is a contender. Oh. By the way, there is also one gig of ram and 8 gigs of ram, which means youve got 8 gigs of space. What are you gon na do with it? You can move your songs from spotify and youtube music onto this watch. You can then pair your headphones and listen to your music. While you go for a run without bringing your phone all right, i know i have thrown a lot at you in this review. If you do have any other specific questions, maybe things that you want me to expand on, maybe something that i havent mentioned: go ahead and write in the comments below guys.