The battery and that went out – and i kind of didn’t – want to get another one or under another samsung watch, because i mean just uh through research and going on ebay. Looking at prices, the resale value of samsung watches are pretty low. They get introduced at a high price but uh finding a watch to purchase, i mean, and the prices are pretty good it’s just that they’re not really worth much the technology that they put in there is pretty cool, but smart watches really are not worth much. The apple watch is pretty cool for fitness, but the samsung watch is really not worth as much as apple watches. So i was looking for where i have been looking for for a while. A smart watch that’s a standalone watch that can be used um as a phone, so the chinese smart. What um, smart watch, market or smartphone looking like a watch market has been stepping up the game slightly as far as watches with a big display to watch movies or to navigate through apps, and things like that. So i saw this one uh through uh some videos on youtube and decided to try this out myself. So i ordered this from amazon going to put this on my wrist, to show you how it looks so it is big, but not as big as the regular tick risk max that’s a 2.86 screen. This one is a 2.4 inch screen and the biggest difference between the two so, like i said this one’s the s and usually put a letter on it.

Um is getting a small upgrade. So only thing. The two things that stand out is the screen size because i said they shrunk, the screen size and the second. The second thing is the addition of a side camera so on the regular max there is no camera, but on this one there is a side. 2 megapixel camera to shoot videos, um and the cameras are really not that good, so getting through the reviewer, so here’s your display, um we’ve got 20 batteries, so hopefully uh this won’t uh go off or run out of battery power while i’m doing this. A quick review, but you get a plethora of different uh phone displays yeah, you can say phone as well or displays or watch phases. So what is going on? So we get this one right here. This has what they call complications or um. If you press one of these it’ll, take you to the actual app so that it looks like a windows, 8 type of display, it’s kind of cool. So you got a heart rate. Monitor you have weather time play store. Google play store, pictures, voice, recording timer and the actual phone, and your different watch faces are here. They all look pretty cool. Some of them are animated, such as this one right here and you could probably make and download whatever watch faces you want, but as far as a phone as far as using this as a phone um, slash watch it’s mediocre at best.

So you have all of your apps and things here and if you install any apps, you can sideload apps on here as well um. You can possibly root this because um, if you go to settings and go all the way down to about watch, i said about watch and you go down the bill number. You can press that a number of times to get into developer options, but you have to press it exactly about there. We go time to get into it because it’s not going to um, put up an icon for developer options or um of selecting it um in the settings so you’re going to press it. The second right exact amount of times to get into developer options. So you have you stay awake. You have volume and unlocking so that right there tells you that you can root this and it runs uh android 7.1.1. So if that android um operating system can’t be rooted, then you can do that but, like i said using this as a phone to quote, unquote replace my note 10, which is not um. Like i said, it’s mediocre best um displays the format of it. It doesn’t look as great as your watches, even though made in china or somewhere else, but made for these american companies or made for the usa. It just doesn’t. Look great. I mean the music player doesn’t, look great it’s, just mediocre and to get straight to the cameras, camera’s terrible, look, look how jittery that is! That’S very jittery! You’Re gon na hold it like this.

In order to get this right side up you, if you hold it where to face the camera it’s, going to turn your picture sideways, that’s terrible now you can turn it around to get your 8 megapixel camera that’s right here, but still this is jittery as well. This i don’t like it at all so i’m, already returning this i’m just doing this review to show everyone else, um how this works and to save your money, because this right here i mean i got it on amazon is 200.. You can get it on sale for 154 and some change and on certain um chinese websites like banggood or gearbest, i mean, if you’re interested in it. You can definitely get it. But in my personal opinion, this is not worth it at all, and even when i install the apps on here um, like papa pair saga, i mean just using the screen to navigate and to touch having it it’s, just not practical. At all i mean even for uh browsing the internet, so here’s youtube right here, here’s my channel and i’ll just put on this video right here to show you how it looks. Look how tight i mean you can barely see the warning in the video. This is not good. You can’t, even zoom in can’t double that it’s, not good, not good at all. So i am not very happy at all with the performance of this watch. Slash phone and, like i said me personally, like i said, i’ve, been really trying to find a smart watch to kind of take the place of the note 10.

I mean don’t. Get me wrong. My note 10 is a fantastic phone. Don’T get me wrong. I love the camera, definitely hurt the camera on here. Um love the form factor: the s pen it’s the best phone i bought since the note9 um i’m, not a fan that it doesn’t have uh expandable, uh storage on here, but still a fantastic phone, much better camera than the note9. I mean i still like the note9srs all the functionality that it has, but the camera is not even close to this and you have the option of wide angle with this phone. So definitely going to stick with the note 10. But as far as a smart watch or technically something to replace this to carry on today, today um i was trying to use the universe atom as a watch phone, but this does not cut it either. This two inch screen that’s, not kind of i mean this is still a fantastic device with the fingerprint reader and all the the bells and whistles on here, it’s, just not practical to use on an everyday basis, especially when you’re texting and things like that, and even Browsing browsing is not that bad. The wording is small, but not that small when you go into a a web page. But looking at videos on here, videos are pretty cool on here. Videos are pretty cool in here to tell you the truth: um going on youtube or just using a video player, so videos are cool um.

The camera is decent, not the best, but definitely decent for an everyday, but the thickness is definitely weird on your wrist compared to the tick rest x. Having this on your wrist, people will look at you funny, so this was one uh best bet, but right now, even though the chinese smartwatch market is getting slightly better, this is still not up to par to replace an actual phone, uh, samsung phone or even a Apple phone or even a oneplus, or anything like that. You can’t basically use this as a phone i mean you can, but the functionality that you get out of it will not be that good, so that’s, my review on the tick risk max s great idea, just not cutting it right now, as far as the functionality. So save your money and the smart watch market. What is no great idea, just it’s, just not practical right now, where your phone that you have can tell time for you and do a whole lot more things a whole plethora of things that this just can’t cut. So that’s my review, save your money, get yourself a nice phone or a nice pc instead of this.