In that weve been using it, but it does come with everything that you need. The quick installation guide meant um. You get your notifications on here. I just got a notification. You also do get your charging cord, but this is going to be a wireless charging um. Smart watch, so i do like the fact that this is wireless charging right now. I have it on the eco mode and it actually saves um battery when you put it on that mode, because when you put it on the eco mode, its going to basically dim the screen a little bit. So the battery will last longer. But you can see right here, it does tell the the weather – and it does tell the time um on here as well as the day and the day of the week and the number which i do like and then you can swipe down and the at the Well get into the app which does have a list of different clocks that you could choose from in different sports modes, but so far the battery has pretty much been lasting me about. I would say like a week or more like its probably im on like stay right now, im, probably on day four right now and it still looks like it has a full charge based on what im looking at theres, like only a little bit coming off of The juice it pairs up with this app called tim wu pro and the app is pretty decent.

It tracked my sleep here um and i did say, light sleep, deep sleep and total sleep, but the only thing i think that they need to add on. There is rem sleep because, like thats the real one to go by when it comes to like sleep tracking and stuff, you do get your music control, so you can control your music from here and the volume of your songs. It has this really nice bezel on it, which is pretty much like a diamond cut bezel, which is really stylish. In my opinion, it has a screen. Theres theres no screen saver on here, but it kind of looks like there is because it sinks into this hold on one second im: getting a phone call, all right cool so that thats that worked out so basically um. You know it sinks into the bezel. The glass kind of sinks into that and so um. It looks really stylish with the band on here, because it does have the timbu print on there as well. Its got like this really um soft uh, latex, uh kind of like strap, silicone, strap and – and you can see right here, you swipe over – you get your different sports modes, so they give you you know about eight of those to choose from. You also do get a relaxation mode. This is the mode where to read your heartbeat. You also do get oxygen and blood, so this will read that when you have it closely on your wrist and im, just going to put it right here, so it can give me a reading of that really quickly.

But i do like the fact that it does read your blood oxygen um when youre using this smart watch. You could also measure your heartbeat, and that was that that was really useful when i was doing workouts and stuff like that. So i had a really right. Now its actually reading that im not sure how long it will take, but it has to be kind of tight on your wrist. It says that im at a 99 point – uh heres my score right here for now for that, and so you know, thats pretty cool, it will register on the app and then you could see right here. You get your steps, you get your sleep as well, and then you also you could you could swipe over and you could see your sleep on there too. So i think thats pretty cool that they do offer that with those statistics. When you go back, you can read your heartbeat right here and then this is where they could show you the blood oxygen on the app which is pretty cool, so that just was registered. Just now, and when i, after i did that it also does have a way where you can track your location so like, and you can do like um you could. You could measure the distance that you walked and then you can hit this button and itll actually start tracking, that which is pretty crazy, um and but your statistics end up being here and if you want to go deeper into something like one of your statistics like Um from lets say this is my heart rate.

This is my sleep. If i wanted to get into that further, you could theres a chart that you could look into and see more details with that. So it tells you the overall hours, and then it tells you this shows you a couple of graphs and charts where you can kind of understand a better reading of that. You also do get more options here on this end, and this is where i wanted to show you the clocks on here, but its going to give you, you know, call reminder heart rate reminder: raise to wake set up, stand up, reminder water to intake reminder medicine As well, you also do have a heart rate, alarm compliance reminder as well, and then you can change the unit from imperial celsius and fahrenheit, and you get an alarm clock on here as well as the screen saver. It says right here screen saver settings, so you can click one of these and you can change the watch to one of these um preset options. This one looks kind of cool, so you can just hit sure and itll take about 60 seconds to download that one here. So you can see right now its actually loading, and it says it actually failed im, not sure why it did fail, but lets just try that one more time maybe the watch has to be extremely close to the to the phone or whatever, this time, its. Not loading as quick, oh here it goes so its now its starting to download kind of quick right here, and i think they have to be really close together for it to work.

So it did say, update did um, not work. So im not sure you know it could be. It just needs a software update or something like that. But lets just go back right here and i remember when that last time that happened, all i had to do was reset the watch and then it worked so im pretty sure. All i have to do is just reset the watch, but i dont want to do that right now, but you can see we do have an alarm clock thing here, find my device and it says your your device will device will vibrate for 10 seconds. Please be on the lookout. You also do get your remote shutter for your phone, so you can control that and you can control the camera through your smartwatch and your user data, which is going to be right here. You could export it in and now you have all your user data on here, so you can share it on other devices and stuff like that, and then this is the um update for like the app and theres no update right now, so um thats pretty much All the features that you would need to know one here, but the main thing is that this smartwatch will be waterproof and its gon na actually be pretty cool because you could put it under water, but not like salt, water or anything but like showering bathing. You know things like that and um.

The other thing thats, pretty cool is that this is wirelessly charging smart watch, so you could put it on the wireless charger and thats pretty much how ive been charging it up. But i really like the design here with the bezel, and you can change the smart faces on here through the interface right here by clicking this button and hitting that l1 and kind of switching through some of the options here. This one was actually my favorite. So im going to just hit that one, and then you get all your options here when you swipe up, you have do not disturb flashlight, which will help you in the dark, find your phone and um. When you thats pretty much it. You also do get your reminders here for messages like the weather and different notifications that come in. You also do have a more in depth weather right here for the smart watch, so itll show you more of the weather when you hit that a timer a stopwatch. Those are really cool that they added that, and then it will remind me of my sleep here as well. So those are some other options and it tells you the model number here and thats pretty much everything that you would need to know, but you will be able to get the blood oxygen. The sleep tracking, the heart monitoring – and you know its pretty much going to be a really good smart watch because it has the music controls as well as the different watch faces.

You can change it to eight different sports modes and its a decent price. Its like 60 bucks right now, but i think its worth that money, because its going to have that wireless charging and its going to have that weather, where its going to show you that you wont be able to take phone calls from it. But youll get all your reminders and stuff, but let me know what you guys think about the temu smart watch that ive been using for about you know a month now. I definitely think its pretty cool so far, but im gon na get right back with you and answer all your questions in the comment section about this smartwatch. It shows you your steps right here. Calories burned, distance walked things like that. So you get all those statistics as well as the time so its its its a nice companion to have with your smartphone, ios or android. It will work on as well and im going to leave the cheapest link down below and ill get right back with you later later.