Dearest Friends and Buddies, this is the start of the 3-pronged shoot-out between the 1)MoFi StudioPhono, 2)Tisbury Audio Domino, and 3)Vincent PHO-8.
First to kick off with, is the Tisbury Audio Domino. This is suggested by several friends informing me about a possible “Schiit Mani” of the U.K., an audio manufacturer selling products direct to consumers, online.

I have ordered them in early February, and they have all arrived by late March :-D. Since then, for the past six weeks, it has been a lot of running-in (took three weeks), then followed by another three weeks of casual listening, individual listening and then cross-listening A-B-C-A-B-C-… to finalize the findings, and the tedious work of video production, making things comprehensive and systematic.

Thank you friends :-D, and enjoy the beautiful and rewarding vinyl journey.

Happy RSD 2019??????

At your service,

Warmest Regards,
~ ian.

Equipment used:
Technics SL1200GAE, Jelco HS-25 headshell, Nagaoka MP-200.
Schiit Jil (as Analogue-to-Digital conversion to digital files for upload).

***Background 🙂
Dearest Friends and Buddies,
I am Ian and I reside in sunny Singapore. I love our Vinyl Community and Vinyl Music. Vinyl analogue playback is utterly blissful, and I want for fellow friends and buddies to engage in vinyl music for many, many years in their life, each vinyl buddy through their school life, through the hustle and bustle of daily work, accompany them through precious hours at home with their family members or in their hostel with their friends. Vinyl music is blissful, free of time smear, phase shift, pre-ring and post-ring that plagues digital playback. Vinyl buddies and friends can all attest to that. It is not warm in the “bassy warm” sense, it is not soothing in the sense that “everything gets smoothed out”. It is because it is analogue, very detailed, calm, invigorating, enthralling, dynamic, refreshing. In a word, blissful. Utterly 😀
I want for all to get the very equipment that will get us there. These equipment, I firmly believe, are present, and existent, even at affordable price points!..and I started off in Dec 2015 hunting out for them, selling off my own Rega RP6 (which my wife and I loved) to fund the first batch of cartridges for review: the 5 cartridges in Group A ($70-$80), and the 7 cartridges in Group B ($90-$130). Subsequently I told myself to set aside $500-$1000 per month from my monthly salary to buy equipment to review. My own money. Quite a hefty sum monthly, significant to me, as I am a salaried man. This is my commitment. I believe in every field, there are people who have to make the sacrifice to pursue their love for the greater good, and to serve, the community of friends. I have also downsized my car in mid-2017 so as to commit these monies to fund these projects. I totally, rigorously, and kindly reject all forms of donations, be they from friends, from retailers, from manufacturers. This is a hobby, and my teachers and advisors in life have advised me that to bring balance to life, and to be wholesome, one will engage in a livelihood (daily job or business) that earns the monies, and one will also simultaneously engage in a hobby/service in life that is non-competitive, non-monetarily-remunerative. My wife totally understands what I want to do for the community and she so kindly supports my decision and efforts. Vinyl music is a lovely hobby I hold dearly. Friends and buddies are my ultimate responsibility and my love. I want the very best for them, and to provide totally honest reviews. Moles exist in hifi forums, moles also exist from benefactors who donate. I do not want to remotely encounter any moles masquerading as benefactors donating to my cause, only to find out sooner or later that such donations were/are from certain manufacturers or retailers. Everybody will do things differently. I want to maintain my status as a common-folk, aspire always to adopt the Shokunin spirit: of spending the utmost diligent care, through unhurried work, never caring for returns, in perfecting their work for the community. The personal satisfaction of getting to the very best equipment in each price class to help all my lovely buddies and friends is, the only thing, in store for me 😀 We toast to the joy and bliss of vinyl analogue music. Vinyl Music deserves our love and attention. Our listening. Our care.
We toast to the lively spirit of:
“Everybody will be dancing and doing it right!”
Let’s go, buddies and friends!!!
Warmest Regards,
~ ian 😀

Other equipment:
turntables: avid sequel sp with sme v, technics sl1200gae, sl1200g, sl1200mk5, sl1200mk2, rega p3, mofi studiodeck, rega p1
phonostages: schiit mani, avid pulsare2, croft riaa rs, icon audio ps1mk2 with harma ecc83 (from watfordvalves)
amplification: vitus ri101, leben cs300xs with mullards ecc83 and harma el84 cryoed & burst-tested.