This is the tiso solar connected, and this is the tiso expert, solar uh. This is the slightly older version, but you know what it’s an oldie, but a goodie, but i’m gon na just go over a couple of key differences here, so you can figure out which one you want for yourself, so uh to start off. I do think that this tiso connected solar is my favorite watch of like all time right now, it’s, just an awesome combination of smart and dumb it’s beautiful you can get it in a few other colors other than this rose gold. You can get silver black and some other kind of neat stuff, but both watches have the titanium case. They both have ceramic bands and then, of course, the sapphire, i’m, sorry bezels and then the sapphire crystal for the glass which makes them very scratch and reflective resistant. Although i know that’s, this reflection in the camera is probably not doing that any justice, but the point is: is that they’re very easy to read in a sunny day even on an angle? They both are built. Well, they can take a beating and uh yeah they’re. Just all around really good, these both have the plastic bands, but of course you can get them with metal bands as well uh right now. As far as i can tell the only this expert, solar uh, you can only get it in this variation, which has the rubber band uh silicon band anyway.

Both use the uh solar to power them. This one never requires any charging. It just runs on solar energy and it’s fantastic. This one will go about six months and then you can connect it to the back with a little wireless charger or like plugless charger. This one has the crown which i really love. The expert does not have a crown, it doesn’t seem to you, know: it’s it’s good for most people it’s not like an absolute deal, breaker or necessity, but nevertheless the crown was a fantastic addition. So again, there are plenty of videos on both with thorough walkthroughs, doug fnj and a blog to watch, for example. But what i really just wanted to go over is how these kind of like compare to the apple watch and kind of what makes them special. This one does not connect bluetooth to the phone. It just has compass, altimeter barometer, um let’s, see your thermometer, timer regatta, timer, countdown timer, stopwatch all that good stuff. That’S, all really great. This one has compass barometer altimeter thermometer, all that stuff. All the stuff you’d want, like let’s, say in a casio pathfinder or what has now been renamed to the casio blah blah blah can’t. Remember anyway, the new casios, whatever the pathfinder, has changed their name to, but they have more options uh largely than than most of the g shocks. Although there are a couple of hybrid g shocks that do have um that do have some of that stuff baked in and it’s kind of nice.

That said, when you’re comparing the g shock to like let’s, say the t cell connected solar. This just looks a hell of a lot better and it’s made of better materials. You cannot get those hybrid g shocks with the sapphire crystal or or the titanium case, and obviously a titanium case is really not a deal breaker and if anything, some people prefer stainless and i get that. But that said, the sapphire crystal face is really nice same with the ceramic bezel. They can just take a beating. I really like that without getting marred and nasty looking, but what i like about this one that i think a lot of people will like is that it can connect bluetooth to your phone for notifications now i’m, not a big fan of notifications and i disabled them Because i don’t want my watch buzzing at me, every three and a half seconds. That said some people really are going to like that feature. But what i do like about the solar connected, unlike the expert connected, is that it does have a step counter in it and what you do in order to sort of unlock the the um face of the watch here as you press and hold the top button For a couple of seconds, not even and then you click on activity and then now you have activity tracker here. It gives you your step. Count which is awesome, gives you your calorie estimation, and it even gives you the distance that you’ve kind of traveled even sort of gives you like an estimate on the activity period.

I have found that this works pretty neat. You can also do it like a it’s. A version of a move goal step goal. I have found this to be a fairly neat way of doing it doing things, because, even though it’s not a fitness tracker, it still gives you some kind of guideline slash metrics to use that will kind of encourage you to move throughout the day and uh. It does it just does a sort of nicer job it’s, a little more friendly than the apple watches, which is constantly like you know, hey you, haven’t met your move, goals, stand up fatty, you know this kind of stuff. This is just sort of a nicer way of doing it, and i found that the step counter is pretty accurate, it’s, not as accurate as the apple watch. I do have to give the step counter stuff to the apple watch. I think apple watch’s, wearable, fitness sensors, are second to none. I’Ve said that in videos before, if you’re looking for a fitness tracker wearing the wrist apple watch is probably the best one you can get. But that said, not everybody wants or needs a. In fact. I would argue most people don’t need a heart rate monitor on their watch and all the heart rate monitor does is kills your battery life. I love that i can leave the country for months if i had to not have to worry about bringing an extra charger for this it’s – just really really cool so anyway and oh and it stays on the screen that you select, which is another really good thing.

I, like the apple watch, does not do that. The expert solar does not have a step counter in it, but you know they both have alarms. They both got some pretty neat interfaces. Again, you can check out other videos kind of showcasing the interfaces uh, but they really have everything you would need for exploring the outdoors. If you had to. Hopefully, tusa will upgrade this one to have a gps tracker built in with the phone. Basically, we’ll use your phone’s gps to sort of do a you know, navigate your way back kind of thing, we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition, but nevertheless they are good for camping, they’re, good for outdoor stuff, they’re good for just outright fashion. This one, i think more so than than the expert. I just really think that this solar connected is a fantastic looking watch. I love that. It also has the seconds hand the expert does not, but you can really pretty much use this in almost every single application of your life, except for maybe severe fitness tracking uh tracking needs, which um you know i don’t know to me is – is pretty damn pretty. Damn awesome, so these are just a couple of little close ups of both watches um navigation on the connected solar is easier just because of its because of its uh digital crown. I think every watch should have a digital crown it’s like not only is it something that swiss watches have had for eons, but the fact is is that the digital crown just offers another sort of level of navigation.

I know that the scan watch from withings has attempted to add in a digital crown promises. I just cannot in good, conscious, recommend the withings smart watch, scan watch for, or steel hr for them out of uh for anything, even though the scan watch is supposed to have sapphire glass in it, um it’s, just i don’t, know, i’ve made videos as to why You shouldn’t get with things but anyway, if you can afford the tiso connected solar and you are looking for just an all around, do it all watch. This is a fantastic bang for your buck at a thousand bucks if you they’re both ports by the way quartz powered, watches again with the solar, stellar energy. If you can’t afford the thousand dollar price tag on this, you can only afford the 400 price tag on this. This is a great everyday beat it up. Watch, okay! It has anything you could want on it really, except from like the connected notifications and the activity tracker, but this is something you can wear on your wrist. You can beat it to and it’s got. You know, timer stopwatch all that good stuff on it. I mean really, if you want to get lost in the woods and be the unabomber for six months. This is your best friend right here, really really cool watch by the way i’m, a huge fan of like let’s, say the omega speedmaster uh, but that is you know obviously just kind of a stopwatch, plus watch connected solar it’s, really just got it all um.

I will see myself wearing this pretty much every day unless i want to get fancy at nighttime with one of those fancy, metal g shock, watches um or if i’m, just feeling like in a japanese g shock mood uh. Alternatively, um Music – you know, if i’m at like a fancy, gala or dinner party or something i might wear the omega speedmaster, but this tiso connect to solar is good stuff. Now, as a quick summary with the tiso expert, i do want to talk about why. I think the digital crown is so damn good and for that matter, what makes the teso itself sodium good so for starters, let’s go ahead and pop it over to the timer here, um. First, off the hands on this thing, move so lightning fast, which is just fantastic. You just don’t have to worry about any lag on this thing that really engineered the little the little gears in there to perfection, but if we hit timing, this is one of the reasons why a crown is just unbeatable, and i know it would look awkward as Hell on a g shock square, but man sometimes i do wish that it had a little crown on there just to make navigating a little bit easier. Anyway, we go to timer and we press to engage it, and what makes this so fantastic is that i just hit the little button to in to set the timer, and i can just scroll through these numbers so easily and so fast.

And it is such a quick process to set up a new timer to engage with the watch change the numbers change the settings. It just allows for a fantastic amount of interactivity with the watch, for example. If i want to go to a different like item on the screen, it allows you to to navigate through all of these things so quickly and again, look at look how fast those hands move anyway. I know that the tiso connected is definitely not in the price bracket for most people, and i get that in the g shock squares are such a phenomenal, beautiful little device, but for those looking for a higher end watch, i don’t want to be bugged by the Apple watches, constant nagging, but want something that gives them good information and gives them even some sort of semblance of notifications and fitness tracking. I can really think of no better watch than this tiso connected solar it’s got incredible. Battery life. It’S got a lot of features and yeah it’s a little big, although that is in vogue right now, but it’s durable as hell i’ve been wearing this thing. When i do outside work, you know you know landscaping moving stones and bricks around i don’t know i just love it. This is my daily driver and i think it will remain so for a very, very long time and uh tiso did a great job, so that’s that thank you for watching.