. So today I bring you another epic video. Grab your snacksand drinks strap on your seatbelts. We are going for a ride., The top 10 Smartwatchesof 2022, that you can buy right now: Music, Bringing you my real world experiences with thesewatches to help you choose your ideal watch.. So, first of all, we will begin with the Top 10 BestSmartwatches of 2022 and then Ill follow up withsome various categories, including my favouritethe Hall of Fame category., So get comfortable epic video about to start.. Now all the pricesmentioned in this video are subject to change.. All links will be shared in the description box and I will take a second just to ask you guys to hit the like button to support the channel as its also very motivational and rewarding. Seeing that you guys are liking the content., So without any further Ado lets begin with the best smart watches. Money can buy of 2022.. So this is my top 10 starting from the bottom.. So at number 10 we have the Honor Watch, GS3., Apremium and affordable smart Fitness watch with a generous 1.43 AMOLED display.. You get 5ATM BTphone calls 14 day battery life, but there is no NFC payments with this one., So atnumber 9. We have the Fossil Gen 6.. This is a full featured smartwatch and it does have arather nice compact, 1.28 SAMOLED display powered by the Snapdragon 4100 and itsrunning WearOS v2.. You also get BT calls 3ATM water resistance and you do get NFCpayments with Google pay and a 1 day battery life.

. So thats. My number 9, the Fossil Gen 6., So atnumber 8. We have the Apple Watch Series 7 Series 8 in joint eighth position, because there is not much between them. They both look exactly the same.. They both offer the same 1.78 inch OLEDdisplay with super accurate Health tracking. With ECG irregular heart rate, monitoring SP02., You alsoget, 50m water resistance.. The series 8 has a slightly faster processor and crash detection, along with a temperature sensor Other than that its exactly the same as the Series 7.. So if you already have a series, 7, absolutely no point, upgrading to the Series 8. Now at number7 we have the beautifully designed Google pixel watch with its compact 1.1 AMOLED display with 1000 nits Peak brightness, but it is powered by a 4 year old processor, theExynos, 9110. Saying that youre still getting a Comprehensive Health tracking experience, itsalso running the latest WearOS by Google v3.5, It does support BT phone calls and youdo get a one day: battery life along with 5ATM water resistance and NFC payments by Google pay.. So at number 7 its. The Google Pixel watch. All right moving on number 6. We have the HuaweiWatch 3 Pro. Check it out guys beautifully designed feature packed premium. Smart Fitness watch withimpressive large 1.43 inch AMOLED display., You get a beautiful titanium, build quality with sapphireglass. On top, it is running HarmonyOS With 5ATM water, resistance, 3 day battery life and youalso get NFC, but not supported for NFC payments.

All right moving swiftly to number 5, we haveanother beautiful creation by Huawei. There is no doubt in my mind that Huawei makes some of themost attractive and beautifully designed watches. This is the Huawei Watch GT3 Pro in Ceramic Whitewith, sapphire glass. On top and a beautiful 1.32 AMOLED display. You get 5ATM water resistance. Bt phone calls a massive 14 day battery life and NFC, but again NFC payments, not yetsupported., Alright, so things are getting real heated here.. What is going to be in position? 4? I bet you guys. Cant wait … Well here it is number 4. We have the Garmin Venu 2 plus.. Now this isan advanced premium, Fitness watch jam packed with health features and you have a gorgeous compact1.3 AMOLED display.. You get 5ATM water resistance. This does support BT phone callsand. You get a pretty decent 9 day battery life. NFC payments are supported with Garmin pay and thisSmartwatch offers full compatibility with both Android or iOS.. So whilst I was testing this watch, the sheer number of features and accuracy of those Health features was quite incredible. Alrighttime for number 3. What is it going to be Its the Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS.? Now whilstthis watch actually released last year. It still did enough to deserve a number 3 positionin this years top 10.. This is a full featured SmartWatch, with dual display design: likeno other thats, a 1.4 AMOLED display with an FSTN display sandwiched together., You havemilitary standard durability, IP68, water resistance, A powerful Snapdragon 4100 performance.

Bells andwhistles when it comes to Accurate Health tracking features an impressive 3 day Battery life.. Nowyou might be thinking. Why is 3 days impressiveChigz? Well, this is not a premium Fitness trackingwatch you dont have that limitation.. This is a full featured Smartwatch, giving you a smartphonelike experience on your wrist with built in Wi Fi LTE options With third party app downloads youvegot, the App Store with Google Play youve got the Google Play app store, giving you mainstream appdownloads, like Spotify driver youve, got Google Maps YouTube YouTube music and lots. More. Youcan make and receive Bluetooth phone calls, and you can actually reply to most notificationsdirectly from the watch.. So this is what I call a super: smart watch.. So still at number 3last year and this year the Ticwatch Pro 3Ultra. Really like this watch.. So I wonder whosnext. The best smartwatch you can buy this year. Position 2 is no other than the Samsung GalaxyWatch 5.. The expression everything but the kitchen sink. … is what you get when you buy Samsungslatest Galaxy watch. Every person who has tested this watch from my recommendation has thanked me.. So this is my daily driver. Smart watch, the one that I wear, every single day. Samsung Galaxy Watch5. You get impressive, specs, impressive performance, impressive Health tracking, in fact, more Health features than any other smart watch out there. Now. Every person who has tested this watch from myrecommendation has thanked me., So Galaxy Watch 5 youre getting impressive specifications very goodperformance, 1.

4 sAMOLED display A very gorgeous display, impressive Health tracking. Infact. This watch will give you more Health features than any other smart watch out there. Now. You aregetting the incredible WearOS v3.5 with oneUI on top and I simply love this UI. Youve gotBT phone calls 5ATM water resistance and military standard durability. The compromiseis, the battery life., Which is 2.5 days. There are tricks to make it last a bit longer but thatis. The compromise for having the best smartwatch features design and build quality, Basically thecomplete package.. Now this watch is compatible with Android only and if you want ECG or BP monitoring, then it has to be a Samsung phone. Im connected to the Pixel 6A and it works absolutelyfine.. I dont really use ECG or BT monitoring., So Im not missing those features., So mychoice number 2 is the Galaxy Watch 5, my daily driver.. So, who takes the number 1 positionWhois, the king of the Smartwatch jungle, Who offers the most comprehensive features: specificationshealth tracking, build quality, durability, battery life and comfort? Well, the best smartwatch you can buy in 2022 and probably most of 2023 as well. This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Now thissmartwatch has the bells and whistles in terms of health features. Sapphire crystal glass 1.4sAMOLED display powerful new chipset latest WearOS 3.5.. Probably the best and most accurateand, most well presented sleep tracking than any other Smartwatch of 2022. Samsung has given usthe biggest battery upgrade. We have ever seen in a Galaxy watch, so thats 590mAhwhich can last up to 3.

5 days with normal usage.. So many features squeezed into a smartwatch nothicker than 11mm and it weighs only 76g.. So this is a very Advanced Smartwatch.. Thisvideo is not sponsored by Samsung or any other company.. I always buy my own Samsung tech, full price, just like you guys and from my everyday testing. There is no doubt in my mind, Samsung isahead, of the competition with its smart watches., Its not just about Hardware or software, its thefull package and how well presented everything is its a very attractive, comfortable Smartwatch, and this is my number 1 watch of 2022.. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro The Smartwatch worldis. Indeed quite extensive and all our requirements are different.. We are not finished yet., Some of youmight be looking for something more particular and to help you narrow things. Down.. I have a few morecategories that I will share with you. So now its time for Chigzys Hall of Fame of SmartWatches 2022., So featuring some of the best smart watches of recent years, which you can still buy and enjoywith the added benefit of the price being much Cheaper., The first one is Huawei Watch GT2 Pro, Which isstill in the Hall of Fame guys.. This Smartwatch was so well ahead of its time in terms of Design Technology and health features.. It was originally released in 2020 and its still regarded as oneof the best pound for pound smart watches that you can buy for the money right, now.

Especiallyas, its dropped down considerably in price., But youre still getting a flagship quality. Premiumsmart Fitness Watch. Were talking about titanium, build quality, sapphire, glass, BT, phonecalls, 5ATM, water resistance, its got HR, monitoring, SP02 and a very decent two week battery life.. This watch is also compatible with both Android or iOS devices, and the onlydrawback is NFC. Payments are not supported., So no third party apps supported so its basically a beautifully designed premium. Smart fitness watch. With a great battery. Huawei Watch, GT2 Pro isstill in the Hall of Fame guys.. You can still buy this watch right now for really low price.. Ok, so next one new entry for 2022 Hall of Fame … Last years, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm. Smart Watch. Can not be forgotten guys., Especially with that extremely satisfying rotating bezel solast years champion, and still one of the best smart watches you can buy and its dropped down inprice.. If you miss the rotating bezel, this watch is still an option., Definitely check it. Out. Anotherwatch that needs to be inducted this year is the Galaxy Watch 3.. Now this Smartwatch is priced so low on Amazon. That I am surprised that they still have stock.. The GW3 was originally released in 2020. Thiswatch features comprehensive Health tracking, as expected from the Galaxy watches., Accurate, HRtracking SPO2. This also has NFC, GPS fall detection, BT, calls. and the Galaxy watch3 was the only one that was compatible with both Android and iOS.

. This is the last of Samsungsbreed of watches, running the pure Tizen OS., So very close to my heart.. I really like this watch. Galaxy watch. 3.. So, no doubt a beautiful watch and a treat on your wrist at such a low price. Hall, ofFame material right here. Galaxy Watch 3 can still be picked up for an extremely low. Price. Definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. One more smart watch that deserves not to be forgotten. The AmazfitGTR 3 Pro from last year. So a premium smart Fitness watch with some great Fitness. Features., Along with a very nice display., and also this watch, has some of the best looking smart watches.Ive ever seen in a smartwatch.. You also get 5ATM. Bt calls HR, monitoring, SPO2 GPS, and you get a very nice always on display. To go with it. The only thing to mention is NFCpayments are not supported.. I look forward to seeing which SmartWatches get inducted next year. Lets move on to our next category.. Ok, so the next category were talking about is IOS.. If youhave an iPhone, then the best smartwatch for you is of course the Apple watch., So Series 7 is avery. Good apple Watch. Series 8 is just slightly improved, so not worth upgrading. If you already have the 7. Apple Watch. Ultra is another option. If you can afford it, but I personallywould not spend that kind of money on a smartwatch with such limited fun functionality.

Its massive and bulky, dare I say its ugly., So thats option number two for iPhones … butthere are other options that you can consider if youve Got an iPhone., Garmin and Fitbit watches also work with iPhones. Garmin, Venu, 2 Plus., So a very good option there completely compatiblewith iPhones.. Now, if we refer back to the Hall of Fame, the Huawei watch GT2 Pro also works reallywell with iPhones, and so does the Galaxy watch 3 and the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro.. So these are youroptions. If you have an iPhone. Now, if WearOS by Google is your requirement., Then the absolutebest WearOS smart watches of this year is of course the Galaxy watch 5 series. You also have theoption for last years, Galaxy watch, 4 classic or Galaxy watch 4 Series that is also running thelatest version of WearOS., so youve got all of these options here for Wea OS, but thats notall.. We have some non samsung options as well. Here is the Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS ThatsWearOS by Google, and we also have the Fossil Gen 6.. These 2 are running, wear OS version. 2.I havent received an update for them yet and not forgetting the latest Pixel Watch., Which is runningthe latest version of WearOS 3.5., Just like the Samsungs. So here are a bunch of options for the best WearOS experience.. Now here is a category for small wrists.. If youre someone who just wantssomething a little bit more compact on the wrist, then these are the best smart watches for smaller wrists.

. So the first one is the Galaxy Watch: 5, 40mm model.. So a compact version of the Galaxy watch. 5.. You get the same experience. The same Health tracking, the same features but just ina smaller form, factor., The next one I recommend for small wrists is Galaxy, Watch 4 Classic with therotating bezel, and this one is 42mm in size.. But you do get that really. Nice rotating bezel. Next watch ideal for small wrists, Pixel Watch. Im sure none of us can deny that this watchis small compact 41mm in diameter and its quite a comfortable and attractive design. Sothat is another good one for small wrists. One more to show you for small Wrists, The Huawei WatchGT3 Pro, so this one is 43mm. You can see these are all small in size, small watches, withsmaller screens, compact lightweight, but absolutely feature packed., So the best watches for smallwrists people.. So there you have it guys. My best smart watches of 2022 shared same time every year.. This list was based on my real time. Experiences with these watches and again this video is notsponsored.. If you did not like my choices, please share your thoughts in the comments. What would beyour top 10.? That being said, its always nice to hear your thoughts.. I do hope you found this videouseful.. Thank you. So much for watching do hit that like button to support the channel and Ill catchyou all in the next one.