Will you be faster than the light it’s your turn to play? Take videos and selfies, then add lots of fun filters. You can even use bluetooth to share them with your friends, curio glow watch. You won’t want to take it off. Introducing dovis the perfect three in one smart device made for kids and parents alike. Novus can be transformed into three different modes: smartphone smart watch and an ai speaker. It has a ton of features that makes it fun and safe here. I’Ll show you hey jack, hey mark. Can i go to the park sure you can just make sure to take your sister with you, my brother’s, not the only one who loves notice. Its features are very convenient, like a pedometer which can track my steps and is great for exercising come on. You can do it or how it’s waterproof so, whether you’re, washing your hands or just super thirsty, you don’t, have to worry about water damage best of all there’s video calls. So parents can talk to us anytime, anywhere, hey mom, tell everyone how great the novice is. Honey, you kids aren’t doing that. Infomercial thing again. Are you she’s on to us? Novus has been amazing for the kids, but as a parent, it’s amazing. For me, too, the app has robust features that allow for a wide variety of parental controls. You can filter, through their contacts, set time limits on when they can use it or use gps, so you always know where they are and if they’re, safe, it’s, also pretty good for winning at a hide and go seek because all work no play makes jack a Doll boy, hey with the novice i’m plenty fun with it.

I can take photos or even record short videos, it’s easy to pair up with other nova smart devices. I can send in pictures messages and even call them and the battery lasts all day switch over to fall mode to extend the battery even longer. The phone is designed to make it easy for kids to scroll through the menu or adjust the volume. While listening to music yeah, i like to order a large with extra toppings jack i’m in the room with you. Novus is not only safe for my kid, but it’s also safe for me, because i always know where jack is whether he’s at a friend’s house or just playing outside. I am completely worry: free and the fun doesn’t stop when your kids get home either connect novas to the ai speaker and turn your home into a dance party. It can charge the watch and it can be voice controlled. Hey google play a new song it’s, an easy and great way to get your kids into new technologies. The novus is so great. It even has a nightlight, it senses body temperatures. So when you get close, it turns on what can’t this thing do honey. Are you still doing that infomercial novus is a smart device that kids will love and parents love even more back it today and receive your very own for a discount of price Music, Music Applause autonomy is the essential part of joining the adult world.

Kids learn every day and become more independent via this process. The need for autonomy evolves throughout childhood, which is why the new kiwi watch 5 is much more than a simple connected. Smartwatch Music, as an ai powered digital assistant, kiwi p, was designed by parents to meet the needs of the whole family, hello, it’s time to do history, homework, Music and technology. Kiwi p was created to adapt itself to the life of your kids in complete safety Music. We invented kiwi a fun, innovative and practical way to help children live their daily lives, better, keeping a strong connection with those who matter the most is essential. Key weep. Watch 5 allows you to download qualified and scalable content with the kiwi world platform, supports your child and evolves according to their environment and journey Music. Okay, freedom is bound with serenity, keep a watchful eye on your child’s activity and safety. Kiwi watch 5 is controlled remotely by parents via a free mobile application. Key weep watch 5 is where children learn while having fun a true alternative to the world of screen. Kiwi kiwi autonomy is a snap Music mom. Can i ride my bike? Honey just remember to just remember, to wear your helmet. Okay, mom love! You hey! Are you okay? I broke my bike.