, through extensive research and testing i’ve, put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so whether it’s price performance or its particular use we’ve got you Covered for more information on the products, i’ve included, links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices. Like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe now, let’s get started. Applause number one apple watch, six best for iphone. Ah, yes, the apple watch series six. What can i say about this piece of technology that you have not already heard it’s a high quality, smart device with a slick design, and i mean come on it’s apple and we wouldn’t expect any less well, even if it’s a bit redundant. At this point i will still say it: the apple watch is the best women’s smartwatch for iphone users, and its two different sizes mean it can fit both a small wrist and a big one. While apple has been known for their designs in the past. I am personally not a big fan of the apple watch series. 6. Look. There are some smart watches on this list, with better style than this one and while it’s smooth the frame and body to look quite unique, it cannot compare with our next two entries but we’ll get to those in a bit. The apple watch series 6 features a variety of case colors, including red, pink and black, among a few others, which you can get in either titanium steel or 100 recycled, aluminum material, whatever your feelings about apple as a company, especially after the recent feminist controversy.

You cannot deny that they are at least trying to look as if they care about the environment. The smartwatch also has seamless bands available in a large variety of colors and materials, including what apple calls the solo loop and the braided solo loop. There is also the sport loop and a normal traditional fitness band. Among many others. The solo loop, similar to the sport loop is crafted from silicon rubber, making it a lightweight and comfortable wear the braided solo loop is made out of silicon threads interwoven with recycled polyester. Yarn filaments. Lastly, the fitness band is just a typical fitness band, although it does have a pride edition. Number two kate spade scallop two most fashionable. Ladies, this is a watch that speaks for itself and its streaming style, which is emphasized by its ammo display, with its almost flower like bezel and fashionable metal band, the kate spade skull of two can go with anything, no matter the season you can choose from the Three colors of rose gold, silver or black, and, depending on your mood, switch the watch face as many times as you would like. Kate. Spade has quite the unique feature called choose. My look. The app asks you about the colors you are currently wearing and makes a special watch face. Just for you remember that outfit you thought was missing something now. It can finally be complete. The kate spade scallop 2 also comes in two bracelets, depending on your preference complement.

Your style with the metal band or if you would like to go for a run or simply prefer number three michael kors access, gen, 5, best combination of specs and style. If there was a rivalry in the smart quest world, then the kate spade scallop 2 and the michael kors access gen 5 would be going head to head. It may not seem like it on the surface, but trust me these two fashion, smart watches, are competing for the best looking device behind the scenes, while the kate spade scallop 2 focuses on fashion and a more feminine design. The course access gen 5 chooses to go a different route. This extremely wearable smart watch was designed for a fast paced lifestyle and its bulky, bezel and more traditional metal band. Give it a classical wash look and premium feel which is only expanded upon with its ammo display, rather than focusing on a mainly feminine demographic, the course axes. Gen 5 chooses to go the unisex path, although i said it was bulky, the watch can actually fit perfectly well, even on those with small wrists still number four samsung galaxy watch active two best for fitness and health. Now here is a smart watch that has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter. If you love fitness or just want to live your daily life, smarter, the samsung galaxy watch, active 2 has got you covered. Unlike our previous entries, this watch has extensive fitness features, which is evident from its sporty look and feel the samsung galaxy watch.

Active 2 is a round smartwatch, which comes in two sizes and two versions capable of fitting a small wrist as well as a bigger one. Each version has three available colors for a total of six colors to choose from including equal black pink gold and just simply gold. If that’s more your style, the two versions are differentiated by their connectivity. The cheaper version has the standard bluetooth connection, while the more expensive one has the more advanced lte connection. However, you can take solace in the fact that both versions feature a beautiful ammo display. Both options have the same design with a wide screen and barely noticeable black orders, which is supposed to provide you with an uninterrupted view of your smartwatch. The samsung galaxy watch. Active 2 has two buttons on the side and a bezel for quick access to apps and functions. Despite its sporty looking exterior, this wearable smartwatch could be used for everything not just working out. I can definitely see myself taking it to a fancy party or simply to work, but since we were discussing fitness features earlier, let’s start with that. This is one of the best smart watches by samsung for both women and men. The galaxy watch active 2 has all been number five skagen foster three most minimalistic, going back to watches with interesting or unique designs. We have the skate and foster 3.. Ladies, if you are not into the whole fancy schmancy traditionally effeminate designs, this minimalistic watch is for you.

The stylish smartwatch feels sturdy. Without being too bulky, it has no unnecessary, fashionable, add ons to its design, but instead chooses to keep things simple. The round watch face takes up most of its main body, with only a slight bezel on the edge and three dials to the side. It has two pipe like struts that attach to the wristband, giving the whole smartwatch a slimmer, look and feel than most other devices. The skagen faulster 3 is available in a few color options, with the black and rose tones being the best. Looking in my opinion, the watch also has a few wristband options available, including leather silicon, silicon mesh, a metal mesh and nato nylon, but that last one needs to be bought separately with so many design options to choose from you can customize the look of your watch. However, you would like the skaken faulster 3 is another wear os smartwatch, so it has all the google essentials, including google fit.