Well, kick things off with fitbit sense, also known as the best value smartwatch available on the market in 2022. Fitbit sense is designed to put you in charge of your own well being to help. You understand your body and mind to make changes to improve your physical and mental health like many of the best smartwatches and fitness monitoring devices. This device includes an ecg sensor to detect signs of atrial fibrillation, but its the fitbit stress monitoring function. That really stands out. The fitness tracking features offered by sense are also impressive, especially if you want to train using heart rate zones. The device includes a wide variety of activity, tracking options and together the fitbit watching app, give you the right set of exercise statistics when youre done. The case is made of stainless steel, giving sense a superior look. The device sports a small touch, sensitive button on the left. It can be configured for quick access to the apps you use most often the color screen covered with gorilla glass is bright. Sharp and responsive swiping to the right reveals a variety of settings, including entering sleep mode which dims the screen and turns off vibration. Volume screen brightness always on screen and do not disturb mode fitbit sense offers a maximum battery life of six days, but frequent use of its various sensors will significantly reduce that time. So the use of the always on screen feature menstrual monitoring is also available in the fitbit app and, although its not recommended for birth control, it shows you when youre most likely to be fertile all in all for the listed price you cant beat this one up.

Next lets talk about the garmin venus 2, a smartwatch, especially designed for users looking to pursue a variety of sports activities while donning the elegance of an apple like device. In our opinion, this is the best fitness smart watch available on the market in 2022. Certainly this garmin smart watch has many features weve already seen in other smart watches such as vivo active 4 and garmin milli, but the difference is now on the full ammo screen which is installed on this new watch. In addition to this, the garmin venue 2 is available in two sizes, a feature that makes it a much more unisex model than its predecessor. The device is able to offer impressive monitoring of sports activities, as well as stress sleep, monitoring and best of all. In terms of battery life, venue 2 is quite a lively and elegant design. Thanks to the ammo screen with a resolution of 416 by 416 pixels in the 45 millimeter model, it is housed in a rounded housing and protected by corn and gorilla glass 3 technology. Swipe up or down the screen to start interacting with apps and features installed on garment venue 2, such as the number of steps floors to climb minutes of intensity, calories, burned, hydration, heart rate and more the battery autonomy of the garmin venue 2 is without a doubt One of its strongest points: you could enjoy smart mode for up to 11 days. Wow. If you opt for gps mode, the battery will last for up to 22 hours, but if you activate music in the same mode, youll get about eight hours.

Another positive thing has to do with fast charging. This feature is pretty amazing: youll be able to go from zero to fifty percent with a 30 minute connection. Additionally, if youre a swimmer youll like this smartwatch, because it has a water resistance of 5 atm, therefore you can use the device without fear of taking a shower or swimming. If you need to control the levels of blood oxygen saturation, then you can use a pulse meter and youll know more precisely whether your body absorbs oxygen better during the day and night. Next menstrual cycle, monitoring, dehydration monitoring, breathing monitoring, sleep scoring and advanced sleep monitoring, advanced level, strength, training, animated on screen, training, creating training sessions with more than 1400 exercises, and much more also, you can download songs or playlists directly from spotify teaser or amazon music good stuff. A thumbs up from here up next, the fitbit versa 3 is the companys best smartwatch available on the market in 2022. A remarkable improvement on the versa 3 is the built in gps. Now, even when you leave your phone at home, versa can track your location while exercising outdoors a larger curved screen is also a welcome addition. The 336 by 336 pixel color touch screen is a slight improvement over the versa 2s 300 by 300 pixel option at 1.58. Inches the device is also larger than the predecessors 1.’ inches. It includes everything you would expect from a fitness monitoring, expert, heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen, monitoring, maximum vo2 readings, training, monitoring, sleep monitoring and more.

Furthermore, the versa. 3 comes with our favorite feature of motivational training. At the moment, the active zone minutes first introduced with charge 4 active zone minutes tracks. The time you spend in fat burning zones, cardio activity or maximum heart rate, while exercising the goal is to get 150 minutes of active zone recommended by the world health organization. Every week, the built in gps is an excellent addition for users to see the pace and distance of their walking jogging and running activities in real time. Although gps reduces battery life, it is essential for any huge fitness tracker like activity. Tracking fitbit has a great reputation for its sleep tracking tools. It also monitors blood oxygen saturation while you sleep. So if you experience serious changes in the sp02 youll be alerted to basic respiratory problems such as sleep apnea. In addition to alexa, the versa 3 is compatible with google assistant, making it the first smart watch with access to both major voice assistants. The company notes that the versa 3 has a 6 day battery life, which is an improvement over the four to five days. The versa 2 had to offer, of course, enabling versus always on screen and using gps will reduce the battery life as well. All in all, with amazing aesthetics, many top notch features and a fairly reasonable price, its not hard to recommend this watch good stuff, and here we are with the silver medal and the title of the runner up best smartwatch available on the market in 2022.

The apple watch series 7 completely takes over the apple watch series 6., its designed to suit your life and exercise routine. Increasing the screen size made a big difference in terms of clarity and ease of use. Its not just the thicker screen. Thats nude, improved apple, has further modified. The hardness of the screen in the aluminum model, with an improved windshield, more resistant to cracks apple, has also increased the overall durability of the watch. It now has an ipx6 rating, which means its dust and water resistant. One of the main functions of the apple watch is a fitness tracker and sports watch. The basic approach is to encourage you to finish your rings, based on the goals you set in the settings or every monday morning. These three rings, as apple likes to call them, are the basis of your daily goal and consist of movement exercise and standing exercise is actually your calorie expenditure. The number of minutes you have kept your body active and standing is the number of hours youve been on your feet for at least a minute, in addition to the rings, apple offers a simple but also incredibly effective, exercise app. That supports several different exercises from walking to running and rowing to swimming. There is even a new function to cycling. There is also support for hit yoga, hiking, dancing, pilates and more itll be difficult for you to not find your type of exercise. All workouts take advantage of the various sensors available and gps and heart rate monitors are very accurate when it comes to the data they provide introduced in previous models of the apple watch.

The series 7 still has a blood oxygen monitor which can determine your spo2 level. Amps run smoothly. Exercises are effortlessly recorded for detailed review via relevant, dedicated apps on your iphone, depending on how much time you spend exercising battery life will depend, but a busy day running will still mean you have the battery to sleep on. If you can afford this beast, we say: go for it. Finally, we present you with the samsung galaxy watch 4, the best overall smartwatch available on the market in 2022. Samsungs new galaxy watch 4 watch is comfortable to use improving aspects of its handling its interface by adopting the wear os operating system. It also adds powerful hardware and monitoring of everything you could want. The watch 4 is waterproof with an ip68 rating for protection against dust and water, together with a rating of 5 atm, which means the device withstands immersion up to 50 meters. Samsung has decided to use an amoled panel that is especially bright and shows exceptionally vivid colors greatly appreciated when sunlight falls directly on the watch. This smaller 40 millimeter model has a 1.2 inch ‘6 by ‘6 panel, while the larger 44 millimeter model goes up to 450. By 450, with a total of 1.4 inches. Finally, the built in microphone and speaker allow us to receive and answer calls directly from the watch, as you might expect, with the main features of fitness tracking heart rate, monitor sleep tracking, as well as several minor features of calendars, contacts, alarms, timers and voice recorders.

Samsung has added motion controls to accept or reject calls, cancel, alarms or open apps. The companies also improve the detection of people falling with an sos alert. You can always add new apps, dials and other tools using the google play store. One of the great novelties that galaxy watch 4 has prepared for us is the possibility of measuring body composition, with detailed data on the bmi index of our body, weight and muscle tissue in order to better adjust our diet and physical activity. Other measurements are common, such as blood, oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep quality and stress levels, special mention for sleep monitoring which has improved the reliability and amount of information offered. It is followed by 1.5 gigabytes of ram and extended storage up to 16 gigabytes for storing more files or music under normal conditions. The galaxy watch for battery autonomy can exceed 40 hours of use, although, as it seems evident, this is something that largely depends on the type of use, including gps. You wanted the best. You got it thanks for watching and thats all for now.